Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Schrute 1: Round 5

Next up, we have the Schrute family.

Last round, Jennifer and David Schrute were working their way towards their lifetime wants. Meanwhile, at home, their older son Eric grew to a teen and their younger son Gaston grew to a child. Jennifer soon became pregnant again, and gave birth to a daughter, Giselle. David achieved his lifetime want of becoming a hall-of-famer, and the week ended with both Jennifer and David entering their elder years.

Well, I think it's safe to say that Giselle will be the youngest child of the Schrute family.

David: Yes, she will be. We had her just in time.

Cute outfit, despite the fact that she doesn't actually go to kindergarten.

Jennifer: I just got off the phone with Jessica. Apparently Tangerine has been having some issues.

David: Really? She always seemed so happy.

Oh, can we not go into this again? I just left that whole mess.

Looks like Gaston has a new friend....oh hi, Mango! Glad to see you met your uncle Gaston.

Mango: Gaston is my uncle?

Yes, strange as it may seem he is.

Mango: But he's the same age as me!

Not for long! Happy birthday, dear Gaston...

Proud of those arms, aren't you?

Gaston: What?

Never mind. Have you chosen an aspiration?

Gaston: I'd like to have a really big family.

Alright, family it is.

Looks like it's a double birthday. Happy birthday, dear Giselle...

What a beautiful little princess.

Giselle: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Giselle: Goodnight, Daddy.

David: Goodnight, Giselle.


Let's make that speech.

Looks like it was the right choice.

Yes! Two lifetime wants achieved.

Hmm, who is this?

Gaston: This is Tatianna Caligula. She came home from school with me today.

Think there might be a future here?

Gaston: Well, I like her as a friend.

I'll take that as a no.

Giselle: Bye, Espresso. I'll see you after school!

Aww, how sweet. And nice new hairstyle, by the way.

What did that cat get in here?

Well, I guess we can say goodbye to that chair.

I hope Gaston wasn't too attached to it.

$1 an acre? That's crazy. Say no.

See, it was the right choice.

Gaston: Hey, who let you in here?

I hope you weren't emotionally attached to that chair.

Gaston: It's ok. I still don't understand how that cat got in here, though.

Made a new friend, Giselle?

Giselle: Uh-huh. This is Paris.

I know.

Looks like Gaston brought home a friend too.

Gaston: So where did you grow up?

Wow, you'd think that kid hadn't eaten in a year. Good luck getting answers, Gaston.

Gaston: So...

Giselle: Can't talk-watching TV.

Ahh, the awkward attempts at sibling conversation.

Hmm Rachel Beesly. This could be interesting.

I think I see a future, here.

Giselle: All right! An A+!

Great job!

Gaston, that's not really the way to win over the ladies...

Ok, apparently it is. It looks like we've got another established couple!

Ahh, so this is where all those flowers all over the house are coming from.

David: Yeah, I needed a new hobby.

Looks like Gaston picked his lifetime want. Not bad.

Aww, that's so cute.

Giselle: What?

Well, you have yourself on your dress.

Giselle: Huh?

Never mind.

Giselle: Mom, someday I want to be good at sports like Dad.

Well you would be able to get an early start if some people would get around to converting...

Jennifer: Huh? Converting what?

Never mind.

Giselle: Why doesn't Dad use the toy bench and make toy robots?

Jennifer: He just likes flowers, Giselle What can I say?

Well, it looks like the week is wrapping up. Nice job on the scholarships, Gaston.

Gaston: Thanks.

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: Sorry, no major drama for this family. The Schrutes are a pretty happy bunch. Giselle is quite the little genius, though. She must have held on to her smart milk bonus, because her skills shoot right up.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Halpert 1: Round 5

Next up is the Halpert family.

Last round Jessica and Christopher Halpert couldn't have been happier with their three daughters. Older daughters Apple and Kiwi grew to teens while Tangerine grew to a toddler and then to a child. Then, Jessica and Christopher decided to try for just one more, but were surprised when the new baby turned out to be a boy, Kumquat. Jessica soon became pregnant again, hoping to have a female heiress once again. Meanwhile, Jessica achieved her lifetime want of becoming a mad scientist.

This isn't a good sign...Hey, can we get the baby inside please?

Here, I made you something to eat.

How's the pregnancy coming?

Jessica: It's any minute now.

Glad to see Kumquat didn't freeze to death.

Christopher: Are you excited about your new little sister?

Um, I hate to bring this up, but...

Christopher: This baby is going to be a girl. It just has to be.

Whatever you say, Christopher.

