Thursday, July 31, 2008

Martin 1: Round 6

Last round, the Martin family was recouping from Ethan losing his job due to a bad chance card. He bounced back into the life of crime quickly, though, and soon achieved his lifetime want of becoming a criminal mastermind. Soon, Emma achieved her lifetime want of becoming Captain Hero as well. Oldest child Trumpet grew to a teenager, and youngest child Clarinet grew to a child. With so much to celebrate, the family went on a vacation to the mountains where Clarinet made a furry new friend. At the end of the week, Mandolin grew to a teen as well and while her brother departed for college, she decided to stay an extra week and enjoy her teenage years.

How's it going, Mandolin?

Mandolin: Great. I'm just working on my skills.

Hey me crazy but do you miss Sparkle?

Emma: Madison called me and told me she turned to an elder. I can't believe she's so old already. I wish I had gotten to spend more time with her.

Clarinet: I got my first A+!!!

Great job, Clarinet!

And you made a new friend too...

Clarinet: Yup! Queens is really fun.

Clarinet: Yeah! No school!!!

What are you going to do with your day off?

Clarinet: I'm going to make a snowman!

I bet I know how Mandolin is spending her day!

Mandolin: could he be in class? It's a snow day!

Maybe he's in some kind of extra-curricular activity. He can come over after 1, I'm sure.

Mandolin: I think I'm going to make him a surprise...

A fire?

Mandolin: No! I was trying to make him lunch!

Mandolin: Kumquat, I'm so sorry.

Kumquat: Sorry for what? What's wrong?

Mandolin: I tried to cook bass with squash for lunch and it caught on fire!

Kumquat: What? I don't care about the fish-are you ok?

Mandolin: Yeah, I'm fine.

Happy birthday, dear Clarinet...

Well you'll stand out in a crowd. Have you picked an aspiration?

Clarinet: Yup. I want to be a knowledge Sim just like my dad.


Um...when did you guys get a hot tub?

Mandolin: Grandma wanted one. Mom said it's important we keep her happy because she's an elder.

Mandolin: I hope I never see another fire again. I was so scared.

I don't think that's going to happen. Fires seem to be as common as breathing around here.

Emma: I don't like you and Kumquat being out back in the hot tub. You have to set an example for Clarinet.

Mandolin: Mom, Clarinet isn't even that little anymore. She can take care of herself.

Emma: But she's still your little sister. And I don't want either of you girls to get yourselves into trouble.

Speaking of Clarinet, let's see if she's found a lifetime want.

Whew! That's an easy one.

Hey, who's your friend there?

Clarinet: This is Maureen. know she looks really familiar. What's your last name?

Maureen: Larson.

What? But is that possible? I thought....

Clarinet: Come on in, let's play some SSX3. The mysterious voice is having a moment.

Oh hi Trumpet!

Trumpet: I'm sure you're going to be a great heiress, Clarinet.

Clarinet: I hope so. It's a lot of pressure.

New friend for Kimberly too?

Kimberly: This is Nicholas Richardson.

What? Another one? How is this possible? I thought you guys were are you back?

Kimberly: Who cares? Come on inside...

He's married Kimberly!

Emma!! What happened to you?

Emma: I got hit by lightning, I think.

You think?

Emma: Well I don't really remember it...but why else would I look like this? I wasn't fixing anything.

Hang on a second...I think a tree just caught on fire.

Oh, no, and the rain stopped!....Ok, everybody out on the lawn! Ethan, call the fire department and Mandolin, spray your sister!!!

Mandolin: Don't worry, Clarinet! I'll save you! I'm not going to let you die!

Oh no! I think you're too late, Mandolin!

Mandolin: No!!!

Mandolin: You can't take Clarinet! She's my little sister! Please!

Grimmy: Ah, ok if you're going to cry about it...

Mandolin: I'm so happy you're back! I though you were gone forever!

Clarinet: Thanks for saving my life! I'm glad you stayed the extra week.

You and me both, Clarinet. That was quite a scare, there.

Well this certainly has been an eventful week, huh?

Ethan: You can say that again!

Emma: I'm just glad my baby is safe. We need to make this place more safe during storms.

Nice job, Clarinet. I'm sure you'll do great at college.

Clarinet: I'm just glad I'm going at all!

And an equally nice job by the town heroine!

Mandolin: I feel so much more ready now.

