Thursday, July 26, 2012

Caligula 1: Round 10

Last round was a rough one for the Caligula family. With his son Toronto out of the house and daughter Madrid in her teenage years, Kentucky was free to take his "WooHoo with 20 Sims" lifetime want much more seriously than he had before. He purchased a community lot (under the pretense of helping Madrid with her lifetime want of owning 5 top-level businesses) to avoid being discovered by Paris, and joined the garden club to make finding romantic interests easier. This secrecy could only last so long, however, and Paris finally caught Kentucky in the act late in the week. Oh, and the dog Roscoe was...there...throughout the week.

Hi, Mark...

Mark: Um, hi mysterious voice.

What are you doing out here?

Mark: Well, Madrid's mom and dad are going at it inside...

Wondering what you're marrying into?

Mark: Kind of...

At least Mark has an easy lifetime want...

Well, Science will have to be a good enough substitute for now. Medical is just not coming up.'s the new home search coming?

Kentucky: Huh?

...You are moving out, right?

Kentucky: What are you talking about?

Well, you know, usually when guys get caught cheating on their wives...

Kentucky: Paris isn't my wife.

Ok, well, when guys get caught cheating on their...long-term domestic partners with whom they have two grown children, they typically move out.

Kentucky:, I think I'll stay put here.

Oops...I hit return too fast but apparently it was the wrong answer.

Looks like Madrid's finally checking out her new business.

Madrid: (sighs) Oh, Dad...

You really didn't know what he was doing here?

Madrid: I just tried to convince myself otherwise.

Madrid: Well, my father bought this place for me back when I was in high school...but I'm just now opening it. Membership costs are very reasonable...

I guess roller skating really isn't your thing, huh?

Madrid: No, but I'm trying to convince people that it's fun to be here.

Oh, this came up suddenly...Happy Birthday dear Kentucky...

...and Paris, making her first appearance this week.

So, can't help but notice we haven't had a wedding yet.

Mark: It will happen. We're not in any rush, right?

Madrid: ...yeah...

Mark: Madrid, I told you. I am going to marry you.

Madrid: Ahh! Grandpa!

Seriously, Matthew...she's been through enough already.

So, can't help but notice that Kentucky's still around.

Paris: Yeah. I was all ready to kick him out, but honestly at our age, where is he going to go? Plus, I can make his life much more miserable if he sticks around.

Where has he been sleeping?

Paris: Well, he sure loved that tent in the backyard last week...

Kentucky: I'm sick of sleeping in that tent. I'm going to sleep in the extra bedroom.

Paris: Fine. Have a wonderful night being woken up by my parent's ghosts every two hours.

Looks like a baby's on the way!

How are you feeling?

Madrid: ...Fine, I guess. I just wish we had been able to get the wedding done before the baby.

You know, you still have some time...

Madrid: No, I don't want to go that just seems too...desperate.

Speaking of know, Mark most people don't look like that after a promotion.

Mark: But it's in the wrong field! Why won't the medical field come up in the job openings?

I don't know, Mark. That one does seem to come up less often than the rest of them.

It's baby time!!!

Just one, thankfully. I don't think this house could handle twins right now.

Madrid: It's a girl!

Great, we've got our heiress. What's her name?

Madrid: We're calling her Dublin.

And she definitely favors Kentucky's side of the family.

So how are you liking having a live-in grandchild?

Paris: It's wonderful to have something...else to focus on.

Looks like everybody's luck is changing around here...

Or not...

Yeah, I can totally see these two being a couple...

Where's friend?

Kentucky: She took off. Said she wasn't interested in an older guy. I'm not that old! are.

Check them in!


I guess somebody has to maintain all those plants, huh?

Madrid: Yeah. I know they increase the property value and everything, but sometimes I just want to rip them all up. They're only here because my dad wanted that stupid well.

Nice job, Mark.

Mark: Thanks!

Wow, I never realized the tent did that before...

The pizza girl?

Kentucky: Shh! I have to take what I can get!

Looks like you're getting better at skating, but can I ask why you're moving as if you're on ice skates? I don't think you're supposed to do spins like that on roller blades...nor are roller blades supposed to leave tracks in the rink.

Happy birthday, dear Dublin...

And now I see her dad's influence...

Nice job on the makeover.

Madrid: Thanks.

Madrid: Come can do it...

So I guess everybody's pretty much ignoring your dad, huh?

Madrid: Well, except for the neighbors. We did get a call yesterday asking why we had a hobo living in our front yard.

Kentucky: Come on...just one who likes me. Please?

What happened to the pizza girl?

Kentucky: I don't want to talk about it.

Hey! I forgot you were a townie here!

Rachel: What am I doing here?

Kentucky: fall in love with me?

Rachel: ....yeah, I don't think so.

Thankfully we get to interrupt the awkwardness with a chance card. Giant Robot...

As always...

Ok, well, before things get even more uncomfortable around here I'm going to be on my way. Oh, glad to see the dog's still alive there. I'll see you guys next round!

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: I really was going to have Kentucky move out, but at the last minute I decided it would be funnier to have him living in a tent in the backyard all week. Poor Mark kind of got ignored. And this is the first time I've tried to run a "venue" business with the ticket machine. It's going to take forever to get that community center up to level 10.