Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beesly 9: Round 8

Last round, Easter was still recovering from the unexpected complications that happened when she gave birth to her first child, Zyrtec. Still, she desperately wanted a second child. Although her husband Zachary was apprehensive about having her go through another pregnancy, Easter became pregnant again and gave birth to a daughter Allegra. At some point during all of this, both Zachary and Easter achieved their lifetime wants to be at the top of their respective careers.

Good morning, everybody!

Easter: Morning, mysterious voice.

Where are Zachary and Allegra?

Easter: Upstairs. Zachary's got the day off today and Allegra's not going anywhere, so there's no need for them to rush to get ready.


Zachary: Good morning, little miracle.

You know, Zachary, I think everything is fine now. I think what happened with Zyrtec was just a fluke.

Zachary: You never know. Anyway, Allegra's our last kid. We have one of each now. We don't need to risk it anymore.

Given that you're also out of bedrooms, I'm going to support you on this one.

Looks like Zyrtec's making friends...

Zyrtec: I'm telling you, it was a huge rat!

Granite: No way. There's no rats around here.

Zyrtec: Then who else is knocking over our garbage can?

Granite: I don't know. But it's not a rat.

Happy birthday, dear Allegra...

Very nice...

Allegra: Thanks!

Geez, another birthday? I'm surprised the entire town isn't diabetic from all this cake. Happy birthday, dear Zyrtec...

Hey, a not horrible outfit! Have you picked an aspiration?

Zyrtec: I want a life of pleasure!

Join the club...

Allegra: Dad, can you help me with my homework?

Zachary: Sure.

Hold on, do I smell something burning...

Ok, Zyrtec, lesson in cooking. When you have something in the oven, don't walk away.

Zyrtec: But I have to go to the bathroom!

Well, wait until your TV dinner is out of the oven first.

Oh, great. The gypsy's here...

Oh, this actually works out. The last playable girl of the round...

And it's a match!

(clears throat)

Easter: Oh, sorry mysterious voice.

I wonder where Zyrtec gets it from...

Allegra: I got an A+!

Great job!

Zyrtec: So, the mysterious voice thinks we should go steady...

Zoe: Um...I'm a Romance sim, remember?

Zyrtec: Hey, don't look at me...

Look, Zoe. It's just to keep the gypsy from matching you up with the rest of the guys in your class.

Zoe: (sigh) Ok, I guess it's fine for now.

I just remembered I never checked Zyrtec's lifetime want. Seems easy enough.

Uh-oh...I don't think these two are getting along.

Easter: Who do you think you are, you little Romance sim hussy? Zyrtec is way too good for you.

Zoe: Hey! He seems to think I'm perfectly fine for him. And anyway, we're not living with you after college so its none of your business. I'm out of here.

So...what was up with the argument between you and Zoe?

Easter: What? I'm Zyrtec's mom. I'm not allowed to think he can do better?

Allegra: Yeah, because Zoe's gonna be a slut.

Easter: Where did you learn that word?

Allegra: That's what I heard you call her to daddy last night.

Hmm, looks like Allegra's making friends too. Florida sure has been popular this round. Too bad she's also sick with the flu...

Hey, looked who stopped by. It's Valentine...for some reason.

Valentine: Um, I'm their aunt?

....So you are! Sorry, I forgot about that.

You two have the cutest moments...

Hey, the dog's name is Alegra too!

Allegra: Can we keep her?

Well, you need to make friends with her first.

Learning to fish?

Allegra: It's so nice out now!

Allegra: But I'm not very good yet.

Don't worry, you'll get better.

Looks like it's that time again. Nice job, Zyrtec! I'll see you at graduation, and everyone else next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Pretty uneventful, I know. We're getting closer to the midpoint of the round. And if you really need to know, the argument between Easter and Zoe was really the result of a water balloon.


Rachel said...

Really? A water balloon fight caused an argument? I've never heard of such a thing. Will wonders never cease. It could make for an interesting storyline.

Is it just me or is Zyrtec missing eyebrows?