Friday, January 23, 2009

Warner 4: Round 7

Last round, Angelica Warner attempted to start a household on her own after completing college. However, she found the financial demands to be too great, and soon took an a roommate, Andre Holiday, to help out. Andre soon revealed a secret of his own when he gave birth to an alien baby, Mountain, at the end of the week.

Hi, Andre. Hi, Mountain.

Andre: Hi, mysterious voice.

Can you set him down for a second? I never got a good shot of him last week.

Hmm, those eyes look a little different than the other brown eyes in town. But, I guess that's to be expected with alien kids.

Angelica: Ok, so are you going to explain to me how we ended up with a green baby?

Andre: I told you, I was abducted by an alien back where I came from. remember where you came from?

Andre: No...not exactly. I remember having all of my kids, and my first kiss and everything...and getting abducted by aliens. But I don't remember much else.

Angelica: That is such a load of garbage! I told you when you moved in that I didn't want a family!

Well, you've got one, Angelica. Live with it.

Andre: Look, I know this was unexpected. But Mountain won't get in your way, I promise. I'll do everything.

Angelica: You better. I'm not cut out to be a mommy.

So you two have made up, I guess.

Angelica: Yup.

And you two are still...roommates?

Angelica: Of course. But Mountain's taking up the other bedroom now.


Happy birthday, dear Mountain...

Wow, those are some large eyes. And I still think he has a slightly different brown.

So you have the day off today?

Angelica: Yup.

Shouldn't you be inside watching Mountain?

Angelica: Why? He's not my kid.

But he is flooding your bathroom.

Andre: Come on, Mountain, you can do it!

So how are things going with Angelica?

Andre: Well, they could be better. I'm still trying to convince her that I could be more than just a roommate. Sometimes I think she's just keeping me around for my job.

So why don't you just move out?

Andre: I don't want to uproot Mountain. This is his home now.


Andre: Angelica, do you honestly still want me living here?

Angelica: What? Of course I do.

Andre: Why? Just because I'm a celebrity chef?

Angelica: Of course not! I really like having you here, even with Mountain. And by the way, I really like your new outfit.

I actually agree with her-that space suit was getting old.

Andre: Don't worry, Mountain. We'll win her over eventually.

I wouldn't count on that, Andre.

Congratulations, Angelica.

Angelica: Thanks.

So now that you've become a celebrity chef, what are you going to do with Andre?

Angelica: I think I'll keep him around. He's good for some extra cash.

Looks like he's good for something else, too.

Angelica: What is this?

And it looks like the extra cash won't be around much longer either. Andre's going after his own lifetime want.

That took a lot of courage to leave your well-paying job to become a playground monitor.

Andre: Well, I've always wanted to be education minister. Plus, I want to have the reward bookcase for Mountain...and the new baby too.

So you know about that.

Andre: It's kind of hard not to notice.

Happy birthday, dear Mountain.

And his eyes look even bigger now. But you're still a very handsome young man.

Mountain: Thanks!

And, even though I forgot to take a picture, Angelica's in labor!


Angelica: It's a girl. I guess I'll call her Island.

Mountain : Cool! I have a sister!

Angelica: No, you have a half-sister. Your mother is an alien.

Wow, way to be sensitive, Angelica.

See? That's what brown eyes are supposed to look like...I wonder why Mountain's don't.

So now you've got two kids living here.

Andre: Yup. But at least the baby was a girl, so we have someone to inherit the house how.

How's Angelica doing as a mother?

Andre: She's not, really. She doesn't do very much with her.

Not surprising.

Wow, did you paint that, Mountain?

Mountain: Yup! I've been painting a lot.

Good job-way to earn those skill points.

So are you two still going to tell me that you're just roommates?

Andre: I don't think we can pull that off anymore...

Angelica: Why not? I told you from the beginning-I wanted a roommate and nothing more.

Andre: But Angelica, we have a baby together...isn't it about time we thought about becoming more than roommates?

Angelica: I don't see why.

I'll let you guys fight this one out.

Mountain: Hi, I'm Mountain.

Nutmeg: You're eyes are funny-looking.

Mountain: I know, I don't like them either.

Nutmeg: Wanna play tag?

If you can't beat them, join them I guess. Even when it comes to insulting yourself.

Well, this sure has been an exciting week, hasn't it?

Angelica: You're telling me.

Andre: Come on, you can't tell me you're not a tiny bit happy with Island, at least.

Angelica: I wouldn't know. I'm going anywhere near that kid until she's potty trained and stops throwing up on people.

Such maternal instincts. Well, this is where I leave you for the week. See you next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: So about Mountain's eyes...Mountain is showing the default Maxis brown eyes. I have default eye replacements installed in my game, so no other Sim in town has had those. This essentially means that Mountain is supposed to have the black alien eyes, but for some reason they aren't showing up and his genetics are defaulting to the Maxis brown. I suppose I can live with it, even if it does make him look much more cartoonish than I'd like.

And with that, we reach the end of the old houses! Now it's time to head over to Sim State for the graduation ceremony!


Rachel said...

Aww, I think Mountain is adorable! He reminds me of Jupiter Holiday. *shrug* Angelica still thinks they're just roommates, I think she's in denial

ciyrose said...

The kids are cute...but Mountain does have HUGE's crazy. I'm kind of glad they are brown instead of the black...