Well, I'll see you girls at graduation! Until then, please stay inside!!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Whew! That was a rush! I've got to tell you-if there's a Sim family that you don't feel that connected to, send them on a vacation. I like these guys so much more after their mountain adventure. And I literally almost cried when Clarinet was dying. That was the first time I've ever pleaded for a Sim's life before. I'm just glad it worked!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Levinson 1: Round 6

Last round, Jacob Levinson finally secured a job in law enforcement and started chasing his lifelong dream of becoming Captain Hero. Olivia gave birth to their third child, a boy named Bronx. Their oldest, Brooklyn, grew to a teenager and prepared for college while their middle child Manhattan grew to a child. We last left the Levinsons with Olivia pregnant for the fourth time.

Bronx: Baby!

Well, he seems aware of what's going on.

Olivia: He is very smart.

A little red-hands before school?

Manhattan: Uh-huh.

Lisa: Today's a big day. Your dad might get the last promotion he needs.

Think you can pull some strings, Lisa?

Lisa: I'll see what I can do.

Jacob: Alright, honey. I have to get to work. We're all set for the party tonight, right?

Party? What party?

Oh, it's Manhattan's birthday. Happy birthday, dear Manhattan...

...and Bronx....

Very nice. Have you chosen an aspiration?

Manhattan: Yup!

Manhattan: I want to have lots of money, like my mom.


And what a nice young man you're turning into, Bronx.

Bronx: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Looks like the party's about to get one more guest...

Make that two more guests. And she didn't even eat any cheesecake.


Olivia: It's a boy! Meet Harlem.

And I see you finally got a kid with your red hair.

Olivia: Here, mom. You take him for a second...

Olivia: I don't think we're quite done.

Olivia: We've got a girl, too! Meet Queens.

Great! Now the house has an heiress.

Looks like Queens got her mom's hair too.

Now we've finally got some little redheads in this town.

And Manhattan picked an easy lifetime want. Could things get any better around this house?

I guess they can. Congratulations, Jacob!

Jacob: Thanks.

Lisa: Goodnight, honey. I hope you like your racecar bed.

I'm surprised he's able to sleep at all in that room.

Another day, another birthday. Happy birthday, dear Harlem and Queens...

One twin...

Two twins. And man, does she look like her mother. Now, if you would all be so kind as to step out onto the front lawn, I think it's time for some renovations around here.

So how's everyone liking the renovations?

Jacob: Well, if by renovations you meant tear the entire house down and re-build it while we waited on the lawn...

I do have some pretty amazing powers, don't I? And now you guys actually have room to breathe.

Olivia: This new layout is great. It's so much easier to chase the toddlers around without tripping over stuff.

Bronx: I got my first A+!

See? My re-model worked out for everyone.

Even Manhattan's made a new friend.

Manhattan: This is Danton Holiday. He just moved here.

Holiday...hey, you don't by any chance have a sister, do you?

Danton: Yeah, her name's Venice.

Going to have to keep an eye out for her.

Lisa: You look so much like your Mommy did when she was little.

I know. I'm glad some of the kids are finally taking after Olivia.

Oh, here we go....

Olivia: Get the babies out of the house!

It's ok, Olivia. I think the firewoman's got it all under control.

Enjoying your little brother, Bronx?

Bronx: It's really cool not being the only boy.

Manhattan: What's wrong, Harlem?

Harlem: Wrong bed!

You put him in the bed with pink dots, Manhattan.

Manhattan: Sorry, I'm doing the best I can...these two are a handful.

I think things should be getting a little easier. Happy birthday dear Queens...

What a lovely young lady.

Queens: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Happy birthday, dear Harlem...

Interesting hair choice, but still a very handsome young man.

Harlem: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Manhattan: Hey, let's you and me get a jump on teaching you to study, huh?

Queens: Really? Wow, I'll be really smart when I go to school.

I guess Manhattan's getting the hang of this big sister thing.

Giant robot, as always.

Yup, just as I expected.

So how does it feel to have 5 kids?

Olivia: Exhausting. I'm so thankful that we have a female heiress so we can be done.

Bronx, don't you think you should be wearing a coat?

Bronx: Nah, it's not that cold out.

Nice job, Manhattan.

Manhattan: Thanks. But I still don't have a boyfriend....

Don't worry. Not all the boys in town have grown up yet. I'm sure you'll find someone.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: This house took me a little longer than usual, probably because of the full-on remodel of the house in the middle of the week. I never actually moved them off the lot-everybody held a room of furniture in their inventory (even the toddlers) and they just waited on the sidewalk. That way the days of the week didn't get messed up like they did with the Beesly family. But these people needed some more bedrooms. It was a 3 bedroom house to begin with, Bronx was sleeping in a walled off hallway and the twins were sharing the living room! Also, Olivia has a memory of being chased by a wolf. I didn't know sims could have memories of that.