Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mendoza 2: Round 10

Last round, the confusion continued in the Mendoza house as the lines between whose children were whose got blurrier and blurrier. Older daughters Fern and Emerald grew to teens and prepared for college while younger daughters Kelly and Jade became children. Meanwhile, Harlem achieve his lifetime want of earning $100,000.

Again? What is with this secret pet adoption in this part of town? 

Oh, good...another pet named Abbey.

Jade: We didn't know so many other people were naming their pets that.

You know, if you guys would wait to adopt these animals until I showed up I could keep you posted on these things.

Ok, you have some explaining to do.

Glinda: What? I'm eating here.

What was with the breakdown on that other lot?

Glinda: What breakdown?

You collapsed in a heap in the middle of the road.

Glinda: Oh,'s been a rough time since my grandmother died.

Were you even that close with your grandmother? I can't even remember you two ever interacting.

Glinda: You that Fern and Emerald have moved out we have some extra space...

Well, I guess she's feeling better now.

Nessarose: Good girl, Abbey....who's a good doggy...

So, what made you guys decide to get a dog? I would think it's crazy enough around here.

Nessarose: Well, Glinda's having another kid. I need something to do.

Oh, hey Cheeto. Listen, why don't you guys get inside. It's birthday party time!

Happy birthday, dear Kelly...

...and Jade...

Whoa, did you time travel when you aged up?

Kelly: I don't think so.

Well, anyway, what aspiration did you want?

Kelly: I want a lot of friends!

Ok, popularity it is.

Well, at least you two match. How about you? What aspiration would you like?

Jade: I want a life of romance!

Ugh...well I guess we haven't had one of those in awhile. 

Number 3 on the way?

Glinda: For me, yes. It will be the 5th child for the house, though.

Nessarose: It's just weird. We've always done everything together.

Glinda: Nessarose, we don't have to do everything the same just because we're twins.

Could have fooled me...

Picking up some new skills during maternity leave?

Glinda: I'm so bored sitting around! With the girls older now I have nothing to do.

Last minute mirror check?

Kelly: I'm thinking about a new outfit.

The 50's motif not going over well at school?

Kelly: It's not that. I'm just really sick of Jade and I matching.

Looks like Jade is one step ahead of Kelly. And the gypsy is here. 

And once again, she chose somebody who has already been matched up.

Gypsy: Hey, what do you want from me? I can't know the relationship status of everyone in this town.

You're the matchmaker gypsy! That's your job!

At least both the girls have easy lifetime wants...wait, what's that noise? 

Whoa, sorry I missed the labor. Looks like it's babies time!

I see purple! We've got at least one heiress!

Glinda: This is Veridian.

And where's the other one?

Glinda: Jade's got her.

Two girls! What's this one's name?

Jade: This is Olive.

And I see Veridian got her daddy's blonde hair...

...and Olive has brown. Good, at least I can tell them apart.

Bronx: Shh...

Forgot how much fun it was having babies?

Bronx: Well, before one of them was always Nessarose and Harlem's. This is the first time both babies are ours.

Glad to see someone's remembering to take care of the dog.

Kelly: Um, what do we do?

Well, you see those green clouds around her? You might want to take care of that.

Happy birthday, dear Veridian...

...and Olive...

Aw...Olive looks just like her mom. 

And Veridian looks just like her dad, in more ways than one...I think a trip to the mirror is in order.

Much better.

Um, guys? It's 2 am. May I ask what you are all doing?

Glinda: The twins need to go to sleep.

And you are accomplishing this by spending 4 hours putting them into cribs and promptly waking them up again to put into the other crib. 

Harlem: All I know is there's a tired toddler and an empty crib! 

Meanwhile Olive has started eating the dog food.

Ok, I've had about enough of the gypsy. Jade, meet Granite Halpert.

And Kelly, meet Orange Vega. Sorry about the name look a lot like your mom.

One couple...

...two couples. See, how hard was that, gypsy?

Ok, now on to scholarships. Nice job, Kelly...

...and equally nice job, Jade. And finally, we have one more matter to attend to before I head out...

Actually, it's 4 more matters. Happy Birthday, dear Nessarose...

...and Bronx....and Glinda...

And all three seemed to get equally horrible outfits. I'm really getting sick of that orange hawaiian shirt...

And of course Harlem has to be late to the party. Happy birthday, dear Harlem...

And he's also the only one who grew up into semi-normal clothing. Ok, now I have to be on my way. Jade and Kelly, I'll see you two at graduation. Everybody else, I'll see you next round!

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: Well, just like I figured, Glinda's breakdown was caused by Madison Beesly dying earlier in the round. Olive and Veridian were not cheesecake twins, that's just their mom's twin gene at work. On a side note, I've been playing TS4 using Parallels for a little while now, and this lot cemented for me how little the TS4 babies being tied to their bassinets bothers me. These guys were constantly waking up the twins to move them from one crib to the other. At least the TS4 babies put a stop to musical cribs with multiples.