Saturday, October 4, 2008

Warner 3: Round 6

Next up is the new home of Brooke Warner and Bryan Lancaster. Brooke is the eldest daughter of Rome and Abigail Warner. She met Bryan Lancaster after an extensive search for a love in high school.

Oh, Bryan...

Bryan: Hey, it's not my fault. They just gave me this after college!

Brooke: We're stopping at the mall before going to the wedding chapel.

That's good.

Wow, a traditional wedding dress. What a concept.

So no big honeymoon for you two?

Brooke: Nope. We're fine spending our wedding night here at home.

I see. Would you like me to leave you two alone?

Bryan: Very much so.

I guess I don't have to ask how the wedding night was, huh?

Brooke: .....

Brooke: I think we're going to have a baby...

Bryan: Huh? Oh, that's great!

Don't get too excited there, Bryan.

Bryan: Sorry. I'm just so anxious to get logic points. I want to get into my dream career as high up as possible.

And what career is that?

Bryan: Medical.

Ready to start maternity leave?

Brooke: I guess so. I have some more friends to make anyway so I can get promoted at work.

Let's go with Stomp the Alien.


It seems like being a gamer and being a doctor are two very different things...

Bryan: I keep looking. But the medical career just isn't coming up.

Don't worry. I'm sure it will.

Another one? Bryan's king of the chance cards this week. Let's stand and fight.

Nice! It may not be his dream job, but Bryan's still having a good week.

I'm not quite sure what a "flag capturer" does, but congratulations.

Bryan: I'm not really sure what one does either. But I guess I'll find out.

Looks like it's baby time!

Er...babies time.

Brooke: It's a boy!

It's a blue boy! What's his name?

Brooke: Oak.

Brooke: And it's another boy! Meet baby Pine!

And they're pretty much identical. Just great.

So Oak has no eyebrows...not quite sure what that means.

And Pine got his dad's blonde hair. Hmm...

Congratulations, Bryan. Want to head in and see your new sons?

Bryan: Sons?

Yup, Brooke had twins!

Bryan: ...I think I need to lie down.

So Brooke, how's parenthood treating you?

Brooke: Ok, I guess. But I'm kind of surprised that Pine ended up with blond hair.

Well your grandmother has red. Maybe it's recessive in you.

Brooke: Maybe I got it from my mom. I think she had red hair in her family too. There was that picture of the girl with red hair in our house.

That's also a possibility.

Wow, slow down, Bryan!

Bryan: I can't stand that I'm so good at this job. It's so not what I want!

Medical still hasn't come up?

Bryan: Nope.

Happy birthday, dear Oak...

Ok, I have no idea where the black hair came from, but he's still cute.

Oh, you're home! Congratulations!

Brooke: Thanks!

Now come on inside, you're just in time for Pine's birthday!

Happy birthday, dear Pine!

And Pine is adorable as well!

Bryan: Come on, Oak! You can do it!

Well, he's standing. That's a good start.

Brooke: Goodnight, Pine...

No walking lessons for him?

Brooke: No, he's much too tired. He barely made it through his birthday. I'll teach him tomorrow.

Brooke: Good boy, Pine! You'll be caught up to your brother in no time!

Bryan: Can you say bottle?

Pine: "Bottle"!

Wow, and on the first try. This little guy's smart! I wish I could stick around longer, but the week is up. I'll see you guys next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I think the glitch I experienced with Easter on the last lot was due to the Lancasters' skins. I had the same thing happen with Brooke-this time I just closed the game and re-opened it immediately and that fixed it right away. I've had another birth in my game since then that wasn't with one of their skins and it worked fine. Now it's time for the last lot of the round!


Rachel said...

Hurray for Bryan's skintone!!!

ciyrose said...

Wow...the blue skin sure came though quick....