Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Levinson 1: Round 10

Last round, Queens and Germany barely had time to adjust to life with one set of twins before a second set was born, this one being two girls rather than two boys. They boys grew from toddlers to children, while Germany decided to leave behind his life as a space pirate for the more family-friendly artist career. Great-grandma Lisa also passed away early in the week.

Um, Germany? Are you sure what you're doing is a good idea?

Germany: Sure, why not?

Well, 3 reasons. First, it's the middle of the night. Second, it's freezing outside. And third, you're playing with a wolf that has glowing yellow eyes.

Austin: No school!

At least they can keep each other occupied...

Looks like the toddler days are over! Happy birthday, dear Angeles...

This must run in the family...Austin grew up this way too.

Happy birthday dear Albany...

And both of you are very lovely young ladies.

Albany: ...Um, thanks?

Shouldn't you guys be in bed?

Angeles: Dad's still putting our new beds together.

Glad to see you guys were so well-prepared. And Austin? Why are you still up?

Austin: I have to finish my cake.

Yeah, I'm sure that late- night sugar rush won't hurt their sleep habits at all...

Whoa, it's a kid corral...

Queens: You're only half-joking. Only Germany and my dad are actually helping. Mom and I are just keeping the boys focused on their work.

Fortunately having 4 children at once didn't last too long. Happy birthday, dear Dallas...

...and Austin...

Not bad...

...well, after a new outfit it will be better. Now how about aspirations?

Dallas: I want a life of romance!

Ugh...ok, well, I guess we had to have at least one this round.

What about you, Austin?

Austin: I want a lot of friends!

Ok, that's much more do-able.

What the? Ok, who wasn't watching the robot?

Dallas: Um, how do I fix this?

Turning it off would be step one...

Angeles: Mom, tell Austin to get off the computer! 

Queens: Angeles, he's working on his scholarships for college. You need to learn to be patient and wait your turn.

Why don't you pass the time like your hitting your mother-in-law across the face with a pillow?

Well, after 4 kids and making it to the top of the business career, we might as well start working towards her actual lifetime want.

Congratulations, Queens!

Queens: On being out of groceries?

No, on the promotion.

Queens: Oh...thanks.

Albany: I got an A+!

Great job! let's see the lifetime wants...Dallas's seems pretty do-able...

As does Austin's.

Whoa! What happened to you?

Jacob: I got struck by lightning!

Why do I never see this happen?

Queens? What are you doing?

Queens: There's a fire!

Did you not see your father? Get back inside, now!

That didn't take so long.

Queens: Well, I had most of the skills from my old job.

Austin: I thought you said we weren't bringing in any more girls.

We're not. But all you two want is to date right now, so as long as nothing gets too serious I can't see the harm. It's not like you guys have been hurting for cash.

Uh-oh...I guess it's time. Seems like a lot of the original toddlers are going this round.

Bye, Jacob!

Alright, well, as much as I hate to leave you guys in this time of grief, the week is wrapping up. Let's see how those scholarships came out. Not bad, Austin...

You too, Dallas. I'll see you both at graduation, and everybody else next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: By far, the most interesting thing that happened on this lot was the robot breaking down. And by interesting, I mean frustrating and annoying. Sims are not the most efficient cleaners out their and literally the entire top floor of the house was covered in garbage before I noticed the robot was broken. I don't even remember why these guys have a robot bench to begin with. 


Anonymous said...

Nice post! That silly robot... lol.

ciyrose said...

Gotta love those stupid robots. The girls are beautiful! The boys are pretty nice looking teens too.