Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mendoza 3: Round 10

Last round, Emmett and Sarima Mendoza and their respective twins Alice and Fiyero continued raising their families side by side. This frustrated Sarima, though, who longed for her family to be seen as separate from her brother's. Each couple's eldest daughter, Penny for Sarima and Aerie for Alice, grew from toddlers to children. Both couples also welcomed a second child, with Sarima giving birth to Sears and Alice giving birth to Macy. Oh, yeah, and the family also adopted a cat named Kaida.

Oh, great. And we have a flu going around. That will make things fun.

Aerie: Mysterious voice, you got our names mixed up.

I did?

Penny: Yeah...

Are you sure?

Aerie: I think I know my own name.

I suppose you do...sorry about that. I haven't been here in awhile.

Aerie: Yeah, I noticed.

How's the baby?

Fiyero: She's doing great. I think she'll be the last one, though.

Gee, I can't imagine why...

Emmett: Sears, it's really not helpful when you're making the puddles bigger...

Aww, it looks like Kaida wanted to say goodbye to the kids...

Alice: So, I had a thought...

Fiyero: Yeah...

Alice: You know how we keep having to go outside to get to each others' living rooms and stuff? Why don't we just take down that middle wall?

Fiyero: But then we would just be in one big house...I don't know how Sarima would feel about that. 

Alice: But it would be better for the kids-they could get to each other's bedrooms to play without going outside.

Well, I for one am in complete agreement. Ok, Alice. Let's do it...

Sarima: Um...what happened here?

Look, you guys have been living here like it's one big house for two rounds now. And having you guys go outside to cook a meal is a little silly. 

Sarima: But there's still two kitchens...

Yes, but now you can get to both of them without bundling up in the winter.

Looks like the girls are making friends. Hi, Sprite! How's it going?

Sprite: Ok. 

Aerie: Aren't you hot in that sweater? It's summer!

Sprite: Not at my house...

Looks like Fiyero is closer to his lifetime want.

Happy birthday dear Macy...

Aww, she's cute, but I think she needs a new hairstyle.

Congratulations, Sarima.

Sarima: Thanks.

Still annoyed about merging the houses?

Sarima: I guess not. It has been easier being able to move between the two sides. 

Man, there are just birthdays all around this week. Happy birthday, dear Aerie...

...and Penny...

Not bad...

Same for you, Penny. Have you both chosen your aspiration?

Aerie: I want a life of knowledge!

Penny: Me too!

Are you two sure you're not twins?

Ok, we're getting too close to the end of the pre-established houses to rely on the gypsy anymore. Aerie, meet Avery Warner.

Aerie: I thought we were done adding boys...

So did I. I counted wrong.

Aerie: I didn't think you could do anything wrong.

Mysterious voices are not infallible...

Looks like these two hit it off.

And both girls have the same lifetime want!

Sears: I got an A+!

Great job, Sears!

Looks like Fiyero had a good day, too.

And Penny hit it off with Avery's brother, Eddie. We're finally getting some more of the Warner siblings into town! 

Happy birthday dear Macy...again...

Very cute.

Macy: Thanks!

Macy:, you are my mom, right?

Alice: Of course I am.

Macy: Oh, good. Sometimes I get confused with so many grown ups around.

Don't worry, Macy. So do I.

Macy: And you're my sister, right? 

Aerie: Yes, Macy.

Macy: But how come Sears looks more like me?

Aerie: I don't know...can you just let me study?

Sears: Come here Kaida...

Trying to teach the cat tricks?

Sears: I don't think come here really counts as a trick.

For cats it does.

Glad to see you two are getting along since taking down the wall.

Sarima: I still wish we had separate houses, but I really can't take that out on Alice.

Well, I guess once you've become friends with every other child in town the logical next step is to become friends with yourself...

Oh, I hate this one...let's go with streak...

Oops...well, the negative outcome for the other choice is being fired so I guess this isn't that bad.

One more birthday before I head out...Happy birthday dear Sears...

Not bad. Now, have you chosen an aspiration?

Sears: I want to make a lot of money!

Great, fortune it is!

And it looks like you're back on track after that chance card.

Alright, before I head out let's check out the older girls' scholarships. Looks like Aerie's off to a good start...

As is Penny. Alright, I'll see you two at graduation and everybody else next round!

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: Yes, two posts in one day! Funny story...after I played the Warner house, I thought that I had mistakenly played them out of order, and that these guys were supposed to come first. So I waited to blog the Warners until after I had finished this lot. Then, when I looked at the posts from last round, I realized that I had played them in the correct order after all. This is what happens when you have too many houses in a neighborhood, I guess. Anyway, Sarima may not have liked it but I am so glad I took down the wall dividing the house in two. Duplexes might work in real life, but they just aren't practical in The Sims. As it is, I still can't keep track of which children belong to which couple. (It's a good thing the adults are two sets of siblings, because otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep track of who was married to whom either...)

Warner 5: Round 10

Last round, Stream and Capricorn finally got around to getting married as their son Chestnut grew from a toddler to a child. Stream became pregnant again and thanks to her indulging in some cheesecake gave birth to twin girls, Almond and Hazel. 

Oh, hi Abigail. What are you doing here?

Abigail: I just stopped by to help out with the twins.

Um, let's dismantle the wiring...


Chestnut: Wow, so you're going to, like, go into space and stuff? Are we going to have a rocket in our backyard?

Capricorn: No, Chestnut....nobody has a rocket in their backyard.

Well...not around here, anyway... 

Happy birthday, dear Chestnut...

Not bad. Have you chosen an aspiration?

Chestnut: I want a lot of friends!

Ok, popularity it is!

So I take it you two are still chasing that 50 dream date goal?

Capricorn: Yup. We're up to 12.

You might want to take a break and check on Almond...just saying...

And another career lifetime want for Chestnut....

Oops, sorry Chestnut. I thought you were your dad.

Chestnut: It's ok. That's happening a lot lately.

I take it you're on babysitting duty?

Capricorn: Yup. Just until Mom gets home from work.

Looks like Chestnut won't have to babysit too much longer, though. Happy birthday dear Almond...

Very nice...

Happy birthday dear Hazel...

Also very nice. 

Um, first of all, hi Kia and Rome. Second, do you really think it's polite to play video games in Chestnut's room while he's sleeping?

Almond: I got an A+!

Wow, that was fast. What about Hazel?

Almond: Nope, just me!

Looks like Stream had a good day too.

And Kia's still here...for some reason...

Chestnut: So, how long do you think you're going to hang out here?

Kia: Oh, I don't know...

Chestnut: Would you mind watching TV in the living room, at least? I'll even move the video games out there...

Hazel: I got an A+ too!

See, I knew it wouldn't take you long to catch up.

Stream: How many dream dates are we up to now?

Capricorn: I don't know-I'll have to count the flowers later.

You know, most people actually leave their garage when they go on dates...

Well, Stream and Capricorn can't be the only ones dating around here. Chestnut, meet Kate Beesly.

Glad to see you approve...

Stream: Uh-oh...

Oh, boy...I know that look...

Stream: But...we were so careful...

Well, with as many dates as you guys have been having risky woohoo is bound to catch up with you.

Stream: Welcome home, honey.

Capricorn: Why don't we head into the garage and...

Stream: Um, I have something to tell you before we do that...

Well, as much as I would like to stick around for that conversation it's time for me to be on my way. Chestnut, I'll see you at graduation. Everybody else, I'll see you next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Risky Woohoo strikes again. Once the twins became children, Stream and Capricorn were able to focus more on Capricorn's lifetime want. I actually forgot that I had the risky woohoo mod installed. Looks like next round should be interesting!