Friday, July 18, 2008

Halpert 1: Round 6

Last round brought some family drama for the Halperts. Tangerine had difficulty adjusting to her new younger brother Kumquat, and that difficulty only got worse when the Halpert's final possible baby turned out to be a boy, named Mango, meaning the house would have to be left to a male heir. Despite Tangerine's protesting, parents Jessica and Christopher accepted this. Tangerine, however, took every chance to let her brothers know just how much they disrupted her life. With Tangerine now out of the house, will life be calmer for the Halperts?

Hi, Mango!

Mango: Hi, mysterious voice.

How's it going?

Mango: It's a lot quieter since Tangerine left.

Taking up a new hobby?

Jessica: Yes. All my skills are maxed, I'm at the top of my career and I've accomplished my lifetime want. I need something to do.

Are you bored too?

Christopher: Kind of. I haven't gotten my lifetime want yet, though.

Well, don't worry. I don't think you're that far away.

Kumquat: I got an A+!!!

Great job.

I see there's less fighting around here these days.

Mango: Tangerine made everybody fight.

Mango: Hi, Dad!

Christopher: Hi, son. Guess what? We're going to have a party tonight.

What kind of party?

Oh, the anniversary party. I forgot that was your lifetime want. So who'd you invite?

Christopher: I invited Apple, Kiwi, and Tangerine, plus Olivia. Not a huge bash. But I don't think Apple has even met her brothers.

Well, look who's back...

Tangerine: Don't worry I'm not going to start anything. I can't even stay for that long. I have to get over to the store, and then get home to the kittens...

What about your child?

Tangerine: Oh, yeah. And her too.

Christopher: Hi little baby! It's uncle Christopher!

This might be the only time Christopher and this child actually meet. They don't seem to be big on family gatherings in this town.

Apple: It's great to see you, Dad. I'm so excited to actually meet the boys.

Christopher: Kumquat, this is your big sister Apple.

Kumquat: Oh, so you're're the real big sister, right?

Please, don't start that again.

Apple: Glad you could finally tear yourself away from that store to see your family. How's Topanga doing?

Tangerine: Oh, she's just fine...I think...

Mango: I got an A+!

Great job!

Looks like Kumquat made a friend. I think she might be a bit too young, though...

Kumquat: Huh? Too young for what?

Never mind.

What the...Mumble, it's summer! What are you doing here?

Happy birthday, dear Kumquat...

Not bad. And have you picked your aspiration?

Kumquat: Yup.

Kumquat: I want popularity. I just want people to like me.

Hmm, maybe he didn't get off without some damage from his sister.

Christopher: Mango, I'm so happy that you're going to inherit the house.

You tell him that an awful lot.

Christopher: We have to keep reassuring him that we wanted him, we're happy that he's a boy, and we're happy he's the heir. Tangerine really did a number on his self-esteem.

Yeah, she has that effect on people.

Looks like Kumquat picked his lifetime want. Very do-able....

Kumquat: Yeah, my birthday was last night. Sure, come on over.

Who are you calling? You're the first one in town to grow up...

Mandolin! I forgot you stayed for the extra round. You two are pretty cute together...

Looks like we have the first established couple for round 6!

What the...let's go with green, I guess.

Well, $55,000 is always a good thing, even if I don't quite understand the situation.

Jessica: Mango, for the last time. We did expect that you were going to be a girl. But we are just as happy that you were a boy.

You might want to change clothes before you have the heartfelt conversations, Jessica.

You're getting a kitten?

Jessica: Mango's been having a hard time recently, and his birthday is tomorrow. So we wanted to get him something he really wanted.

Are you ready to grow up now that you have a kitten?

Mango: Yup!

Happy birthday, dear Mango...

Not crazy about the outfit, but it's ok I guess. Now, what aspiration would you like?

Mango: Pleasure!


And now it's that time of the week again. Nice job, Kumquat.

Equally nice job, Mango. I guess all that smustle dancing paid off. By the way, did you pick a lifetime want?

Mango: Sure did.

Whew! That's an easy one. Alright, I'll see you boys at graduation!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: This house was kind of anti-climatic this round. Jessica did get up to a gold toymaking badge, though. I wasn't planning on having this family get a pet, but it was the only one of Mango's wants that I could easily satisfy to put him in platinum to grow up.


Narrator MD said...

Thanks for the formatting help! Now that I know how to do it, I feel kind of silly for not having thought of it... Also, keeping my own Sims 2 blog has made me even more impressed with yours! I've only just started, and I already have trouble keeping track of the names!

Rachel said...

Looks like the boys are doing alright with positive feedback from their parents now that Tangerine is gone