Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Martin 1: Round 7

Last round was an exciting one for the Martins. Mandolin made good use of her extra time as a teenager, bringing up her skills and finding a steady boyfriend in Kumquat Halpert. The family's youngest, Clarinet, grew to a teenager as well. Grandma Kimberly and "uncle Darren" continued to date their way to happiness. At the end of the week, tragedy almost struck when Clarinet (and the telescope she was looking through) were hit by lightning just as the rain stopped. Mandolin tried to extinguish her sister, but was too late. Fortunately she was able to plead with the Grim Reaper for her sister's life. Clarinet has now moved back from college with her fiancee, England Halpert.

I would stay off that thing if I were you, England.

England: Why?

Those telescopes have been nothing but trouble lately. Besides, it's time to get down to the chapel for your wedding.

And their outfits aren't terrible. They're not great, either, but I've seen worse.

And the family watches the wedding from outside the church...and the mother of the bride is in her pajamas.

Emma: Hey, we had to get down here in a hurry.

To get dressed all you have to do is jump and spin in a circle! How much time does that take?

And of course, the customary post-wedding pillow fight.

So you two are having a quiet honeymoon at home?

Clarinet: Well, things are never really quiet around here...

Kimberly: It's so great to have another fun-loving personality around here. Everyone else is so serious with their skilling and their families and all that.

Fun-loving personality...that's an interesting way to describe yourself, Kimberly.

Happy birthday, dear Emma...

Wow, and her outfit actually matches!

Ok, once more...happy birthday, dear Ethan...

Well, it's not terrible I guess. Congratulations, guys!

Ethan: Thanks.

You're a musician?

Clarinet: The medical career wasn't coming up. I'll keep trying.

Well, congratulations on the promotion anyway.

Clarinet: England, you don't have to be quite so friendly with my grandmother.

England: Sure, I do. She thinks I'm a fun-loving personality.

Um, I think that may be a little too fun-loving, England. You don't want to break the house's only couch.

The 4th generation of Martins is on the way!

Clarinet: And if my grandmother lives long enough, they'll all be under the same roof.

That's true...

England: Hi, there. Can I help you?

Darren: Oh, you must be England. I'm Darren. I'll just go see if Kimberly's home.

England: Um...

Don't worry, England. It's just uncle Darren.

England: That guy doesn't look like your uncle.

Clarinet: He's not really my uncle, England. But he's been around for pretty much my entire life. He even went on vacation with us. Grandma really likes him.

England: Why doesn't he just move in?

Clarinet: Are you kidding? There's enough people living here already!

And I see having a long-distance relationship doesn't hurt you two any.

Darren: Why do you always show up at the most inappropriate times?

It's what I do.

Looks like it's any minute now! Hang on, what's going on outside?

Darn it, I told him to stay off of that thing!

England: What don't want to go! Help! Somebody!

Sorry, England. Nobody can save you now.

(Six Hours Later)

Welcome back! How was your trip?

England: What the hell just happened to me?

You were abducted by aliens.

England: No, really.

Seriously. You were abducted by aliens.

England: This is too strange...

Just you wait. It's about to get much stranger.

Well, it looks like Clarinet's dream job has finally come up.

And just in time, too. They'll need a doctors salary with all these people to feed. It's baby time!


Clarinet: It's a boy! Meet baby Drum!


Clarinet: Well, he was born right next to the drum set.

Very original. Let me get a better look...

It's hard to tell who he looks like-both of the parents are so similar.

And right on cue...

England: Mysterious voice? I think something's wrong here...

Oh, come on! Did you two really try for another baby?

Clarinet: Well, we didn't try. But England wants 50 dream dates so...

Ok, ok. I get the picture.

So now we've got a pregnant mom and a pregnant dad. This is going to be a fun few days.

So how are you two holding up?

Clarinet: Oh, fine I guess. It's hard with England being pregnant too. I still don't understand how that happened.

Well, I don't think it matters how it happened. All that matters is that your husband's about to pop.

Ok, and Kimberly and Darren are still keeping each other occupied. That's good-I don't have time to be chasing around the elders.

Oh, that's right! There's a baby in the house already. Happy birthday, dear Drum...

He sure is a cute little guy.

Teaching him to walk in the bathroom?

Clarinet: There's no other place to do it. This house is so crowded!

Well, it's about to get worse. It's baby time!


England: Did I just have a baby?

Yes, you did. Now is it a boy or a girl?

England: Um, it's a girl...I think.

And what is her name?

England: I guess we'll call her Harmonica.

England: She's kind of cute, once you get past the green skin and the weird eyes.

Can you put her down for five seconds so I can get a picture?

England: In a minute...

And baby number three is right behind!

Finally! And there's no doubting where Harmonica came from, is there?

It's good that there are so many grown-ups around to take care of all of these babies.

Ethan: I don't think anybody expected them to have two this close together, and with a third one on the way.

Well, normally both parent's aren't pregnant at the same time!

Clarinet: Good boy, Drum! That's one less diaper to change!

But here comes one more! I really should be going but I'll stick around to see the baby.


Clarinet: It's a girl! Meet baby Violin!

Great! I'll get a better shot of her next round, I promise. But right now I really have to get going. Bye, Martins!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: If you ever want to give yourself a headache while playing this game, try having three elders and two pregnant adults share two bathrooms in a house. It figures that risky woohoo would hit these two. And Kimberly managed to keep herself alive by dating yet again, So there's now a great-grandma, grandma and grandpa, mom and dad, plus three babies. in this house. Next round should be fun...