Friday, October 3, 2008

Beesly 9: Round 6

It wouldn't be a round in Tranquility Bay without a new addition to the Beesly lineup, would it? For those of you keeping count, this is the ninth installment of the Beesly family. Easter is the eldest daughter of May and Pao Beesly. She met her fiancee, Zachary Lancaster, in high school.

Hey, Easter. Where are you heading off to already?

Easter: We're heading to the wedding chapel.

What's this? A couple actually having normal wedding outfits? No saris or Santa suits?

Looks like the welcome wagon came by.

Zachary: I'm glad to finally start meeting you guys. I feel like I barely know anybody here in town.

Where's Easter?

Zachary: She's off at work.

Nice job! But I thought that you wanted to be a game designer.

Easter: I do. But that career wasn't coming up.

Well something tells me that you're going to have plenty of time to wait for it.

Easter: Ugh, I really don't feel so good!

Wow, that was quick.

Easter: I picked the right major in college, I guess.

Looks like Paris Caligula dropped by.

Easter: Maybe the two of you just need some time together. Go on a cruise or something. That might turn things around.

Paris: I don't know...he just seems so distant. He barely helps with the baby. Thankfully I have my parents there, but I just don't understand what's going on!

Easter: What the...

Looks like there'll be another little Beesly soon!

And it also looks like Easter's finally gotten into her dream career.

Nice going, Zachary.

Zachary: Thanks, but this isn't my dream either.

What is yours, actually?

Zachary: I want to be a celebrity chef!

Alright, well keep checking. I'm sure it will show up.

Easter: Zachary, I really don't feel good. I think something's wrong.

Zachary: What could be wrong? You're just pregnant. That's all. I'm sure you'll feel better after the baby comes.

Easter: I hope so. It's not like we even have a hospital or doctors office to go to.

I'll get working on that.

Well, let's see if Zachary's theory was correct....

(Note: At this point, my game decided to throw a hissyfit which I will go into more detail about at the end of the entry.)

As I was saying....

Easter: Well, it's a boy! Meet Zyrtec!

Cute. Are you feeling better?

Easter: Not really. It feels like I went through labor 10 times!

Well, you can just go relax in your new house...

Easter: New house? What happened to our old house?

It's a long story, but the short version is that you guys had to move before you could have the baby.

Easter: I want to go back to our house!

You know I'm really not allowed to be moving you guys around that much. My supervisors would not approve.

Easter: Please?

Oh, all right.

Ok, now everyone's back in their correct house, right?

Easter: Yes. Thanks for moving us back.

No problem. Anyway, it's about time I got a shot of little Zyrtec..

And he sure takes after his dad, doesn't he?

Zachary: I've never seen that happen before. I was so worried about Easter and the baby.

Gaston: Do you know what caused it?

Zachary: No...and Easter wants to try again someday to have a girl. I just don't know about that.

Easter: He looks just like you, Zach.

Zachary: He sure does...he has my skin, my eyes...not sure about hair yet, of course.

If I may interrupt, I think your guest would like to actually make use of this restroom.

See, Zachary found a job in culinary too. Things are working out for everyone.

Happy birthday, dear Zyrtec...

And it looks like he got his grandmother's hair. But his face is all from his dad!

Wow, two careers down in one week. You're a superwoman, Easter.

Easter: This sure has been a crazy week, huh?

Easter: Can you say "bottle"?

Zyrtec: No!

Keep trying.

Zachary: Goodnight, little guy...

Actually, Zachary, it's still broad daylight out there...

Umm...let's go with aliens.

Uh-oh...they didn't have anywhere close to that much money.'re reacting to being completely bankrupt by playing a video game?

Zachary: This is Easter's career reward. It pays money for every few minutes I play.

Oh...I see.

So one's playing pinball and the other's making candy...well, that's as good of a response to a financial crisis as any, I guess. I'll just be on my way now. See you guys next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: game's hissyfit. When Easter went into labor, the game refused to let her actually have the baby. She went through labor pains, the "a new family member..." box flashed, but didn't stay on the screen, and then she went through labor pains again. Literally, she did go through labor 10 times without having a baby. Of course, buy/build mode were disabled, and I had saved the game right as she went into labor the first time. I exited the lot, went back in...same thing happened. I had no choice at that point-I had to move them out of the house. I moved them out, sent their old house to the lots and houses bin, and put down a new house that I knew they could afford in its place. I moved them into the new house...and the same thing happened. So, I closed down my game completely. I removed a bunch of custom content, loaded the game up again, and this time little Zyrtec was finally born. But the house they were now in was completely wrong for them, so I put their old house back. It was a frustrating few hours. And I think Easter's bad chance card at the end of the week offset any benefits I might have gained by moving them in and out so many times.


Lissa said...

I find the chance card results somewhat ironic...especially considering it describes the Goth family story in the Sims.

I'm eager to see what names you use for this family. I'm picturing Claritin and Allegra as good girls names and Benadryl for a boy. (That is if the theme is what I think it is...)

Rachel said...

Hurray the medicine house I've heard so much about!