Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Round 8 Scorecard

Round 8 Scorecard

Sims Added This Round By Birth:

Ben Beesly
Lemon Halpert
Lime Halpert
Aurora Schrute
Dallas Levinson
Austin Levinson
Tamborine Martin
March Beesly
Brian Beesly
Kate Beesly
Florida Beesly
Peru Halpert
Elmyra Warner
Parsley Levinson
Rosemary Levinson
Orange Vega
Granite Halpert
Obsidian Halpert
Birch Warner
Willow Warner
Valley Warner
Centi Vega
Aquafina Vega
Verdana Beesly
Kelly Mendoza
Jade Mendoza
Celery Scott
Chestnut Warner
Aeire Martin
Penny Mendoza
Venus Rosada

Sims Added by Marriage:
Aquamarine Rosada
Ariana Rosada
Brigid Rosada

Total: 34 Sims

New Naming Themes:

Scott House 2: Vegetables
Warner House 5: Types of Nuts
Mendoza House 3: Names of Stores
Rosada House 2: Planets and Constellations

That's it ! Gear up for Round 9, everybody!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Rosada 2: Round 8

Well, we've finally done it! We've reached the last house of round 8! The honor of wrapping up the round belongs to Mountain Holiday and Ariana Rosada. Mountain was the, um, surprise son of Andre Holiday, and while he was a welcome addition to his father's life his...let's go with mother, Angelica, was much less enthusiastic about having him around. Ariana's past is a little more sketchy, beyond arriving with Brigid, Aquamarine, and the rest of the Rosada crowd.

And it looks like we're starting off the week with a trip to the chapel!

But not before a quick job search. Hmm, never would have taken Mountain for a military man.

And I guess I accidentally got rid of the flooring I had in the church-I'm going to have to fix that at some point.

Well, not exactly traditional but I've seen worse.

Um...should I occupy myself elsewhere?

Mountain: It might be a good idea.

Well, the military thing didn't last long, did it?

What's with the sudden change of jobs?

Mountain: Well, athletics is really my dream job. I just really want to prove to my dad

I'm going with mother.

Mountain: Mother, then.

Ariana: I'm really sorry about the way she treated you.

Mountain: Yeah, but I'm worried about my sisters now.

Well, I think it's going to be harder for her to cast them aside. After all, she did give birth to them.

Looks like Ariana's becoming a cop...

And she promptly gets a chance card. Let's finish work...

See? Being hard-working paid off. And these guys could really use that money.

Um, Ariana?

Ariana: I think something's up...

Ariana: I don't feel pregnant...

Don't worry, you will when you change clothes.

(3 Days Later)

Feel pregnant now?

Ariana: Yes!

No twin genes here!


Ariana: It's a girl!

Great! What's her name?

Ariana: Venus.

Cute, considering Mountain's origin.

Looks like Mountain had a good day at work too.

Hmm, black hair...not sure where that came from. And she has Mountain's cartoon-y eyes, which are growing on me now.

Man, this week's zipping by. Happy birthday, dear Venus...

Oh, so that's what the black eyebrows meant. She got her mom's blue hair!

Wow, she looks just like you, Ariana!

Ariana: I know. I'm glad she got my hair. I'm the only one of my sisters who has it.

Um...let's cut expenses.

Nice! And on that note, I have to be on my way!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: We did it! We finished round 8! I know, this lot feels rushed, but there really wasn't much going on until Venus was born-and these two (unlike all the other Sims in this town) had trouble conceiving. Venus was born later in the round than most babies-hence why we didn't see her learn to walk/talk. She didn't age up until the last day. You know what's coming next-stand by for the scorecard!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rosada 1: Round 8

We've added a new last name to Tranquility Bay! This new house is home to not one but two of the Rosada sisters, Aquamarine and Brigid, and their significant others, Pine and Oak Warner.

And the welcome wagon's shown up already...

Brigid: Hi, Harlem. How's it going?

The good thing about these girls having taken so long to get into town is that they pretty much know everybody.

Um...ok, I guess Oak's an artist. Let's find chemicals.


So, I'm just guessing here, but I'm willing to bet that your kids are going to be blue.

Aquamarine: Well, there's only one way to find out.

And that's my cue to exit...

You two, however, have a 50/50 shot.

Oak: For what?

Your kids being pink or blue.

Oak: ...oh, right. Kids.

Yes, Oak. That's what happens when you enter into a relationship with a family sim like Brigid.

Nice job, Oak.

Oak: Thanks!

Now I have a surprise for you inside.

Well, first we have a surprise for Pine, actually.

But just so Oak wouldn't feel left out...

Oh, good. Oak's finally in his desired career track.

Not that she'll be able to go right away, but that reward bookcase will come in handy later .

Glad to see nothing's changed between you two.

Man, everybody's changing jobs this week.

Looks like it's baby time!

And it looks like Pine's twin genes haven't kicked in.


Aquamarine: It's a boy!

Great! What's his name?

Aquamarine: We're calling him Colbalt.

And right on cue...

Oak's twin genes haven't kicked in either, apparently.


Brigid: It's a boy!

A pink baby don't see that every day. What's his name?

Brigid: We're calling him Eton.

Very nice.

Um, Aquamarine? Two questions. One, why are you taking a baby to work? And two, if you have to take a baby to work why don't you take your own son?

Aquamarine: We figured we'd bring Eton with us today-give the boys a break at home.


Let's send Harry...

Nice! With two babies at home that will help out a lot.

Ok, well obviously Pine isn't Bryan...sorry about that.

Pine: That's ok.

Brooke: He does look an awful lot like his father, doesn't he?

Especially next to you.

Glad to see Eton made it home ok.

Aquamarine: Yup! But now I've got to go get ready.

Ready for what?

Oh, a wedding! I completely forgot about that. And I see the couple continued the blue theme...

And what better wedding present than a puppy!

Wait, you ordered the puppy?

Oak: Yes. I'm hoping that the puppy will keep Bridgid from wanting any more kids.

I'm not sure that will work, Oak.

Happy birthday, dear Eton...

and Colbalt...

And Eton looks like a pink version of his dad...

And Colbalt got his mom's blue skin and pointy ears, but his dad's blond hair.

And let the toddler training begin!

So your son is named after a shade of blue, yet he's bright pink.

Bridgid: Yes I know. I hope that doesn't confuse him later on.

Glad to see Luna's getting some attention too.

Eton: Puppy!

Well, as fun as this week has been I think I'd better be on my way. So how do you two like being in the "main part" of town, so to speak?

Aquamarine: I was expecting having you around to be more...annoying. I was pleasantly surprised.

...Gee, thanks. I'll see you guys next round.

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: I know, it's been awhile. I've been trying to get the Rosadas into the story for so long. This round is also proving to be a lesson in why I shouldn't attempt to build duplex-style houses for siblings I move in together-it's so annoying when a Sim is cooking and feels the need to mix the food on the counter in one half of the house, but cook it on the stove in the other half.