Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beesly 2: Round 10

Last round, Roger and July were struggling in vain to complete July's lifetime want of raising 20 puppies or kittens. They were beginning to regret their choice of cats rather than dogs, as they could not  get their two cats, Fireball and Sweets, to interact in anything but a hostile way. Even the addition of two new kittens, the female Wynter and male Fall, didn't help. July added to the human part of the family as well when she gave birth to twins February and January. Meanwhile, older son November grew to a teenager and prepared for college, and at the end of the week middle child March grew to a teen as well.

Man, pet ghosts are creepy...

March? What are you doing?

March: Ugh, nothing! Go away!

Don't you have homework to finish up?

March: I'll finish it later. You sound like my mom. 

Ok, well, obviously you're not November. Sorry, Roger.

Roger: It's ok. I just wish these guys would have some kittens already!

I think your house might be a bit too full at the moment anyway.

Happy Birthday, Fall!

March? Your homework?

March: I don't have that much, and besides, the teacher never even checks it.

Roger: March! Come in here. I need you to help with the girls' birthday.

March: In a minute!

Roger: Now, March.

March: Can't Mom do it when she gets home? I'm busy!

Roger: No, they're aging up now.

March: Ugh, fine!

Happy birthday, dear January...

...and February...

Roger: (clears throat)


Roger: What's my name, mysterious voice?

Oh..oops. Sorry.

Well, the dragon outfit has to go...

February: I can't wear this to school?

Sorry, no. 

And I think you need a new outfit as well.

That's better.

January: Want to go outside and help with the plants?

Oh, right...these guys have a garden. I almost forgot.

January: Ahh! Who are you?

January, meet your least, your grandma's ghost.

Let's send him away...

Uh-oh...although, it doesn't appear that Roger was actually fired so I guess it was a false alarm? 

March: Nah, man. I can't hang out tonight. My parents want me to stay home. They're inviting this rich dude over for dinner and they want to impress him. I don't know. 

Rich dude?

Ahh, that rich dude.

February: We don't have to get dressed up for this guy, right?

January: I don't think so. Daddy didn't say.

Roger: Hi, Vince! Come on in. I'll give you a tour of the place.

Vince: That would be wonderful. that macaroni and cheese I smell?

Roger: Yup! July's working on it in the kitchen. It should be ready any minute now...

Looks like the meal was a success! Everybody loves macaroni and cheese.

Vince: I'll see the children at our school tomorrow morning. Let me just get you their uniforms...

January: But I don't want to go to a new school. I just got used to the old one. Plus, the new school is going to be like, a million times harder.

Who told you that?

January: March.

I wouldn't listen to anything your brother says about school if I were you.

Just realized that I never checked March's lifetime want. This makes bizarre sense. 

Oops...I'm just mislabeling everybody this week.

March: Why do I have to wear this? It's hot, and it itches, and I look like a dork.

I see the girls are adjusting to the new school just fine.

February: I got an A+!

Great job!

Wow, Sweets has a lot of grey in his fur.

February: Yeah, Mommy says he's getting old.

When did that happen?

February: A few days ago.

Sorry I missed the birthday.

March: Mom, seriously. Why do we have to stay at this new school? It's so lame.

July: Lame how, March?

March: They actually like, check the homework. And if it's not all right they make you do it again.

July: Gee, seems like you're going to have to start doing your homework at home instead of on the bus ride to school. And anyway, your sisters like the new school just fine, right February?

March: Of course they do. Their homework is writing the same letter over and over again.

July: Good job, Wynter! At least somebody listens to me...

March still upset about the school change?

July: He can be upset all he wants to. I just want him to do the homework. 

And he's not?

July: He is, but he rushes through it in the morning just before the bus comes. 

You're getting to be a pretty good gardener, January!

January: Thanks!

January: Look what I learned to do!

February: Cool! Can you teach me to do that?

Why don't you two practice in the living room...where there's carpet.

And looks like we're ending the week on another birthday...

Happy birthday, dear Roger...

...and July...

Kind of wish you had gotten dressed before you blew out the candles...

Same goes for you, July.

And it looks like that new school paid off for you after all, huh?

March: That school didn't teach me anything. I learned all that stuff at home. I can't wait to get out of that place...

The school or home?

March: Both!

Ok, then..., well, I'll see you at graduation and everybody else next round!

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: 10 rounds in, and I think this is the first time I've had any kids in this town admitted to private school. I usually don't bother because there's always another baby on the way or toddler about to age up when the idea occurs to me. For some reason the game only admits the kids eligible at the time the headmaster visits; any future kids are left out. Since I think it's kind of dumb for a family's older children to be in private school and their younger ones in public, I never invite the headmaster. And the situation with the cats is exactly as it was last round. Once the house empties out a bit I might try getting them two dogs and seeing how that goes.

Martin 1: Round 10

Last round was very eventful for the Martin family. With 4 growing children, parents Clarinet and England and grandparents Emma and Ethan, there was never a dull moment. Older siblings Drum, Harmonica, and Violin all grew to teenagers and prepared for college, while younger sister Tamborine grew to a child. Towards the end of the week, Emma also passed away from old age. 

Hi, guys!

Clarinet: Hi, mysterious voice.

What's everybody doing outside in the rain?

Clarinet: Well, ever since Mom died Dad's been a little...confused.

Ethan: Remember when we went to the woods?

Clarinet: Yes, Dad.

Ethan: That was so cool!

Clarinet: Uh-huh...let's go inside, Dad. It's cold out here.

Ethan: We should get one of those ax throwing things...

Clarinet: Sure, Dad...

Um, Ethan? What are you doing?

Ethan: The bathroom is broken. I'm fixing the bathroom.

Well, that's great. Um, two things though. One, I think the shower is what needs your attention first. And second, we have a repairman coming over to take care of it.

Congratulations, although I'm not sure I support your new job.

England: Just another rung on the ladder. 

Looks like Tamborine made a friend....they sure are cute together. I think I see potential here...

Tamborine: Potential for what?

Never mind...

Tamborine: I got an A+!

Great job!

Well, if we're going to be a criminal we might as well be a good one. Find the chemicals.


Man, Tamborine's getting popular.

Tamborine: Want to sleep over?

Um, I don't think a sleepover is the best idea...

Well, we all knew this was coming.

Bye, Ethan...wait, isn't there something missing from this scenario?

Ahh, there they are. That stone wall around the driveway really threw Grimmy for a loop.

And I guess we're processing our grief by getting a pet...

Welcome to the family, Sunshine.

Clarinet: Sit...Sit...

I think there's more to it than that, Clarinet.

Clarinet: I wish that pet store had sold us a book or something.

Tamborine: Ahh!

I think you'd better stay inside at night, Tamborine.

Ok, that might just be the cutest thing ever...

Tamborine: Dad, when will Grandma and Grandpa's ghosts go away?

England: Soon, honey. But you grow up tonight, so after that you'll be harder to scare.

Tamborine: I hope so...

Happy birthday, dear Tamborine...

Not bad. Any thoughts on aspiration?

Tamborine: I want a lot of money!

Ok, very do-able.

Tamborine: you have to wear your swimsuit during dinner?

England: She's a teenager for one day and already I'm embarrassing her.

Clarinet: is a little strange, dear.

Who's that puppy in the mirror? Ok, before I get to involved playing with the dog I think I'd better be on my way. See you all next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Not too eventful this round. For the record, Tamborine did get scholarships and is going to college; my screenshot program glitches and didn't save those pictures.