Friday, July 11, 2008

Scott 1: Round 6

And now, we journey back to the beginning for the start of a new round. First up, as always, are the Scotts...

Last round, Emily and Lawrence decided to not try for a female heir, given that Emily had already had 5 boys counting the two she brought with her when she moved in. With Jack established as the house's heir, Emily and Scott were free to concentrate on their careers. Lawrence achieved his lifetime dream of becoming a media magnate, while Emily devoted her spare time to the newest family member, a kitten named Smokey who soon grew into an adult cat. Jack grew from a child to a teenager and prepared for college. Now, Jack and his fiancee Tangerine Halpert.

Hi, guys.

Jack: Hi, mysterious voice.

How does it feel to be back home?

Jack: It feels great. I'm really happy to be the heir to the house.

Tangerine: You'd better feel lucky. The houses are supposed to go down through girls...

And I see Tangerine is still just as lovely as she was when we last saw her...

Tangerine: Um, what are you doing?

Jack: Looking for a job...that's generally what you do when you leave college.

Tangerine: Why? Your parents are filthy rich, and when they die you're going to have all that money. You don't need to work.

Jack: Tangerine, you know it's my dream to become a media magnate like my dad. Besides, I don't want to move back in here and just mooch off their money. We're adults now-we should contribute.

Tangerine: Who said I wasn't going to contribute? don't plan on getting a job?

Tangerine: Nope, I've got a much better plan.

And that would be?

Tangerine: I'm starting a family business. I just have to find a location first-this property is much too small.

Well, you know when Jack's mom first moved in she had to take what she could get. She couldn't afford to be picky like some people I know.

Tangerine: So I'm going to start a family business.

Jack: Tangerine, you have a college degree. Don't you think you should at least get a job, and earn a little money to put into the business first? That diploma isn't going to help you one bit with this.

Tangerine: Sure it will. And besides, I don't need to earn money to put into it. We have more than enough. Now we've got other things to attend to....

You're getting married in your bedroom?

Tangerine: I've got to head over and look at some properties. There's no time for a big wedding.

So I guess this would be the honeymoon?

Jack: Yes, it is.

So does that mean I should be leaving?

Jack: Yes, it does.

So how are you two doing?

Emily: Oh, we're ok. But I'm not sure about this Tangerine. I mean, if Jack's in love with her then I'm going to support it, but I'm not sure if she's got her priorities right.

Where are you going?

Tangerine: Oh, I found a property! Come on and take a look.

This should be good...

Tangerine: Welcome to Scott and Halpert's Homewares!

Scott and Halpert's? You do realize you took Jack's name.

Tangerine: Yeah, but that was only so our kids will have the same last name as the house. I still want to go by Halpert.

Ok, whatever...

Not feeling so hot, huh?

Tangerine: Oh, I'm sure I'll be fine. I have to get back to work.

Tangerine: What do you mean you guys want to retire? I need the money to put into the family business.

Technically it's not the family business...

Emily: Well I guess we could keep working a little longer...

You're going to have a baby?

Jack: Yup! I'm so excited.

Tangerine: Yes, but I can't wait to get back to the store either. Things are really starting to pick up.

Let's call Sally...

Well that will be some more funds for the family business...

So are you going to be taking some time off?

Tangerine: I can't. I don't have any other managers yet.

Emily: Hi little baby....

Tangerine: Look, I have to get going. That store's not going to run itself...

I think it's going to have to. It's baby time!


Tangerine: It's a girl. Meet baby Topanga!

Yes! I've been waiting for 5 rounds to use that name.

Looks like she got her mom's eyes, her dad's skin...can't be sure where the hair came from.

Where are you going? You just had a baby!

Tangerine: I have to get to the store!

Hey, look....Tangerine's sister Apple came to shop.

Tangerine: Yeah, I just had a baby this morning. A girl, we named her Topanga.

Apple: And you're here?

Tangerine: Of course I am.

Jack: I'm glad you're home. Could you take Topanga for a little bit?

Tangerine: Hi, sweetie! I'm sorry Jack, I can't. I have an errand to run.

Have you even held her yet?

Tangerine: Of course. I held her right after she was born.

Emily: I don't care about her stupid store. I'm retiring whether she likes it or not.

You go, Emily.

Ok, so where are you going this time?

Tangerine: I'm looking into another business venture.

Another one?

Ok, I'm seeing another cat.

Tangerine: Meet Tabitha. I'm going to breed her with Smokey at home.

You're still on baby duty?

Jack: Yeah. Tangerine is outside dealing with the new cat.

Well things seem to be going well so far.

Emily: I'm so glad to have a baby girl in the house.

It's about time, huh?

Emily: It sure is.

Tangerine: How could you retire? We need that money. I'm trying to keep a store afloat, and now we have to support a baby and there's kittens on the way.

Emily: Maybe you should have thought of that before you bought a 3-story furniture store.

Tangerine: Hey, Kiwi! How are the twins?

Kiwi: Oh, they're great. We had to fire the nanny though. She left little England out in the snow...

Tangerine: Hey, would you like to buy these counters?

Kiwi: We have counters already...sorry.

Congratulations, Jack.

Jack: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Happy birthday, dear Topanga...

Aww, she's adorable.

Jack: Mommy should be home soon, honey. She'll be so excited to see you now that you're a big girl.

Somehow I doubt that.

Emily: Wait until Mommy gets home and sees her big girl walking...

Mommy still not here yet, huh?

Topanga: No!

Emily: I promise she'll be home soon, honey. Just keep playing with your shape shorter.

I like the makeover. She looks adorable with the glasses.

Emily: (sigh) Ok, honey. Let's get you in bed.

Did Tangerine get home yet?

Emily: Not yet.

Three? That's a lot of kittens for the mysterious voice to handle...

I have no idea which kitten is which. This should be fun...

At least Tabitha is a good mom.

Topanga: Kitty!

Topanga, get out of the road!

Topanga: Good kitty.

Well, at least now you're on the sidewalk.

Topanga probably just thinks she's another one of the pack.

Topanga: Mama!

Tangerine: Oh, honey, I'll play with you in a bit. I have to make sure the kittens are fed.

So you're running a furniture store, breeding kittens, raising a child (kind of)...that must be it, huh?

Tangerine: Oh, no. I'm just getting started.

Tangerine: Maybe I'll start a shoe store next.

Why don't you focus on the store that you have for awhile? I'll be back next round. See you guys then!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: And round 6 has begun. I'm getting closer to where I was when I lost my old hood. I can't believe I've gotten this far already. And the female kittens, Maggie and Jamie, are named after two of the cohosts of the Girls Night In podcast on Talkshoe; the male kitten, Flick, is named after Flickguy of the Flick-a-Brac podcast.


Temesha said...

Congrats on finally getting a Topanga! Tangerine was a trip this round!

Rachel said...

Tangerine really has her priorities mixed up. Poor Topanga gets more affection from the kittens than from her mom.

ciyrose said...

Awww...poor Topanga not having Tangerine around to love her. Wow she was crazy this round. Can't wait to see what happens with her next.