Hi there, Tangerine.

Tangerine: Oh...hi.

What are you doing?

Tangerine: Studying. But I think I'm going to take a break.

So are you excited for the new baby too?

Tangerine: I guess. Mom and Dad got me a new shirt.


I see. You know, technically you're not the big sister. You have two older sisters already.

Tangerine: Well, I'm the big sister now. That's what Mom says, anyway. Kumquat got a new shirt, too.

Ok, that is just too cute.

Wow, no school. What are you planning to do with your day off, Tangerine?

Tangerine: I don't know...

Well, extra sleep is always good, I guess.

Tangerine: Mom, if the new baby is a boy, can I be the heiress again?

Jessica: The new baby isn't going to be a boy, Tangerine.

Tangerine: How do you know that? You thought Kumquat was going to be a girl too.

I think Tangerine might be having some jealousy issues...

Christopher: Nonsense. Apple and Kiwi didn't have any. Why would she?

I guess that discussion will have to wait. It's baby time!

Alright, brace yourselves everybody...

And it's a....

Jessica: It's a...boy?

Um, I hate to say I told you so...

Jessica: It's another boy?

So what did you end up naming the little guy?

Jessica: We're calling this one Mango. I guess we'll just have to have him inherit the house.

Well, the Scotts have a male heir too.

Jessica: I guess.

Tangerine: You know, Mom, I could always...

Jessica: Not now, Tangerine. I have to get your brother to sleep.

Well, he sure looks like the rest of the kids.

Glad to see the big sister is still getting some one-on-one time with Dad.

Tangerine: I am NOT the big sister. Apple is the big sister.

Christopher: Well, you're the big sister in the house.

Jessica: Want to say hi to Mango, Tangerine?

For some reason whenever I'm in your house I want to go and get a smoothie. Anyway, I noticed you changed your shirt, Tangerine.

Tangerine: That's because my shirt wasn't right. Apple and Kiwi are my big sisters.

Jessica: Yes, but they don't live here anymore.

Tangerine: It doesn't matter. I'm still not the big sister.

Tangerine: Look, I got an A+!

Great job!

Tangerine: You're so lucky. You're the youngest in your family.

Kia: I probably won't always be, though. Mommy really wants to have a baby with her blue skin.

Tangerine: You should tell her not to. Having little brothers is no fun.

Speaking of little brothers, it's time for a birthday.

Tangerine: I'm NOT coming inside! Kia and I are playing. I don't care.

Whatever. Happy birthday, dear Mango...

And Kumquat...

Wow, he looks exactly like his brother.

Well, he looked exactly like his brother for a few minutes. You're quite a handsome young man, Kumquat.

Christopher: Come on, Mango. You can do it...

I see Mango has inherited the little brother shirt, huh?

Christopher: Yup, he sure has. But we got another shirt for Kumquat, too.

Ok, that is just too cute.

Tangerine: No, it's not because Apple and Kiwi aren't here and they're the real big sisters. I should have a middle child shirt too.

Something tells me that Tangerine is going to have very high therapy bills later on in her life.

Um, guys? I think Tangerine is having some issues you might want to address.

Jessica: I know, but I just want to get the boys settled first. It's Kumquat's first night in a big-boy bed.

Glad to see that having 5 kids hasn't damaged your relationship.

Jessica: No, we're as in love as ever.

Hey, look. Kumquat's made a friend, too.

Kumquat: Do you have a big sister too?

Mandolin: No, I have a big brother and a little sister.

I guess the kids of this town really bond over their birth order.

Happy birthday, dear Tangerine...

Well, it's not a terrible outfit.

Tangerine: I still want a new one!

Ok, whatever. Have you picked an aspiration?

Tangerine: I want to have lots and lots of friends.

Alright, popularity it is.

Kumquat: Why did Mom have to have another baby anyway?

Tangerine: Because YOU were supposed to be a girl, but you weren't.

Tangerine, do you really think that's a good thing to tell your brother?

Tangerine: Do you think I care?

It's best not to get snippy with the mysterious voice, Tangerine.

Doesn't that hurt, Christopher? I mean, with the claw and all...

Christopher: No, not really.

Kumquat: Dad, Tangerine said I was supposed to be a girl.

Christopher: Don't pay any attention to her, Kumquat. We thought you were going to be a girl-that doesn't mean you were supposed to be a girl.

Hey, Tangerine...

Tangerine: Can't you see I'm trying to make a friend, here?

Well, I just wanted to know if you've picked a lifetime want yet.

Tangerine: Yup, here it is. Now leave me alone.

