Saturday, June 13, 2015

Beesly 12: Round 10

Last round, Mindy Beesly and Drum Martin moved in together after finishing college. Although their shared Romance aspiration discouraged them from marrying, it didn't prevent Mindy from becoming pregnant with the couple's first child, Sleet.

Hi there, Drum!

Drum: Oh...hi mysterious voice. I almost forgot about you.

Yeah, I know. I know.

Drum: Where have you been?

Um...shouldn't you be focusing on your workout? Or your son?

Drum: Oh, it's ok. The nanny's here-Sleet's upstairs with her.

Ok, I see Sleet...where's the nanny?

Yeah, taking a bath in your employer's house is totally appropriate...

Nanny: What? The kid threw up on me.

Oh, good. Mindy's home.

Mindy: Where's your babysitter?

Sleet: Bath!

Mindy: She gave you a bath?

Um...sure, let's go with that.

So still no wedding plans for you two?

Drum: Nah, what's the rush?

Well, you two already have a kid...

And by the looks of things, more may be on the way.

Already? Happy birthday, dear Sleet...

Not bad...

(clears throat)

Drum: What?

Maybe wait until he's in bed, at least?

Mindy: Whoa!

Sleet: What happened?

Looks like Sleet won't be an only child for too much longer...

Oh, hi there Latte.

Latte: Hi mysterious voice.

Hmm...they might make a cute couple...

Latte: What?

Nothing...just talking to myself.

Any minute now, huh?

Mindy: Yup.

Sleet: Dad?

Drum: Yes?

Sleet: Are there other towns?

Drum: Well...yes, I suppose there must be.

Sleet: Well...where are they? How do you know they're really there? 

Drum: Shouldn't you wait until like 2nd grade to start studying philosophy?

Oh boy, it's baby time!

Looks like Mindy's twin gene kicked in!

I see purple! We've got an heiress!

Mindy: Yup! We're calling her Rain.


Mindy: What?'s just that that name seems familiar.

Mindy: Well, my brother spells it differently.


Mindy: That's what you meant, right? My older brother is named Rainn.

Right...right. Yeah, that's what I meant.

And we've got another boy too!

Mindy: Meet Snow.

And of course...

Sleet: I got an A+!

You know, if I didn't know any better I'd swear the teachers just gave straight A's to kids with new siblings.

Well, Rain sure takes after Mindy...

And Snow takes after Drum.

Well, that was fast...Happy birthday, dear Rain...

Aw, yay! She has a nice hairstyle...although a bit involved for a two year old.

Happy birthday, dear Snow...

He's pretty cute too...

So how are you liking being a big brother, Sleet?

Sleet: It's ok, I guess. They're kind of annoying, though.

Don't worry, soon they'll grow up and start annoying each other.

And so the toddler teaching beings.

Drum: Good job, Rain! 

Sleet: Ugh...Sleet...get out of the way!

I guess not everybody is thrilled about that, though. But now it's time for me to be on my way. I'll see you guys next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I know, I know. It's been awhile. I actually have quite a few lots both here and in Tranquility Creek that I need to write up. Mindy and Drum are one of those Romance sim couples that don't really behave like romance Sims...I actually forgot at multiple points during their week that they were both romance aspirations. And jumping back and forth between TS2 and TS4 has made me very conflicted about Sim toddlers. I get used to having them in TS2, but then I get used to not having them in TS4. The "walk, talk, potty, ignore" grind does get a bit old after awhile. I hope if they do add the stage back in, that it gets an overhaul to be more than just a chore for older Sims.