Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halpert 1: Round 7

Last round, Jessica and Christopher Halpert enjoyed the relative calm after their problem child, Tangerine, moved out. Their two sons, Kumquat and Mango, became teens and prepared for college. At the end of the week, they adopted a kitten named Tiger. Now Mango is moving back home with his, um, live-in girlfriend, Robin Beesly.

Hi, guys...what's with the extra cats?

Robin: You don't remember? Tangerine sold them to us.

Oh, yes. Well, welcome to your new home, Maggie and Flick.

And Flick promptly starts destroying his new home. I wonder why Tangerine wanted to get rid of him...

Looks like they will be pulling their own weight, at least.

So how's it going for you two?

Mango: It's going great. I'm really glad we've found each other.

I have to admit, you two are a pretty good match.

Good, now Flick can destroy something besides the couch.

Let's work the commercial...

All right!

Nice job, Maggie!

And you too, Robin!

Robin: Thanks, but I'm so tired! And this isn't even the job I want!

I know, but culinary just wasn't available. We'll try again tomorrow.

Mango: So did you hear about Dot Warner? She invited this guy to move in with her and he gave birth to an alien.

Christopher: That's impossible. Men can't have babies, and there's no such thing as aliens.

Robin: Well that baby is green. If aliens don't exist how do you explain that.

Christopher: So? Aracely Vega is blue. Trinity Mendoza is green. All those Rosada girls are all different colors. And look at the Lancasters. None of them are aliens.

Robin:...That we know of...

Looks like Robin's finally found her true calling.

Although something tells me she's not going to be at work for very long.

Robin: Oh, my...


Robin: Kind of. I mean, I'm a romance sim. I'm not really all about the babies...but I guess we do need to pass the house along.

Let's reveal all...


Jessica: Speak...speak...

It's about time I heard from you. You've been MIA all week.

Jessica: I know. I've been training these cats!

Well at least it gives you something to do.

Way to go, Mango!

Mango: Thanks. All that early preparation paid off.

Nice job, Maggie!

Mango, are you ok?

Mango: Yes, I'm just teaching Maggie to play dead. Stop making me break character.

Ok, sorry...

Mango: So Robin, I wanted to talk to you about something. Now that you're pregnant, I kind of wanted to know if you would marry me.

Robin: Marry you? I thought...

Mango: It won't change anything, I promise! I just want the baby to have the last name "Halpert".

Mango: Robin, will you marry me?

Robin: Yes, I will. But it won't change anything...

Mango: It won't change anything except your last name.

Looks like Tiger's become one of the big cats!

And what a lovely wedding ceremony in the living room!

Nice job, Flick!

Looks like it's baby time!

Robin: It's a girl!

Great! The boy spurt is over! What's her name?

Robin: We're going to call her Strawberry!

Mango: All right! We've got a baby girl! Now we don't have to try for any more!

Which I'm actually ok with, because this town is getting way to crowded.

And so far little Strawberry looks just like her dad...

Time for Tiger to get a job!

Way to go, Maggie!

And you too, Robin! Now all four of you have your lifetime wants achieved.

Robin: Yup.

Let's work the commercial again...

What? It worked the first time!

Maybe this will go better...invite the paparazzi to lunch.

Yes! That's a pretty big bonus for a cat.

Happy birthday, dear Strawberry...

And she still looks just like her dad.

Mango: Come on, Strawberry. You can do it...

The bathroom is kind of an odd setting, but ok...

No, Strawberry! That's not food. Not the brightest, this one.

Jessica: Can you say Bear?

Strawberry: Bear!

At least she's picking up talking pretty quickly.

What's with the pizza?

Jessica: With all these cats and a toddler, who has time to cook?

Either that...or a certain mysterious voice clicked the wrong thing when ordering groceries. Anyway, I think I should be on my way. I'll see all you guys next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: And the boy spurt is broken! I'm getting kind of sick of Sim cats this round. Between the Scott house and here, there's just too much virtual meowing.


Rachel said...

Flick sure was scratching close to Christopher's face there