Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Warner 4: Round 8

Last round, Angelica Warner and Andre Holiday tried to keep the facade of being roommates alive. It became more difficult when Angelica became pregnant, and gave birth to a baby girl named Island. Angelica also achieved her lifetime want of becoming a celebrity chef, and Andre abandoned the culinary world to chase his lifetime want of becoming education minister. Meanwhile, his alien son Mountain grew all the way from a baby to a child.

Mountain: Dad, Island is crying again...

Andre: Angelica, can you go check on her while I get ready for work?

Angelica: Sorry, I've got some phone calls to make.

I see Angelica is still vying for mother of the year...

Angelica: Hey! Do you think you could come over? I've got the day off and Andre and the kid will be out all day. Yeah, the baby's here but we have a nanny to deal with her. Great, I'll see you then!

Holland: It's about time we got some time alone...

Something tells me this isn't going to end well...

Holland: Andre will never know.

Angelica, this might not be such a good idea...

Angelica: Why not? We're being safe!

Ok, just don't say I didn't warn you...

Ok, so the baby's on the floor, and the mother is chasing the lover around the kitchen in his underwear whacking him with pillows. Great family scene.

Nice going, Andre.

Andre: Thanks. And I think things are finally going to move forward with Angelica today.

...Um, really?

Andre: Yup. She called me at work and said she had a surprise for me when I got home.

Hmm, a bar...

Angelica: You've been working so hard. Why don't you have a few drinks?

Andre: Wow, this is really good.

Angelica: Well, I'll be downstairs in the bedroom if you need me...

Wow, Angelica's helping with a birthday?

Angelica: Andre's...not himself tonight. And I want this kid grown up as fast as possible.

Ok...happy birthday, dear Island...

Wow, she's really pretty.

Angelica: Well, of course she is. She takes after me.

Feeling better, Andre?

Andre: Yeah...I still have a horrible headache, though. And I can't quite remember last night. I feel so bad missing Island's birthday.

Don't worry, everything went fine.

And now Mountain has someone to talk to!

Mountain: I like that I can be friends with her now.

It's good you two get along. You're going to need each other in this house.

What was that about being safe?

Angelica: I'm fine...just some bad cereal...

Not to surprised to see you doing all the teaching, Andre.

Andre: Angelica isn't feeling well. I'm kind of worried...I don't know what happened that night, and I think we might know.

...Yeah, I know.

Love the new hairstyle on Island, by the way.

Bad cereal, huh?

Angelica: Oh no...

How are you going to explain this to Andre?

Angelica: I'll think of something.

Mountain: I got an A+!


Congratulations, Andre. Um...I think Angelica has another surprise for you.

Andre: What?

Um, I think she really should be the one to tell you. Why don't you head inside?

I'll just focus on the kids for awhile. Granite's really racking up the friends.

Andre: I can't believe this did you end up pregnant again?

Angelica: Andre, it's not...

Andre: I knew I shouldn't have had that many drinks.

Angelica: ....Well, you did. And you got so drunk that I ended up pregnant, again.

Andre: I'm really, really sorry.

Angelica: Well you should be.

Let's go with Harry...

Oops. Things aren't going so well for Andre.

Nice job taking your affair and blaming it on Andre.

Angelica: What affair? We're not engaged and we're not married. There's no commitment at all.

Then why didn't you just tell Andre that it's not his kid?

Angelica: I don't want him to move out! He's a great babysitter.

At least you're racking up the promotions this week.

Andre: I'm trying to bring in as much extra money as I can. I feel so bad about getting Angelica pregnant again.

Trust me, Andre. You have nothing to feel bad about.

Angelica: Something's happening!

Baby time...

Thankfully just one more...

Angelica: It's a girl!

And at least the house still has an heiress. So what's her name going to be?

Angelica: We're going to call her Valley.

Well, she's got Holland's skin and eyes, but Angelica's hair...maybe Angelica can pull this off.

Andre: She's absolutely beautiful, but where did the blue eyes come from? They're not my blue...mine are much brighter.

Angelica: Well, maybe your parents had less-bright blue eyes. You don't remember what they looked like.

Andre: That's true.

Another birthday for Island! Happy birthday, dear Island...

And she's still just as pretty.

Island: Thanks!

Let's dress for spirit day...


Congratulations, Andre. Sorry I got rid of your announcement before I took the picture.

Andre: That's ok. Now I've got a celebration to get to.

Happy birthday, dear Mountain...

and Valley...

Wow, Mountain is still quite cute as a teenager. Any thoughts on an aspiration?

Mountain: I want a lot of money!

Thank you for not picking pleasure or romance...

And Valley is very cute as well.


Andre: Hey, you and Angelica seem to be really good friends.

Holland: Um, yeah...we are.

Andre: Do you think...once Mountain goes to college...that you could, drop by every once in awhile? To help out with Island and Valley? Angelica isn't really good with kids, and when I'm at work...

Holland: I would be happy to.

And since Mountain has a lifetime want, that means he's going to college this round.

Island: Dad, how come Valley doesn't look like me?

Andre: Well, everybody looks different.

Island: Yeah, but...her face looks different from either your or Mommy's.

Andre: Genetics can be weird like that, Island. Right, mysterious voice?


Ok, we're skipping the gypsy this time. I don't feel like having these guys sink $15,000 into dates with girls who already have boyfriends. Mountain, meet Arianna Rosada. I think you two will get along very well.

Evidently I thought right.

Well, this week has certainly been exciting.

