Monday, April 26, 2010

Mendoza 3: Round 8

It's another double sibling house! This time, the middle Mendoza twins Fiyero and Sarima will be sharing an abode with their respective fiancees, Alice and Emmett Martin.

Ok, first step is to get everybody jobs...

And Alice is the only lucky one who's desired career track came up the first day.

But being a chef is lucrative for everybody, I guess.

And judging by the formal attire and the presence of parents, it's wedding time. You know, it's generally frowned upon to have make-out sessions in your children's new home...

Alice: How are things back home?

Isabella: Fine. Kind of quiet, though.

Oh, don't worry. It won't be quiet for long once I get back to you guys.

Wedding number one...and for some reason I'm actually digging the green and gold.

And wedding number two...horrible outfits though they may be, at least they match with the Asian theme.

Um...let's go for eastern eats.

Oops...and of course that's more money then they had.

Well, you guys seem to be taking complete bankruptcy pretty well.

Fiyero: Ah, it'll be ok. We have everything we need for now.

Alice: Of course, it would have been better if your sister hadn't lost all our money right before everybody had two or three days off in a row.

Fiyero: It'll be fine, Alice. That's why I'm working on getting a promotion when I go back.

Alice: I just don't see why we should have to share everything. I understand living on the same lot, but why can't we have our own space and money?

Fiyero: We do have our own space. We have this half of the house, they have that half.

Alice: But they always come over here to put down dishes and stuff. And why do our bank accounts have to be combined? We didn't screw up writing a cookbook-why are we broke?

Ahh, yes. I was wondering when this was going to happen.

Right on schedule...

Sarima: Uh-oh...we're not exactly financially ready for this.

Looks like Fiyero is taking matters into his own hands with that promotion thing.

Or maybe not-looks like his dream job finally came up!

Baby time!

Just one more...from Alice at least.


Alice: It's a girl!

Again? We had one boy-where's the boy spurt? Anyway, what's her name?

Alice: We're calling her Aerie.

Uh-huh...right on cue...

Thankfully the twin gene didn't kick in yet.

Sarima: It's a girl!

Another girl? What's her name?

Sarima: Penny.

Ok, let me get some close-ups...

So Aerie's got brown hair and blue eyes...

And Penny's got brown hair and brown eyes. At least I can tell them apart.

Ok, another chance card...let's do the back door.

Doesn't help with the money situation, but still a nice outcome.

Um...Blend n Send.

Well, at least now she can't criticize Sarima anymore.

You guys haven't worked out so well with the money this week.

Alice: Tell me about it. At least everybody brought something home today so we can start rebuilding.

Congratulations on the promotion, Sarima.

Sarima: Thanks!

Looks like it's time to change jobs again...

At least Emmett isn't too far away from professional party guest.

Nice job.

Fiyero: Thanks.

So I gather things are starting to level off financially again?

Alice: For now, at least.

May I ask why you decided to quit the restaurant game? You were doing pretty well.

Sarima: It's just a calling.

Looks like its birthday time! Happy birthday, dear Aeire...

...and Penny...

Well, Penny will need a new hairstyle...

But Aeire won't!

And let the teaching begin! Is everybody sure they're teaching their own child?

Fiyero: Oh, who can tell anymore?

Penny and Emmett do have the most resemblance, though. That helps.

So any thoughts about number 2?

Sarima: Not right now. We've got 2 kids in the house either way. We don't want to push it.

I can see why. You seem to be having an interesting time teaching her to talk.

Ahh, and one more promotion to round out the financial roller coaster this week. Nice job, Alice. And now I must be on my way. See everybody next round!

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: I know, it's been awhile. It's been so long since I played this lot. The chance cards were so frustrating with this house. One minute they'd be set, the next they'd be bankrupt.