Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beesly 3: Round 10

Last round had a little bit of everything for the Beesly family. The week started off on a sad note with grandparents Joshua and Ashley passing away from old age, then swung in the other direction with Angela, Mindy, and Brian all aging up from children to teens and youngest child Kate aging from toddler to child.

Sorry I mis-labled you in the intro, Destin. I'll never be able to tell you Holidays apart. 

Destin: (cough) That's ok...

How's the garden coming?

Jenna: It's looking really good. It's an adjustment having to take care of it myself again, though, now that the twins have moved out. 

Kate's not showing any interest?

Jenna: No, not really. 

Wait...are ghosts supposed to be out during the day?

Kate: Mom, why did Angela and Mindy have to move out?

Jenna: Because they grew up, honey. If all four of you kids stayed here there wouldn't be any room for you to have kids of your own.

Kate: Mom, do I have to go to school on my birthday?

Jenna: Yes, you do. It's your last day in elementary school. Go and enjoy it.

Kate: Mom! Guess what?

Jenna: What?

Kate: I was by myself for a whole hour! The social worker almost came, but I called a nanny before she did.

Jenna: Good job, Kate! I forgot that we would both be out past 3 today. 

Happy birthday, dear Kate...

Not bad. A new outfit is required, though. Any thoughts on an aspiration?

Kate: I want knowledge. 

Ok, can't argue with that. 

And a career lifetime want. This one's going to be a piece of cake. 

Destin: Ahh!

At least it's the appropriate time of day this time...

Who are you calling?

Kate: George Scott. Now that we've both had our birthdays I thought I'd ask him on a date.

Hmm...well, neither of you have a steady relationship yet. But he's a pleasure Sim, and you're knowledge. I don't know how compatible you two are. It's early in the round yet. I'm sure there will be a better match for both of you later on. 

Not bad, Kate.

Kate: Thanks. I wish I had gotten to work on my charisma skill more...

Well, you know, that garden out back did just sprout a lot of eggplants...

Kate: .....oh, I forgot about those!

Looks like we get to go out on another birthday! Happy birthday, dear Destin...

Not bad, as far as elders go...

Happy birthday, dear Jenna...

Also not bad, although I think you should change your dress. Summer's just about over.

And I see Kate has finally found a reason to take an interest in the garden...

Kate: I can't believe I didn't realize this before!

Well, lucky for you you'll be moving back here after college! I'll see you at graduation, and everybody else next round.

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: Not too exciting, I know. But really, not much happened on this lot. Jenna's still plugging away at the 20 Best Friends, but she didn't really make much headway on that front. Also, you may have noticed a change in labeling font. Skitch, my normal screenshot program, doesn't seem to be playing well with Mountain Lion so I downloaded the demo of SnagIt for Mac. (I apologize for the cursor in the first few shots, it took me awhile to figure out there was an option to turn that off).