Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Scott 1: Round 7

We're back at the beginning of a new round in Tranquility Bay, which means it's time to visit with the Scott family. Last round, Emily and Lawrence's youngest child, Jack, moved back from college with his fiancee Tangerine Halpert. Tangerine, of course, was still holding on to the various complaints she had about her childhood. After their rather lackluster wedding, she immediately set about achieving her dream of owning 5 top level businesses-by using her in-law's money to buy a community lot. Meanwhile, Jack entered the journalism career to chase his dreams of becoming a media magnate. Things soon took a turn when Tangerine became pregnant. During her maternity leave, she entered another business venture-breeding kittens. Soon, their little girl Topanga was born, although Tangerine didn't pay much attention.
Whew, that was one long summary.

Hey, Tangerine.

Tangerine: Oh, hi mysterious voice.

Do I actually see you cooking something?

Tangerine: Yeah, I was starving. Running a successful furniture store really takes it out of you.


Jack: So explain to me again the purpose of all these kittens?

Tangerine: I told you, they're for supplementing my income. The store is ranked really high, but it's not making very much money. If I'm going to open four more businesses someday, we need all the extra money we can get.

Jack: We? Tangerine, last time I checked this was your dream. Not mine, not my parents...

Speaking of your parents, where are they, anyway?

On cat care duty, Lawrence?

Lawrence: Yup. I'm on the night shift. Tangerine keeps saying that these guys will be worth more if they're well trained.

Oh, and there's the little one. How's she doing?

Lawrence: As well as could be expected. Luckily Emily, her father, and I all try keep her from getting lost in the shuffle. Some days I doubt Tangerine even remembers she's here.

Topanga: My kitty...

She sure is attached to those cats.

Emily: She's never in her own room-she just stays in the cat room and plays with the kittens.

Lawrence: Good! Maybe her mother will think she's one of them and then pay some attention to her!

Let me guess, off to the store?

Tangerine: Yup. I need to get a look at our elevator. I think something's wrong with it.

Gee, what would give you that idea? You're lucky nobody died.

Tangerine: Ahh, it will be fine. Just let me make a few adjustments...

Tangerine, I highly doubt that whacking the frame with a wrench will...

Tangerine: And all fixed!

Or maybe it will.

And I see Tangerine is still quite the saleswoman...

Topanga: Mommy!

Tangerine: Hold on, honey. Mommy has to go feed the cats and then she has to call the store to check in...

Jack: Tangerine, she's your daughter. Just carry her to the phone, for crying out loud!

And what a surprise, grandma Emily is doing the birthday. Happy birthday, dear Topanga...

Well, a trip to the mirror is in order but you're still a very pretty young lady.

Topanga: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Topanga: Jamie...wanna treat?

Hey Topanga, maybe you shouldn't get too attached to those kittens.

Topanga: Why? They're like my little brother and sisters.

This is not going to be a fun week...

Story time in the cat room? You know Topanga, you have your own room...

Topanga: I know. But everybody's always in the cat room. I get lonely when I'm in my room.

Emily: I didn't expect that I'd be spending my retirement cleaning out cat dishes...

Why are you putting up with this?

Emily: Because underneath it all, Jack still really does love Tangerine despite all of her...issues. We're hoping that if she can just get this business thing out of the way, she'll calm down and be normal again.

Don't hold your breath on that one.

Happy first day of school, Topanga! Good luck!

Making flowers?

Emily: I have a bronze flower arrangement badge. Tangerine wanted some bouquets to brighten up the store.

So I guess it's still not making as much money as she hoped.

Emily: No. Thank goodness for Lawrence and Jack still working.

I'd think it's safe to say you're not cooking dinner for the family.

Tangerine: Nope. I'm learning to bake.

Bake? Why?

Tangerine: Once the store reaches level 10, this is going to be my next venture. I'm going to open a bakery. But first I need to learn how to bake.

And meanwhile, grandma Emily is teaching Topanga how to study. It's a good thing she has you guys here.

Emily: I know. I can't imagine what her life would be like if Jack and Tangerine had started a house of their own.

And it looks like the kittens have grown up!

And they all look incredibly similar. This is going to be special...

What the...already?

Tangerine: Yeah, let me bring you inside and you can get a look at him! Nothing's too good for my future sister-in-law...

Sister-in-law...oh, right. Robin is with Mango...but I don't think they're getting married, Tangerine. Robin's a romance sim and...

Tangerine: Well, whatever. Come in and take a look at the cat.

Hmm, now Apple's here. I guess that means...

Yup, Jamie's out the door too.

And Mango? I thought you two...didn't get along.

Tangerine: That's when I was an overly-emotional teenager. I want to make it up to you by selling you one of my cats.

You know, you could just give him the cat...

Mango: Didn't Robin just buy one of your cats?

Tangerine: All the more reason you should buy this one! Keep them together, and whatnot.

And I guess Mango took the bait. Man, is this going to be fun when Topanga gets home.

Topanga: It sounds really quite inside...where's all the meowing?

Um, Topanga, I don't know how to tell you this...

Halloween: Maybe your mom sold them all.

Well, I guess Halloween knew how.

Topanga: What? Mommy!

Emily: So has she...always been like this?

Apple: No. She was a really sweet little girl until our mom had our younger brothers, Kumquat and Mango. Then she got all crazy. Thankfully I had moved out of the house by then.

Emily: It seems unlikely that a couple of new babies would make her this difficult. My oldest two didn't have any problems when my younger three were born.

Apple: But Tangerine was supposed to be the heiress. Kumquat came as a surprise, and then when he turned out to be a boy they tried for one more to get another girl...and ended up with Mango. Tangerine didn't like having her position being taken away, especially by a younger brother. And boy, did she let them know it.