Of course she picks this one...

Tangerine: Mom, I really think I should be the heiress.

Jessica: Tangerine, I don't want to hear it. You are not the youngest child anymore. Only the youngest child inherits the house.

Tangerine: Well, I was supposed to be the youngest! It's not fair!

Oh, good. A distraction from the argument. Um, let's go with Bixby Rabbit.

No surprises here.

Aww, look. Mango's dancing. Shake it, Mango!

Kumquat: Hi, Dad!

Christopher: Hi, Kumquat. All set for Mango's birthday?

Kumquat: Oh, I guess so.

Happy birthday, dear Mango...

And now you look just like Kumquat.

Tangerine: Come on, Apple. Why can't I come live with you after college? Well, it's not my fault Mom had to go and have another kid. I was supposed to be the youngest. So? I'll be great with the twins, I promise...well, fine. I can always just call Kiwi. I know she has twins too but she'll probably let me move in with her. Who says I'm going to have a husband?

Um...let's go check on the boys, shall we?

Kumquat: That is MY haircut. You have to go and change your hair.

Mango: Why?

Kumquat: Because it's my haircut, that's why!

So I take it Kiwi said no, too?

Tangerine: It's just not fair! I was supposed to be the youngest girl and be the heiress. Apple and Kiwi always said so, until Kumquat was born. He ruined everything.

Hold that thought, I think I hear something brewing in the other room.

Kumquat: No! It's my rocket! I've been playing with it since before you even got here.

Mango: Why can't I play with it?

Kumquat: Because you wrecked everything. You're a wrecker. Before you were born Tangerine wasn't mean to me.

Speaking of Tangerine...

Tangerine, it's almost midnight. Where do you think you're going?

Tangerine: What are you, my mother? I'm not telling you.

Tangerine: What did you get here?

I'm the mysterious, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent voice. I have a few tricks. What are you doing at the town cemetery? I sent the graves here to keep you guys away from the ghosts.

Tangerine: I've just been thinking a lot about great-grandma Betty...

Your mom's grandma? She died before you were born. You never even met her.

Tangerine: I know. But she was always so proud that she, grandma, and my mom made it just by themselves. And she loved that all the houses and last names were passed down through the girls. She got so mad when my grandmother got re-married...

Ahh, yes. I remember.

Tangerine: And I know that she was so happy that we only had girls. And everyone always told me that I was going to be the heiress...

Tangerine: And then he had to come along, and Apple and Kiwi moved out at the same time...I didn't want to be the big sister. I wanted to be the little sister.

Well, I'm sorry Tangerine but your father is a family sim. And now you're in the middle. Your sisters did fine out on their own.

Tangerine: I don't care. I still want to be the heiress.

Mango: Dad, I promise I'll take good care of the house when I grow up.

Christopher: I'm sure you will, Mango.

Mango: Come on, Tangerine. Let's go play tennis!

Tangerine: No. I don't want to play tennis with you. You ruined my life.

Tangerine, come on. No need to screw up both your brothers.

Kumquat: So one night...Kiwi was sleeping in this room, and a ghost came in and scared her!

Mango: No way.

Kumquat: Yup! And it might come in and scare you, too...

Gee, I wonder where Kumquat is getting this from.

Trying to escape the sibling rivalry, Mango?

Mango: I'm going to sell some lemonade!

Jessica: Sure, I'll buy some lemonade from you, Mango.

Mango: Thanks, Mom.

Tangerine: Stupid shower...why do I have to clean this up?

You know, Apple and Kiwi spent a lot of time cleaning up after you...

Tangerine: Yes, but they were the older sisters. It was their job. It shouldn't be my job.

Christopher: Look, Kumquat, like it or not we had another baby. There's nothing we can do about it now.

Kumquat: But why? Mango messed everything up.

Christopher: Look, I'm sure once Tangerine moves out and you two have your own rooms things will get better.

Finally, a little parental intervention here.

Well, it looks like we get to end this week with a bang. Happy birthday, dear Jessica...

And Christopher...

Looks like you're one of the lucky ones too, Jessica.

Jessica: It must run in my family.

And Christopher kept his red hair and actually has a decent outfit.

Well, as much as it pains me to say this it's time for me to be going. Tangerine, how'd you do on scholarships?

Tangerine: Ok, I guess. I would have gotten more if those boys hadn't have come along.

I know, I know. Believe me, you can complain all you want the next time I see you-at college graduation.

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: Well, that certainly was dramatic. I didn't realize there would be a huge girl spurt right before this house. I feel so bad for little Mango.