Sunday, October 16, 2011

Schrute 2: Round 9


 After 9 rounds, the Schrute family finally expands to a second house! Jasmine is the oldest child of Giselle and Ross Schrute. Danton Holiday is new to the neighborhood, although his father Andre and several of his siblings are already established in other houses.

Hi there, Jasmine.

Jasmine: Hi, mysterious voice.

How are you liking the new digs?

Jasmine: This house is amazing. I'm just trying to get a few last minute things in order before people start arriving.



 Oh, I see. Everybody's dressed in formal attire-it must be wedding time!




Hmm..wouldn't have taken Jasmine for the criminal type.

This makes more sense, though newlywed life should be interesting with one criminal and one police officer...


So, did you two just choose jobs without consulting each other or what?

Jasmine: Huh? Oh, the criminal thing. That's just a temp gig. I figured it I at least went through training it would help him know what the criminals are all about.

Wow, that's one dedicated wife.


Ahh...this makes more sense.


Let's follow protocol and wait.


See? No harm done. Nothing gained either, but what are you going to do?


Damion: Hey! What do you think you're doing?

Jasmine: I was just looking through the's dark out now! I was looking at the stars.

Damion: Yeah, sure you were. Quit spying on the elderly!


Yup, this seems about right.


Nice job, Danton. But may I ask why you look so sneaky while getting your own mail?


Oops...looks like I missed the labor. It's baby time!

I see purple! It's a girl!

Jasmine: Yup. We're naming her Downy.


And I can see that Danton really won the war with her.


Oh, hi Giselle. What are you doing here?

Giselle: Jasmine is going back to work today. I figured I would stop by and keep an eye on the nanny...


Let's go with the door.

Nice! And he didn't even have to spy on the elderly to do it.


Nice job, Jasmine.

Jasmine: Thanks!


Jasmine: We just have to wait for Daddy to get home...

Wait for what?

Nice job Danton. Jasmine's....waiting for you inside, for some reason.

Oh, it's Downy's birthday! Happy Birthday dear Downy...


And she is 100% Holiday.

Nice hairstyle.

Jasmine: Thanks. I think I did ok considering she wouldn't sit still.


Man, I'm missing everything this week. Now I've missed her learning how to walk.

Although I see an early love of dance runs in the Holiday family...


Jasmine: You be a good girl for Daddy while I'm at work, ok?

You know, I was on my way out, but I think I'll hang around until you get back.

Danton: Hey, you don't think I can handle her?

Of course not, Danton...that's not what I meant at all...

Nice job!

Jasmine: Thanks. And thanks for staying around until I got home.

No problem. But now I really do have to be on my way. See you all next round!


A Message From The Mysterious Voice: So, this post somehow only published 1/4 of the way the first time I posted it. And then right after I figured that out, I broke my right index finger, and typing became 100 times harder than it used to be. So I apologize that this post has been hanging in limbo for so long!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Levinson 4: Round 9

Now that graduation is over with, it's time to start visiting the homes of the new college grads. First up is the home of Alan Scott and Ginger Levinson. Alan is the second child of Tangerine and Jack Scott, while Ginger is the 3rd (or 4th, depending on which twin came first) child of Brooklyn and Trumpet Levinson.

Hey, Ginger...

Ginger: Oh, hi mysterious voice.

How you liking the new digs?

Ginger: It's nice. It's kind of quiet, though, with just the two of us here.

Considering you're one of 6 kids and Alan is one of 4, I can see how having a house to yourselves would be strange.


How's the job search going?

Ginger: Well, my real dream is to run 5 top rated businesses...

Oh...right. Forgot about that.

Ginger: But it seems like it will take awhile for that to get off the ground, so I'm going to pick up a normal job in the meantime while I do all the research and prep work.

 Ginger's thoroughness must be a relief to you, huh Alan?

Alan: Huh?

You know, building up a savings and whatnot. Kind of the complete opposite of your mom.

Alan: I guess.

 That seems like a good temporary career track.


Doing some landscaping?

Ginger: No, this is just the arch for our wedding.

Oh, right...

 Rosemary: Hey! How come you don't have to be dressed up?

Ginger: I'll get changed right before the wedding.

Rosemary: That's still not fair! I've had to wear this dress all day! These shoes really hurt.

Ok, let's get this ceremony over with before the kids' clothing causes any more drama.

 So how was the rest of the party?

Ginger: It went well. I just wish we could have had some of Alan's family there too. Why didn't you ask any of them?

Alan: ....I don't know.

Great conversationalist, this Alan...

Getting a workout in?

Alan: Um, yeah.

Ok, seriously dude, what's up with the one word answers?

Alan: I'm not really...used to talking, I guess. Everybody just kind of ignored me back home.

Yeah, I guess between you being a middle child and a boy you were pretty much invisible in that house.

 Decorating on the cheap?

Ginger: Well, for now. I think my first business is going to be an art gallery. But I need to have some art before I can do that, so I'm working on my painting skills.

How's it going so far?

Ginger: Um...I can paint a picture of a tree and a bowl of fruit.

Very original.

 At least it looks like you'll have more time at home now to work on it.

Ginger: If I can stay standing up that long. It seems like as soon as I wake up from a nap I'm wiped again.

 Looks like Alan is finally in his desired career.

Any minute now, huh?

Ginger: Yup!

I guess so! It's baby time!

 Just one...looks like Ginger's twin genes haven't kicked in.

 And I see purple! That means it's a girl!

Ginger: Yes! We're naming her Lily...

 And I see blonde eyebrows. That's quite impressive given how much brown Alan had in his genetics to pass on. The only blonde in his family was his paternal grandmother, and his maternal grandfather was a redhead...everybody else was brown.

 So Alan's in on the painting now, too?

Ginger: This art gallery is going to take more painting than I can do by myself.

Where are you keeping them now?

Ginger: Along our own walls, for right now. We've got some empty space left.

Let's go with through the asteroids.



 Ginger: A community lot costs how much? Are you insane? Where am I supposed to come up with that kind of money? What am I supposed to do, run an art gallery out of my house? I have an infant daughter, I can't have strangers coming in and out all day!

 At least your regular job is going well.

Ginger: It's a good thing I got that raise. You wouldn't believe how much even a small piece of property goes for in this town. I don't understand how Alan's mom was able to have three at once plus raise 4 kids.

Well, technically she's only raised 2. The other two are still little. And she also moved in with Alan's very well-off grandparents.

Happy birthday, dear Lily...

 And she's a Levinson all the way through!

 I love the new hairstyle!

Ginger: I do too. That bob is just too plain.


So you got potty training duty?

Alan: It's ok. I helped out a lot with George, and a little bit with Morgan too.

Alan: Can you say bear?

Lily: No!

Alan: Um...ok.

 Alan: So...when is this gallery opening?

Ginger: I don't know. I still have to find a location.

Alan: Why don't you just have it here?

Ginger: In our house?

Alan: We'll set up a shed out back or something. Then you don't have to leave Lily with a nanny all day.

Ginger: Hmm...maybe that could work.


 Alan: Come on, can do it...


 Ginger: I think I'm going to set up the art gallery here after all.

Alan: Great!

Ginger: But that does mean we're going to have to install some better locks on the doors. And build an outbuilding that can hold all the paintings.

Sounds like you guys have a lot of work to do. Tell you what, you guys get to it and I'll check in with you all next round!

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: Round 9 is progressing, slowly but surely. I can't believe I haven't used flowers as a naming theme yet. I've used trees before, but not flowers. Lily will most likely be an only child, unless risky WooHoo has other plans. And I didn't realize until I started playing this house how little time I've spent focusing on Alan.