Friday, December 24, 2010

Tranquility Bay Holiday Greeting 2010

Well, it's that time of year again! 

 Ok, is everybody here?

Unknown Voice: I hope so. We can't fit anyone else in here.

Unknown Voice 2: Mysterious voice, I think I lost my dog.

No you didn't-he's just hiding in the snow.

Unknown Voice 3: Why do we have to do this?

Because we have to wish the people who come here to read about you all a happy holiday. And, as an added bonus, this will show you why I keep telling you guys not to have so many kids. Alright, everybody ready?

Everybody: Yes!

Good. "Merry Christmas" on 3, ok?

Unknown Voice 4: But what if they celebrate Hannukah?

Hannukah ended like 2 and a half weeks ago. But if it will make you feel better, we can say "Happy Holidays".  Ok, 1...2...3...

Everybody: Happy Holidays!

Great job, everybody! Ok, try not to trample anybody's children or small animals on your way out.

From all the Sims in Tranquility Bay, have a great holiday season, a happy 2011, and here's hoping that year 3 of this town will be the best one yet!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Halpert 5: Round 9


Last round, Rosario Halpert was still desperately trying for a little girl. She started off the week pregnant with her third child, which turned out to be another boy named Granite. She and Bronx immediately tried again, only to give birth to a fourth boy, Obsidian. Meanwhile, Flint grew to a child and their eldest son Topaz grew to a teenager.

Hey, Bronx! How's it going?

Bronx: Oh, you know. Life with 3 little boys...

And a pregnant wife, apparently. Rosario...

Rosario: I really, really want a girl.

I understand that, but we're having a bit of an overpopulation problem here and you're not helping matters any.

At least there's no shortage of hands to help around this place.

Bonding with your little brother?

Flint: We're teaching him about outer space.


Granite: Mom, I want to have a party for Christmas.

Rosario: I don't think that's such a good idea right now, Granite. There's too much going on around here.

I have to agree with your mom on this one. The last thing you want to do is bring more kids into this house.

What's this? A nanny interacting positively with a toddler? I think that redheaded nanny has more sense than the others.

Well, this is a nice meeting. Passing the torch, are we Granite?

Granite: Do you know what she's talking about?

Italy seems to be the new social butterfly around here. Lately she's been the one getting off the bus at everybody's house.

Granite: Hey! That's what I do.

Italy: Well, now I do it.

You're not going to be a kid for much longer anyway, Granite.

Granite: I don't care! I want my job back.

Uh-oh...who left the lights on?


Bronx: Thanks so much for coming over...

Fireman: Aren't you supposed to be a superhero?

Bronx: is my one weakness?

Fireman: Oh...ok.

Ready for number 5?

Rosario: As ready as I'll ever be.

Granite: Yeah, Mom said I can't have a party yet. Because there's too many people here. I know. It's not my fault she keeps having babies.

Speaking of too many people...


And I can tell already it's a boy.

Rosario: How can you tell?

Because he's wearing green.

Rosario: Oh...right.

(sighs) What's his name?

Rosario: Coal.

Rosario: Um...I don't think we're done...

Oh, for the love of...

Another boy! Fabulous! That brings the total to 6 boys in a row.

Rosario: We're calling him Marble, if you're interested.


I'll resist the urge to make a joke about them getting a lump of coal for Christmas.


At least they have different skin tones.

Yes! We're finally going to have a capable babysitter around here...I mean, Happy birthday, dear Flint...

Well, you'll need a new outfit but otherwise, not bad. What aspiration do you want?

Flint: I want to know everything!

Awesome. There's not many knowledge sims around this place.

Looks like we're getting another toddler out of the way too. Happy birthday, dear Obsidian...

Not bad.

Obsidian: Do I have to wear the pajamas with ducks?

For right now, yes.

(clears throat)

Rosario: What? You hung up the mistletoe.

Just be careful. That mistletoe could lead to trouble.


Such as...

Rosario: Honestly, I didn't plan this one!

Sure you didn't. Let's just blame the mistletoe.

So I guess you're the head babysitter now.

Flint: Yeah. There's not much Granite or Obsidian can do with the babies.

Granite: I got an A+!

Great job!


Man, George is making friends all over the place this round. And what is with you kids and talking about aliens?

Ganite: What? Aliens are cool.

Another day, another birthday. Happy birthday, dear Marble...

Man, Bronx's black hair is catching up.

Happy birthday, dear Coal...


Now they're tied up, at least as far as hair color is concerned. And they're both adorable.

At least Flint has an easy lifetime want. 

Oh, we go again...


 Is this really a surprise to anyone?



Rosario: It's a girl!
Oh, thank goodness! What's her name?

Rosario: Diamond.

Rosario: We're not done yet...

Of course not.

 Rosario: It's another girl!

Great. What's her name?

Rosario: Amethyst.

You guys aren't really trying to do this, are you?

Granite: Do what?

The whole pose the family in front of the tree thing. I mean, I know it's Christmas but there's just too many of you guys.

Obsidian: That's why it's just me and Granite. Mom doesn't even want to try with the babies.

Although I guess putting a smaller tree in the toddler's bedroom is a nice compromise.


Hey, I never got a close-up of the girls.

Rosario: That's because they're never set down. Every time we put them down they cry.

 Looks like we get to end the week on a birthday! Happy birthday, dear Granite...

Hmm, not bad. Now, should I just mark you down for popularity?

Granite: Nah. I actually want to earn a ton of money.

Are you kidding me? You had more friends than all the other kids in town put together! Well, I guess it will help with the career advancement.

 Ok, I guess we're leaving on two birthdays...Happy birthday, dear Marble...

 Very nice...

 Oh, right. Three birthdays then. Happy birthday, dear Coal...

 Looks almost just like his brother.

 Man, is everybody aging up tonight? I've got to get out of here. Happy birthday, dear Diamond...

At least she has a nice hairstyle right off the bat!

 She's the last one, right?

Bronx: I hope so. We're going to be eating cake for the next year as it is.

Happy birthday, dear Amethyst...

 Man, that was a lot of birthdays! Now, if Flint could please get over to the computer and get his scholarships lined up...

 Not bad considering you were a full-time babysitter for most of the week. Bet you can't wait to get out of here, huh?

Flint: It will be nice to have some peace and quiet.

I would say that college isn't necessarily quiet or peaceful, but compared to your house right now you're probably right. I'll see you at graduation, and everybody else next round!

 A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Yup, four new kids in one week. Rosario has the twin gene going strong. Although, I guess it doesn't seem so bad when you consider her sister Idina only had two kids. So in a way, Rosario just balances her out. And this is the first time I've put mistletoe up in my Sims' houses. You can direct them to stand under it and then direct others to "holiday kiss" them.