Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Halpert 5: Round 7

Last round, Rosario Halpert and Bronx Vega were married after moving home from college. Rosario started working towards becoming the law, and Bronx started working towards becoming Captain Hero. Rosario soon became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Topaz.

Ok, you're on the lawn too...

Rosario: Well, the house we were in...

Don't tell me. The house you were in was much too small and you decided to move at the beginning of the week so I wouldn't get confused.

Rosario: How did you know that?

You and your sister think alike.

Let's sue for libel.


Bronx: Come on, can do it. Let's try to finish before Mommy gets home from work...

Which should be any minute now.

Congratulations, Rosario!

Rosario: Thanks!

So any thoughts about a second child?

Bronx: Well, Topaz will be in school soon. Maybe we can start trying again.

Rosario: I guess one or two more would be alright. I don't want to end up like those families down the street with five or six, though. That's just nuts.

You better be careful, though. You've got the twin gene.

Rosario: I know I do.

So is the trying going to start right now?

Bronx: Um...yeah.

So would you like me to leave?

Rosario: If you could...

Ok, I'll go hang with Topaz for awhile.

Topaz? How did you get outside?

Topaz: Nanny!

The nanny set you down outside in the leaves and then walked away. Great job as always, nanny.

(Note: I was experimenting with the "showheadlines off" cheat during this lot)

Congrats on the promotion, Bronx.

Bronx: Thanks.

And everything's going according to plan, I can see.

Topaz: Mama ok?

Yes, your mom's ok, Topaz.

See? She even feels well enough to teach you to talk.

Rosario: Can you say Mommy?

Topaz: No

Or try to, anyway.

Morning sickness hitting you pretty hard?

Rosario: Yeah. It was pretty bad with Topaz too, so I'm used to it.

Well, I missed the question but I can't argue with the result!

You're having a good week.

Bronx: Yeah, but it's going to take me awhile to get to Captain Hero. I still hadn't caught my skills up from the last promotion.

Don't worry, it will happen.

Happy Birthday, dear Topaz...

He's a cute little guy, isn't he?

Topaz: Thanks!

And right on cue...

Rosario: Well at least now I don't have a toddler in the house while I'm pregnant.

That's true. You're really looking on the bright side this week.

And Topaz actually cleans up the puddles instead of splashing in them?

Topaz: I don't like it when the bathroom's all wet.

Hey, I'm not arguing.

Man, the kids are making friends like crazy this round.

Topaz: Wanna go play tag?

Virgo: Sure!

Almost time!

Rosario: Yup.

Topaz: Dad, where did you go to school when you were a kid?

Bronx: Um...actually, I have no idea. I know I went to high school for awhile here, but I don't remember anything before that.

Topaz: How can you not remember?

Bronx: I don't know...mysterious voice?

Don't look at me. I don't understand your selective memories either.

Baby time!

Whew! Looks like the twin gene is still dormant for now.


Rosario: We've got a second boy! Meet Flint.

Great! Let me get a shot of him.

And you can tell he's a Vega right away. Bronx must have won the genetic war, except for the hair.

Teaching him to make legal cases?

Rosario: Yeah.

About eggs?

Rosario: Hey, it's a controversial issue.

I'm sure it is.

Topaz: Hi, Flint!

At least there doesn't seem to be any sibling rivalry here.

So...are you guys stopping at 2?

Rosario: Well, I did kind of want a little girl.

For two popularity sims, you two are sure welcoming the babies.

Rosario: Hi, Topaz! How was school?

Topaz: Good. Can we send the nanny home now?

Rosario: Yes we can. We have to get ready for the party tonight anyway.


Oh this party. Happy birthday, dear Flint...

And he needs a trip to the mirror and the changing table, but I can see he will be cute.

That's better. And Bronx really won the genetic war.

And I can see that next round is going to be fun, huh?

Rosario: I guess so.

Well, I must be going. I'll see all of you guys next round.

Rosario: Bye, mysterious voice!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: A big thanks goes out to the live chat participants of the Sims 2 Challenges podcast last Tuesday night for guessing Flint's gender and suggesting names!


Rachel said...

Hey I actually remember when Flint was born! He's such a cutie

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny...
Rosario: I don't wanna end up with those families with four or six kids. That's just nuts.
I find that really funny given that their 5-8th children were born in round 9. x]

Anonymous said...

Flint's a Vega's boy, all right. He's a cute one.