Andre: That's putting it mildly.

Let me just go and see how Mountain did for scholarships.

Great job, Mountain. Now there's just one more thing I need you to take care of before I head out...

Mountain: Um...ok...great job, Valley...

(The expression on his face was too great not to take a picture of.)

Alright, I'll see Mountain at graduation, and everybody else next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Yup, risky woo-hoo strikes again! But this time it was actually enjoyable to watch. Valley can technically be passed off as Angelica and Andre's kid...for now. She does roll wants for Holland to play with her, though. And Mountain and Arianna are a really cute couple-I'm glad I'm finally getting the Rosadas into the town.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Warner 3: Round 8

Last round, Bryan and Brooke Warner added two more sons to their family as Brooke tried to have a daughter. Bryan finally managed to join the medical career. Eldest sons Pine and Oak grew from toddlers to children.

Oh, that's right. I left right after Ash was born. Let me get a better picture...

Another orange one! We've got 2 of each now!

This better not be what it looks like...

Brooke: We're just going to try one more time...

(sigh) Ok...I want you to have a daughter too.

Yes! Go Ash!

Let's check them all in...


Looks like Oak finally caught up to his brother.

Oak: I got an A+!

Great job!

...This really better not be what it looks like...

Brooke: I know....but two babies means two chances.

Ok, it's your choice...

Venice: Isn't this pinball machine they sent us great? It's really helping out at home.

Brooke: You don't have to tell me. I've got two boys playing it around the clock.

Oh, there's Maple. I lost track of him for awhile.

Bryan: Don't feel bad. I lose track of them sometimes too.

Looks like Pine is making friends. Man, Melena's getting popular.

And so is Granite. Too bad both of them are a little bit younger.

Alright, everyone. Get those vocal cords warmed up.

Happy birthday, dear Pine...

...and Oak...

Hmm, not bad. Have you chosen an aspiration?

Pine: I want lots of friends!

This is such a social class this round.

Also not bad, Oak. What about you?

Oak: I want a life of love!

Of course you do...

Ok, now onto the little guys. Happy birthday, dear Maple...

...and Ash...

Well, Ash is a cutie...

And so is Maple, although he needs better pajamas.

Bryan: Come on, can do it!

Not wasting any time here...

Well, at least his lifetime want is easy.

And so is Pine's.

Well, baby number 5 is certainly on its way!

I know it's difficult to tell with this picture, but Ash and Bryan were both dancing to the stereo. It was adorable.

What's this? A nanny actually taking a toddler to the potty?

Oh, great. Let's add the gypsy into this.

Gypsy...don't you remember setting Dawn up with Edward?

Gypsy: Hey, I just match them up with who's best for them.

Whatever. Just let the date run its course and try to make friends.

Nice going, Bryan.

Bryan: Thanks!

Baby time!

Make that babies time!


Brooke: It's a boy! Meet Birch!

Another boy?

Clarinet: So anyway, then we threw these huge axes at this circle of wood...

Um, Clarinet? We're in the middle of a birth here. Not that your vacation stories aren't fascinating.

Brooke: I'm not done yet!

Brooke: It's a girl!

Finally! What's her name?

Brooke: We're calling her Willow!

And now begins the endless cycle of "pass the baby"...

And Willow got her daddy's blonde hair...

And Birch has no eyebrows, leading me to believe he'll have black hair like Oak.

Finally got some time with your own career reward, huh?

Brooke: Yup.

Maple: I got an A+!

Not sure how you managed that with all this chaos going on.

Happy birthday, dear Ash...

He really isn't as orange as Maple...and he doesn't have the bright blue eyes. I never noticed that.

Oh, it's a triple birthday. Happy birthday dear Willow...

...and Birch...

Yup, I was right. Black hair. hair! Well, that comes from Bryan's family.

Story time?

Bryan: Yup.

Man, all you're doing this week is teaching toddlers to walk.

Bryan: I know.

Ok, let's try this again...

...Zoe is already matched up with Zyrtec, Gypsy.

Gypsy: Hey, she's good for him too.

Why are you encouraging teenagers to break each other's hearts?

Let's see if we can go two for two...

Yup, two already-matched dates. Isabella is matched up with least as a popularity Sim Pine will be happy if they become friends too.

Moved on to Birch now?

Bryan: Yup.

Ok, we're ditching the gypsy. Let's see if any of these Rosada girls work with these guys...Amethyst doesn't seem to be working out so well...

Hmm...this seems to be going ok...

Blue and pink?

Blue and other pink?

Ok, I think Pine is going with Aquamarine...


And it looks like Oak was able to hit it off with Brigid! But...isn't she a family Sim?

Oak: Who cares? She's hot!

Trying to prove yourself?

Oak: See? I'm great with kids!

Brigid isn't here, Oak.

Oak: This one can talk. He'll rat me out if I don't help.

Well, their house is certainly going to be fun.

Wow, nice job Pine!

And a decent job by Oak. He does have a good number of skill points, but most number 7 instead of 8.
Ok, I'm going to go take some aspirin now. Pine and Oak, I'll see you at graduation. Everyone else, I'll see you next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Recipe for instant headache. Take two sim teenagers. Make one a romance sim. Add in two Sim children who have to manage homework and skilling to prepare for their teen years. Throw in a set to twin toddlers, and two parents who insist on moving them from one crib to the other over and over and over again. The teenagers wanted to move them too. The only way those twins got any sleep in their cribs was for me to send the parents out of the room, then lock the nursery door.