Sunday, November 2, 2014

Scott 2: Round 10

Last round, Topanga Scott continued to try and give her daughter Celery the royal upbringing that she never had. The birth of a second daughter, Broccoli, only reinforced her goal. However, some of Celery's costumes didn't sit well with the school dress code. Meanwhile, a bad chance card caused some financial turmoil towards the end of the week. 

Oh, that's right. Topanga took her cats back at the beginning of the round.

Hi, Topanga.

Topanga: Hi, Mysterious Voice.

Glad to have your cats back?

Topanga: Yes. Especially Smokey-he's getting pretty old.

Ok, now let's go check on the little princesses...

Although it appears one of them has become a queen. Man, this movie really is everywhere.

Celery: Hi, mysterious voice! Do you like my new Elsa dress?

As long as nobody starts singing Let it Go, sure. So, if you're Elsa, that means Broccoli is...

Yup! Just as I thought.

Topanga: Isn't it cute?

Yeah, but that dress must make learning to walk a nightmare...

Celery: Mysterious voice? Where's my hairbrush?

Um...I don't know...I actually wasn't aware you had one. Why?

Celery: I want to change my hair so it's like Elsa's.

So I take it you've settled on Elsa as your favorite?

Celery: She's the only one that has a little sister.

I see the cats are getting along just as well as they did at their old house...good to know.

Celery: Mom, do you like my hair?

Topanga: I love it, honey!

Do we have to go do Broccoli's hair now, too?

Celery: Daddy's doing hers.

So, I seem to remember you guys being in some financial trouble...

Ocean: (sigh) Yes. We still kind of are. Not as bad as when you left last time, but it's still touch and go. Buying supplies for 3 cats didn't help.

Well, at least they can share the big stuff, right?

Ocean: You would think, right? But they keep fighting over the one scratching post.

Speaking of the cats...happy birthday, Tabitha...wait, why is she yowling?

Oh, no...well, at least he got to spend his last days with Topanga. Bye, Smokey!

Man, mourning cats are loud...wait...what's going on upstairs?

Celery, why did you change your hair again?

Broccoli: I'm not Celery....

Wait...did I miss Broccoli's birthday?

Broccoli: Yeah.

Man, I must have missed the memo yesterday. Sorry about that, Broccoli.

Broccoli: That's ok. I still grew up well, even without the cake.

And it looks like your parents were more prepared than I was.

Aww. It's too bad it's summer for you guys so you can't go out and build a snowman.

Ok, I'm not missing this twice. Happy birthday, dear Celery...

Wow, you're growing into your cheekbones nicely. Have you chosen an aspiration?

Celery: I want a life of knowledge.

Wow. Didn't see that one coming. Maybe Ocean had more influence than he thought.

Celery: Can we get another kitten?

I don't think that's really in the cards right now, Celery. Money's still a bit tight around here.

Sprite: Every since Aquafina became a teenager she never plays with me anymore. 

Broccoli: That won't happen to me. Celery's my best friend.

Broccoli: Mom, is Celery going to stop playing with me now that she's a teenager?

Topanga: Well, she might not want to play in the same way anymore. She's growing up.

Ok, before this goes any further...I would like to extend the song ban to include "Do You Want to Build a Snowman". 

Broccoli: Can we sing any songs from...

No. I hear them enough as it is.

Congratulations, Ocean!

Ocean: Thanks. This helps the financial situation a bit.

Looks like it was a good day for Broccoli, too. 

Phew! Knowledge Sims have such easy lifetime wants. 

Ok, we're skipping the gypsy this time. You guys don't have $15,000 to spend on dates that go nowhere. Celery, meet March Beesly.

Glad to see you approve.

Broccoli: Look what I can do!

Celery: Wow, that's awesome Broccoli!

Aww, see, Broccoli? Celery didn't forget about you.

Well, I forgot to capture the question but whatever I picked was the right answer. I guess that ends the financial problems for these guys.

And that's a good thing, because it's time for college! Nice job with the scholarships, Celery!

Celery: Thanks! 

Ok, it's time for me to be moving on. Celery, I'll see you and March at graduation. Everybody else, I'll see you next round.

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: Is it bad that when I saw Frozen, one to the first things I thought of was this lot? I have to give credit to who made the Frozen costumes. She's actually made all of the princess dresses for both children and toddlers. I don't know how I missed Broccoli's birthday. The family had the flu early in the round; I must have dismissed the "one day until birthday" message along with the flu messages and not even realized it. I actually almost missed Smokey dying, too. I zoomed in to get Tabitha aging up, and it was only because I saw a corner of Grimmy's clipboard that I zoomed back out. I also realize that Broccoli's name is spelled incorrectly in most of the screenshots. It's spelled wrong in the game as well. Note to self: when choosing names for Sim children, pick one that you can spell without auto-spellcheck.