Friday, August 14, 2009

Beesly 6: Round 8

Last round, Sparrow Beesly moved back home from college with her fiancee Mexico Halpert. The two were married in a beautiful if a bit poorly planned outdoor ceremony in the park, complete with snowdrifts. The family dog, Izzi, grew up from a puppy to an adult and a male friend, Shaggy, was brought in for her. They soon had three puppies, Winter, Spring, and Summer. But the dogs weren't the only one's doing the reproducing-Sparrow soon became pregnant as well and had a daughter, Canary. The week ended with a bang when the family decided to throw a New Year's party.

And it looks like the puppies are growing up...let's see, we've got one, two...

Three! And what an interesting mix of Izzi and Shaggy.

Happy birthday, dear Canary...

Oops, I forgot it was June and Damion's birthday too.

Happy birthday, guys!

And a trip to the mirror is in order, but she's still a cute kid.

And I see you're making use of your mom's old study.

Canary: There's so much fun stuff in here.

Well, this is new. A dog actually being friendly to a mailman.

Way to go, Damion!

Damion: Thanks

What are you playing, Canary?

Canary: Horse plane.

Horse plane?

Canary: Yeah. Then I'm going to play boat car.

Canary: Dad, why do you dress so funny to go to work?

Mexico: Well, I don't dress that funny. There are people that have to dress up as French fries.

Hmm, six of one, half a dozen of the other, really.

Canary: This is so hard!

Why don't you ask your mom or dad for help?

Canary: No, I want to do it by myself!

Canary: Ahh! Go away!

It's probably not a good idea to go outside at night.

Hey, look who dropped by.

May: How's it going, Sparrow?

Sparrow: Oh, great. I was just wondering if you would be interested in taking one of the puppies now that they've grown up.

You don't want to keep them?

Sparrow: Well, we love them all. But now that they're not puppies anymore they fight over everything.

May: I think I'd like to take Winter.

Sparrow: Thank you so much.

Bye, Winter.

Enjoying the night?

June: I've just been doing some thinking.

About what?

June: Well, everybody's been talking about this new universe...

Oh, not this again. Listen...the world is not ending...

June: Oh, I know that. I've just been wondering...where it is.

Where what is?

June: This other world. It has to be a place, right? Is it like another planet?

Well, not exactly...

June: So is it on this planet?


June: Well it has to be one of the two, right?

Um...I guess...

Canary: Bye, Izzi! I'll see you after school!

So you're keeping Izzi and Shaggy around for more puppies?

Canary: Yeah, but we need to sell Summer and Spring first. Everyone we know either already has a dog or has too many cats.

Canary: I got an A+!

Great job!

Was this your A+ present?

Canary: Yup! We put it in the upstairs playroom.

The upstairs playroom? Being an only child has its advantages.

Sparrow: Good girl, Summer.

Any luck finding a buyer?

Sparrow: No. I don't want to stick any of my family with dogs they can't handle.

I'm glad you're being responsible about it.

Mexico: See, I have a different theory. What if it's underground?

June: Underground? She showed us a picture-they have sun!

Mexico: Maybe its an underground sun.

June: How could there be an underground sun?

Mexico: How can there be two different worlds living side by side? I don't think anythings impossible anymore.

Canary: Want to go downstairs and play with the dogs?

Brian: Ok.

You know, I should really put a fence in...check out where Canary's foot is.

Um...let's go with capture...

Oops. Well, it's not a tragedy for these guys.

June: Bad dog! Get back in the tub, Shaggy.

I was going to ask when bath day was. Those dogs are walking stink bombs.

June: Oh, hey July. How are the boys? Great. Yeah, I've been thinking a lot about that too. I just don't know what to make of it. You know, I've never thought of would we even go about looking into that?

I love when I'm included in the conversation.

Canary: Mom, how come I've never seen where you work?

Canary, I've never seen where she works. Don't feel too bad. And on that note, I have to be on my way. See you all next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Man, this one took me a long time. Those dogs kept me entertained. And I think Canary is going to be an only child. There's enough going on in this house to keep it interesting without a lot of babies.