Sunday, February 7, 2010

Halpert 5: Round 8

Last round, Rosario Halpert became pregnant for the second time. She soon gave birth to a second son, Flint. Meanwhile, Bronx continued to work his way up the law enforcement ladder, and the couple's first son Topaz grew from a toddler to a child. We left Rosario pregnant with their third child.

Bronx: Flint, what are you doing in here?

He's fulfilling his toddler obligations by flooding the bathroom.

Topaz: I got an A+!!

Great job!

Topaz: Check it out, Dad!

Bronx: Awesome!

And since Topaz brought home an A+, that must mean it's almost time for...

Yup, right on cue.

Just one more...


Rosario: We've got a third boy. We're naming him Granite.

And I can tell he's a Vega right away...

Wait, no one taught Flint to walk last week?

Bronx: He was only a toddler for half a day or so.

Oh, right. Your kids are closer together in age than most other families.

Bronx: So...are we done now?

Rosario: Well....

Bronx: We have 3 kids, Rosario. And you've had really hard pregnancies with all of them.

Rosario: I know, I know. But I really want a girl.

Bronx: How about we...try without really trying? We'll just leave it up to fate.

Rosario: Ok.

And that's the cue for the mysterious voice to leave.

Topaz: Yeah! No school!

Wow, and on your birthday, too. Happy birthday, dear Topaz...

Well, these pajamas suit him better than the ducks, I guess. Have you chosen an aspiration?

Topaz: I want a lot of money!

Could it be that Topaz has broken the cycle of pleasure and romance?

Looks like it's a double birthday. Happy birthday, dear Flint...

Hey, your new pajamas match your hat!

Flint: Cool!

And it looks like Topaz wants to follow in his mom's footsteps. Must be all that time spent playing with the podium.

So I guess the fates decided you're having a 4th child.

Rosario: I guess they did.

Topaz: Mom, look...between you and me...that nanny's got to go.

Still holding a grudge from when she left you outside as a toddler?

Oh, great. The gypsy's here. This should be interesting.

Dell...who is already matched up with Oregano Levinson.

Gypsy: Hey, I don't know that.

You matched them up!

Never mind, looks like we've got another birthday. Happy birthday, dear Granite...

And so far he looks just like Flint did...

Flint: Dad, when do you think you'll get to be a superhero?

Bronx: Hopefully soon, Flint. I just need to make a few more friends.

Flint: I hope it happens soon. Having a dad that's a superhero would be awesome!

How are you and Granite getting along?

Flint: I think I'll like him better when he grows up.

Flint: I got an A+!!

Great job! That sure was fast.

Looks like it's a great day for everyone. Congratulations, Bronx!

Bronx: Thanks!

Ok, let's try this again...

Isabella Martin...this may work out better.

Looks like things are going well...

And we've got ourselves a couple!

...Didn't we do this already?

Bronx: That was with Flint. This is Granite.

Oh, right.

Now I know we did this already...

One more...

Rosario: It's a boy!


Rosario: Yup. We're naming him Obsidian.

Flint: Awesome! A 4th brother!

Ok, put him down and let me get a look at him.

Well, his hair does match his name.

What are you doing?

Topaz: Making sure I look good. Isabella's coming over later.

I guess he looked good.

Liking your new little brother?

Topaz: Well I'm moving out soon. I want the little guy to remember me.

You're moving down the road.

(yawn) Giant Robot.

Big surprise...

And we get to end the week on another birthday. Happy birthday, dear Obsidian...

...and Granite...

And Granite now looks almost exactly like Flint. This should be fun...

And Obsidian actually grew up with a decent hairstyle. Now we've just got one more matter to attend to...

Wow, nice going Topaz. I'll see you at graduation. Everybody else, I'll see you next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: 2 kids to 4 kids in one round...I'm not having Rosario and Bronx "try for baby" anymore. They really are leaving it up to fate-Obsidian was a risky woo-hoo baby. I hate to do it to Rosario, because of all the Sims in my game I think she's had the worst pregnancies. I can't take my eyes off of her for more than a few Sim minutes without her starving or falling asleep in her food. But I really want them to have a girl.


Rachel said...

Well I don't know that you'll get a girl in this family. Bronx only produced boys in my game until he got abducted. He sure does turn out cute/handsome boys so it's a win even if they never have a girl. Great update.