Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Halpert 4: Round 9


Last round, Dakota continued to chase his dream of earning $100,000. Despite using his wife Idina's career reward, the dream always seemed to be just out of his reach. Meanwhile the couple's older daughter Zoe became a teenager and their younger daughter Abby aged to a child.

Hi there, you two.

Idina: Oh hi mysterious voice.

What's going on?

Idina: Not much. Just getting ready for work.
Let's go with aliens...

It's too bad that can't count towards Dakota's total.

Abby: I got an A+!

Great job!


So how's she doing being the only child now?

Idina: Just fine, actually. She's really coming out of her shell now that Zoe's moved out.

I can see that. There could be possibilities for these two.

Abby: Huh? What are you talking about?

Never mind, just keep playing.

Well, that $30,000 payday must have at least helped.

Dakota: It got me to the halfway point. But now I only work one day a week. The other 6 I have no money coming in at all.

Don't worry, there are ways of remedying that.

Oh, I guess it was Abby's birthday. Sorry I missed the before picture.

Abby: That's ok.

Have you picked an aspiration?

Abby: Yup!

Abby: I want lots of friends!

Ok, popularity it is!

At least her lifetime want is easy.

Idina: Abby, this is Violin. I saw her walking by and figured you two might get along.

Um, Idina? I think Abby's a little too old for you to be choosing her friends.

Idina: I'm just trying to be supportive of the popularity thing.

There's a fine line between supportive and awkward, Idina.

Taking up a new hobby?

Abby: We're all painting pictures and letting Dad sell them off. It helps his income go up.

Nice family effort.


Abby: Why don't you go play music in the park?

Dakota: We have a park?

Abby: Um...yeah, I think so.

Shows you how much these guys leave their houses.

Idina: You'll get to that $100,000 soon, honey.

Dakota: I hope so. I'm not getting any younger.

Who are you talking to?

Abby: Violin. Did you know here sister is half alien?

Yes, yes I did actually. But you'd better hang up. I have to be going soon and you need to get your scholarships in order.


Not a bad job, Abby. And now I really have to be on my way. I'll see you at graduation and then I'll see everybody next round!


A Message from the Mysterious Voice: Man, earning $100,000 is hard. I felt kind of bad for ignoring Idina and Abby for most of the week, but there wasn't much I could do with Abby anyway until some more boys grow up.