Sunday, February 22, 2009

Round 7 Scorecard

Sims Added This Round:

Alan Scott
Strawberry Halpert
Jasmine Schrute
Drum Martin
Harmonica Martin
Violin Martin
November Beesly
Madrid Caligula
Mindy Beesly
Angela Beesly
Connecticut Beesly
Canary Beesly
Bay Warner
Sea Warner
Boq Mendoza
Melena Mendoza
Virgo Beesly
Gemini Beesly
Nutmeg Levinson
Ginger Levinson
Isabella Martin
Alice Martin
Abby Halpert
Flint Halpert
Allegra Beesly
Maple Warner
Ash Warner
Island Warner
Meter Vega
Popcorn Beesly
Helvetica Beesly
Snapple Vega
Emerald Mendoza
Fern Mendoza

Total: 35 Sims

New Naming Themes:

Vega 3: Units of Measurement
Beesly 10: Snack Foods
Beesly 11: Fonts
Vega 4: Beverages
Mendoza 2: Shades of Green

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mendoza 2: Round 7

For this last house of round 7, we're going to do something a little different. Instead of having just one couple start this house, we're going to have two. Glinda and Nessarose Mendoza are the oldest twins of Joey and Trinity. Their fiancees are the boys of the Levinson household, Bronx and Harlem.

Hi, everybody!

Bronx: Hi, mysterious voice.

I'm not used to having this big of a crowd right away. Well, I guess you should all get inside and get looking for jobs, huh?

Hmm...from what I remember Bronx wanted to be a media magnate. I guess journalism wasn't available today.

Glinda's a family sim with a non-career related lifetime want. No surprises here.

This is a shocker, however. Nessa is a pleasure sim.

(Note: Harlem got a job in natural science. I forgot to take a picture-he's not a slacker.)

So are you guys all heading down to the chapel?

Glinda: Nope. We're having the wedding here.

Great! It's been awhile since we've had a home wedding.

Oops...mislabeled the picture. Sorry, Nessarose.

Nessarose: You'd think by now you would be able to tell us apart.

Ok, I guess Glinda and Bronx are first up. Man, Glinda's brave...

Hey, guys...can we hold off on the toasting? We've still got one more wedding to do.

Nessa and Harlem have better fashion sense.

Aww...I guess the rest of the party is busy toasting Glinda and Bronx.

I guess the wedding went well.

Oh, dear...Rhys, may I ask what you're doing?

Rhys: I wanted to check out the new house in town.

You couldn't have put on clothes first?

And now it's time for a double wedding night!

And I can't help but notice that your bedrooms are exactly the same.

Glinda: When we found a decorating scheme that worked we just stuck with it.


Ahh, now this seems more Nessa's speed.

Congratulations on being the first one to get your lifetime want!

Nessarose: It's about time I was first to do something.

Nessarose: So is this really working out for you guys?

Bronx: Yeah, sure. It's easier to start a house with 4 working adults than with 2. I can't honestly say I ever expected to be living with my younger brother, though.

Nessarose: I can't picture living without Glinda.

Nice job, Glinda!

Glinda: Thanks!

You too, Harlem!

Harlem: Thanks! The bonus will really help me get to $100,000!

And right on cue...and if I know you two well enough, that means...

Yup, Glinda's not far behind.

And now everybody's in the right career. There's been way too much job hopping this week.

Oh, no...

Harlem: So we only work once a week?

Dakota: Yup.

Harlem: How am I supposed to get to $100,000 only working once a week?

Dakota: You could try building and selling robots. That's what Rhys Beesly did.

Taking his advice, huh?

Harlem: It couldn't hurt.

Looks like Nessa was the first one to do something else, too.

Nessarose: It's a girl!!

What's her name?



And right on schedule...

Glinda: I had a girl, too!

And her name is?

Glinda: Fern.

Ok, let me get some pictures.

Ok, Emerald has brown hair, brown eyes...

But Fern got her dad's blond hair!

Oh,'s never good.

And Bronx becomes number 2 to get his lifetime want!

Bronx: Is it supposed to happen this fast?

When you start preparing for it as a teen, it is.

Nice job, Glinda!

Glinda: Thanks.

I'm glad to see everybody's getting along.

Nessarose: Yes...we're having a great time.

Bronx: I'm glad that we have so many people here with the girls.

You guys will never have to hire a nanny.


Trent: Yeah?

Did anyone invite you in?

Trent: Nope.

So is this going to be a regular pattern with you?

And I can see you two are as close as ever...

Nessarose: Yup.

Did you two ever make any other friends?

Glinda: Well, I'm on pretty good terms with most of Bronx's friends.

That's not what I asked.

Happy birthday, dear Emerald...

And she seems to be the perfect combination of Mendoza and Levinson, but a trip to the mirror is still in order.

That's better.

Happy birthday dear Fern...

Wow, that's some wild hair there. And I can see more of Glinda's influence in her.

A bit distracted, Nessarose?

Nessarose: I thought I heard something...

Well, it might help to pay attention to this.

And I see Fern got a new look too. Very nice.

Glad to see you're more attentive than your sister.

Glinda: Fern, don't eat your dolls.

Maybe we should wait until she's a bit older to play with that.

Come on, Fern. You can do it.

Hmm, maybe I should go check up on the other half of the family...

It's like having a mirror image...

Nessarose: Come on, Emerald...

Harlem: Can you say "bottle"?

Emerald: No!

Aww, she is really cute. But, I'm afraid I have to be on my way.

Ok, I guess I can get a cute shot of Fern too before I go. And that's the end of Round 7! Stand by for the scorecard!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: We did it! We got through round 7! I was actually planning on having more twins move in together but this was the only set that wasn't split up by one of them being the heir to a house.