Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vega 2: Round 7

Last round, John and Kia enjoyed a fairly peaceful week. They had both completed their lifetime wants the week before, and decided not to have any additional children after their twins, Crimson and Violet. John started a garden and was able to snag a wishing well from the garden club. The twins grew from toddlers to children and started school.

Hi, guys!

Kia: Hi mysterious voice.

Where's John?

Kia: Out in the yard.

I guess the garden is still working out for you?

John: Yup. Violet still does most of the work in the greenhouse but we take care of the trees. I don't like her using the big clippers or the bug spray.

Those lemons look pretty good-you must be doing something right.

Looks like Violet brought home a friend.

Violet: Wanna go watch the cooking channel?

Nutmeg: Why would we want to watch that?

Violet: Duh! To watch the lady set herself on fire!

I still can't believe they let that on the air.

Looks like Crimson brought home a friend too.

Crimson: You're a twin too? Cool!

That's not actually that rare in this town.

What are you doing?

Crimson: Playing pirates!

Don't you think someone in your house might need to take a shower eventually?

John: Fire!

Ok, John, let's go over fire safety again. When a fire breaks out you run away from it, not towards it.

Man, the twins are friend making machines this week.

Crimson: It's so easy in the summer!

Happy birthday, dear Crimson...

...and Violet...

You grew up very nicely, Crimson.

Crimson: Thanks.

You too, Violet.

Violet: Thanks.

Any thoughts on aspirations?

Crimson: I want a life of pleasure!

That's been a popular one this round.

Violet: I want a life of wealth!

Wow, that one hasn't show up in awhile.

Crimson's lifetime want is pretty easy...

And Violet's is too! I'm liking this family.

Family pillow fight! Even though Violet is actually hitting Crimson, not John. Those two look so much alike.

Hmm, Orion Beesly. These two seem like they're getting along pretty well.

And we've got another couple!

It looks like Crimson needs a little help finding a date.

Venice Holiday...well, I guess she had to show up eventually.

Venice: Huh?

I've got my eye on you, missy.

Venice: What did I do?

Well, she's in the story now. We've got our last couple for round 7.

Kia: Ok, all of you guys need to get off my lawn. It's been almost 3 days.

Rainn: But the bubbles...they're so fun!

Venice: Why does the mysterious voice hate me already? I didn't do anything.

Yeah, sure you didn't.

Crimson: I'm sure she'll warm up to you.

Nice job with the scholarships, Crimson.

You too, Violet. I'll see you both at graduation!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: See? I can resist the temptation to have more Sim kids! And thankfully this is the end of the new teens for this round so I don't have any more matchmaking to do. Just a few houses left before graduation! And if you want to see Venice Holiday's exploits elsewhere, may I suggest checking out Rachel's Prosperity Point (linked in the sidebar). You'll understand why it's hard not to hate her.


Rachel said...

Venice!!! One of my favorite sims!