Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vega 3: Round 7

With this round's college graduation finally behind us, it's time to start the parade of new households that always follows. First up is River Warner and Temple Vega. River is the second child of Abigail and Rome Warner. Temple is one of the many Vega siblings, younger sister to Aracely.

Hi, guys...guys...hello, mysterious voice here...

River: Oh, sorry mysterious voice.

That's quite alright. How are you guys faring in your new home?

River: Oh, fine. But we've only been here for about five minutes. We haven't even been inside yet.

Well, you'll have to give yourselves the grand tour later. It's wedding time. Let's get down to the chapel.

Hmm...not bad. And without any intervention...

I guess the reception is at your house...

Temple: Yup. It's too bad we only have 4 dining chairs, though.

You're being a very gracious hostess, Temple.

River: Good luck at work today...and I like the new hairstyle.

Temple: Thanks.

I hope that first day went well, because I don't think you're going back to work for awhile.

Temple: I guess not.

And it looks like River found a job in his chosen field. Luckily it didn't take him two weeks like it did for Bryan Warner.

Wow, that was fast! Baby time!


Temple: It's a boy! Meet baby Meter.

Aww, and he's blonde...wait a minute....the only blonde in this family tree is Kalliope Caligula's mother. Those are some really recessive genetics.


Well, I forgot to take a picture of the result but I think this speaks for itself. Congratulations, Temple.

Temple: Thanks!

Temple: How's my baby boy?

He's just fine. I kept close tabs on the nanny.

Temple: All ready for the party?

What party?

It's his birthday already? Man, time is flying around here. Happy birthday, dear Meter...

He's cute, but I think he needs a new hairstyle.

But first, a walking lesson.

Temple: Come on, Meter. You can do it.

That's better. And he sure is an interesting combination of Vega and Warner.

Temple: Um, River? What are you doing?

River: Making a sandwich.

Temple: In the bathroom?

River: Sure. This counter is as good as any other.

River: Can you say "Daddy"?

Meter: ...

You keep working on that...

And I guess you'll keep working on that second baby, too. I'll just let myself out. See you guys next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I'm sorry it took me so long to get this up. School started again last week and then I got get the picture. Anyway, I was able to achieve my goal of finishing the old houses over my winter break. There's only going to be 5 new households this round-that's not too bad. I was very surprised by Meter's blond hair. That family has been hiding blond genetics for a very long time.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 7

Welcome to Sim State University's graduation ceremony for the class of Round 7! As always, the graduates will be announced in alphabetical order. This round we had 24 graduating students.

Air Beesly

Arbor Beesly

Chandler Beesly

Halloween Beesly

Orion Beesly

Phoebe Beesly

Adam Halpert

Canada Halpert

Germany Halpert

Holland Halpert

Venice Holiday

Bronx Levinson

Cinnimon Levinson

Harlem Levinson

Queens Levinson

Glinda Mendoza

Nessarose Mendoza

Trent Mendoza

Crimson Vega

Lexus Vega

Temple Vega

Violet Vega

Dot Warner

River Warner

And now for the second part of the ceremony-who's leaving with who:

Phoebe Beesly and Arbor Beesly

Glinda Mendoza and Bronx Levinson

Queens Levinson and Germany Halpert

Chandler Beesly and Halloween Beesly

Air Beesly and Adam Halpert

Nessarose Mendoza and Harlem Levinson

Dot Warner and Holland Halpert

Lexus Vega and Trent Mendoza

Crimson Vega and Venice Holiday

River Warner and Temple Vega

Orion Beesly and Violet Vega

Cinnimon Levinson and Canada Halpert

And that concludes this graduation ceremony for the class of round 7! Please help yourself to refreshments on the way out.