Emily: Well, thanks for buying one of the cats, Apple. Would you mind if Topanga came over to visit her at some point?

Apple: Of course not. I'm sure once Tracie grows up they'll be great friends.

And all of five minutes after the first set of kittens is sold, the second set is on the way.

Topanga: Grandma, how could mommy just sell all the cats? They were my best friends!

Emily: I know, honey. But Smokey and Tabitha are still here. And I'm sure they'll have more. Besides, all the cats went to your aunts and uncles. You can go see them if you want.

Topanga: I know, but I'm still mad!

So did you make a lot of money by selling your daughter's best friends to your siblings?

Tangerine: Some. But not as much as I'd hoped.

Jack: You know what, Tangerine? I think you just need to relax tonight...

Uh-oh, I think Jack's got a plan... and it's one I should leave the room for.

Topanga: Mommy, now that the cats are all gone, do you think you'll ever have another baby?

Tangerine: Why would I do that? I had you. You're a girl. You can take the house. Besides, we need the room for more kittens.

Speaking of more kittens...

Welcome, Fini and Terri.

Who are, again, completely identical.

Well would you look at that. She actually got that place to level 10. I never thought I'd say this, but congratulations, Tangerine.

Tangerine: Thanks, but this is just the start. I've got four more to go.

Oh, that's right. Jack has a job too. Um...let's revert to fewer companies.

Oops. That one's almost always right.

At least someone had a good day.

Topanga: I got an A+!

Great job!

Um, Tangerine? Is that a bump I'm seeing around your midsection?

Tangerine: Yes, it is. Somehow I became pregnant again. I can't believe this. This is going to mess up everything!

Tangerine: How could you?

Jack: Tangerine, I didn't do anything! It's a risk you take with woohoo. You know that.

Tangerine: Another kid...just great. How am I supposed to get a new business off the ground with another toddler running around here?

So you didn't do anything, huh?

Jack: No...oh, alright. Maybe I didn't use all the protection I should have.

That's not very honest.

Jack: Look, my mom doesn't have very much time left. Her biggest want is to have another grandchild. Jacob, Michael, Corey, and Shawn are all done having kids-they all have four or more. It's up to me. I want her to die as happily as possible.

Well at least your intentions are noble.

Topanga: Why did my mom even have me? All she cares about are you cats and her stupid store.

I'm sure your mother does love you, Topanga. It's buried way deep inside, but it's there.

Topanga: Well she needs to un-bury it!

Jack: So I was thinking, since you're going to be home for a few days before the new baby comes...

Tangerine: Oh, I've already got that planned out. I have to get working on making pies and cakes for the bakery.

Jack: The bakery?

Tangerine: I found this great little property right near the store. Nothing's final yet, but I think it would be a great location for Tranquility Bay Baked Goods!

Here we go again...

Emily: Hi there, little baby...

Tangerine: I actually have some things to do...

Yeah, Emily. There will be plenty of time for you to talk to the baby after its born, and you're solely responsible for caring for it.

Sorry about the demotion. But it looks like you're moving back up!

Jack: Yup. And getting some of these bonuses again is actually a good thing. I feel so horrible about Tangerine just throwing my parents money away in these businesses that don't make any profit.

Looks like it's baby time!

And it has to only be one kid-there's no room in the house for any more.


Tangerine: It's a...boy?

Yes, Tangerine. It's a gender. The opposite of girl.

Tangerine: But there were just five boys born on the other side of town.

And now yours is the sixth. It happens sometimes. What's his name?

Tangerine: I'll guess we'll call him Alan.

So Alan is getting the cat room?

Tangerine: Yeah. We moved one of the pet beds and the litter box out to the hallway. He'll be fine. Babies don't need that much room.

Let's hope the kid doesn't have allergies.

And he looks just like his mom, so far!

Emily: Jack, I know what you did. I can't say I approve of your lying but...thank you for giving me another grandchild.

Jack: You're welcome, Mom. And you're probably going to get another one soon-I don't think Tangerine was thrilled that Alan was a boy.

Gee, what would give you that idea?

Tangerine: Say Topanga, I was thinking. Now that you're a big girl, why don't you come down to the store with Mommy? I'll show you how I run the family business...

Topanga: No! I don't want to go to your stupid store, and I don't want to run it-not ever! I want you to stay home with me and Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa and Alan! And when I grow up I'm going to get a real job so I can make money without having to sell my kids' pets to other people!

Whoo! Go Topanga! You tell her!

And in the midst of this, the kittens grow up...

At least these two look different. And I'm sure they'll be out the door soon enough.

Tangerine: Oh, Kiwi would love this one...

Jack: You've got to be kidding me. You saw how much it tore your daughter up to lose the first three, and you're going to do this to her again?

Tangerine: Business is business, Jack. She'll understand when she's older.

Topanga: Hi, Alan! Don't worry if Mommy doesn't like you. She doesn't like me either.

Lawrence: Now Topanga, your mother does so like you. And your brother

Topanga: Then why does Alan have to sleep in a room full of cats?

And on that note, I think I'd best be on my way. Thanks for the entertaining week, Scotts! I'll see you next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: And we reached round 7! It feels strange that I'm now past the point I was at when I lost Tranquility Acres back in December. Anyway, I was as surprised as Tangerine was that Alan was a boy. But it did satisfy Emily's want for another grandchild, which truth be told was the only reason she lived through the entire week. I think she's only got a few more days left as it is. Lawrence has a bit longer.


Rachel said...

Tangerine is heartless, well not as heartless as my Venice, but she reminds me of her.

ciyrose said...

I sort of dread this house with Tangerine. She is highly entertaining though. Poor little Topanga, and now Alan.

kayla said...

I kind of like this family how Tangerine doesn't care for her both of your prosperity challenges and can't wait till I get caught up :)