Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beesly 1: Round 6

Last round was rather chaotic at the Beesly household. With a teenage son, Joey, twins Monica and Rachel, little brother Ross, parents Micheal and Madison, and the family dog Sparkle all living under one roof, plus one on the way, quarters were cramped at the Beesly house. This prompted a "move" to a new house in the middle of the week, although the new house was built exactly where the old house had been. Michael achieved his lifetime goal of becoming a criminal mastermind, Monica and Rachel grew to teenagers, and Madison got closer to her lifetime dream of marrying off 6 children when she became pregnant for the 5th time.

Morning, guys.

Ross: Mysterious voice? But it's Saturday. Don't you normally come and go on Mondays?

Yes, I do. But switching houses screwed up your week a bit last round. So now, I'm going to be staying with you guys from Saturday to Saturday instead of Monday to Monday.

Ross: Oh...ok.

Phoebe: Puppy!!

They sure picked a good dog for all these kids.


Ross: What? The puddles are so much fun.

I think things are about to get even more fun around here. It's baby time!!!

Phew...just one more.


Madison: It's a girl. Meet baby Chandler!

Chandler? Kind of a masculine name...

Madison: No, not really. I saw this show once where they named a baby girl Chandler after they had thought she was going to be a boy and had the name picked out. Can't remember the name, though.

Well judging by the names of your kids you must have watched that show a lot.

Come on, Ross...

Ross: I'm just so excited I have a new baby sister!

So far she looks just like the rest of the Beeslys. Brown hair, blue eyes. Rachel really was the genetic abnormality of the group.

Phoebe: Me wuv puppy!

Careful, Phoebe. Don't squeeze too tight.

Happy birthday, dear Ross...

...and Phoebe...

Very nice. Have you picked your aspiration yet?

Ross: I want to have lots of friends!!!

Popularity it is. Now, back to Phoebe's birthday.

And still as cute as ever, although she is showing her dad's influence more.

Have a good first day of school, Phoebe!

Phoebe: I wish it wasn't raining so hard.

Really, Ross? Really?

Another day, another birthday. Happy birthday, dear Chandler...

She's cute, but I think she could benefit from a makeover.

There we go, much better.

What the...

Sparkle's an elder already? Well, happy birthday girl.

Ross: I got an A+!

Shouldn't this have happened when you were still a kid?

Ross: I'm not as good in school as my brother and sisters were.

Wow, that's a lot of stuff going on. Congratulations, Madison!

Those astronaut boots must be pretty good for that, huh?

Madison: You're telling me.

I see Chandler is just as in love with Sparkle as Phoebe was.

Phoebe: I got an A+!!!

Great job!

Phoebe: Look what I can do!

Wow, a scholar and a gymnast. Who knew?

Another birthday for Chandler!

Very cute.

Chandler: Thanks!

Well, it's just about the end of the week so I must be on my way.

Chandler: Do you have to go?

Yes, I'm afraid so. But there's just one matter to attend to first.

Hmm, I guess you weren't kidding when you said you weren't good in school. That's ok, I'll see you at graduation!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Well that was slightly less crazy than last round. This family does operate on a Saturday to Saturday schedule now thanks to the move last round. I used the time adjuster to keep track last round by resetting the day, but it sets itself back at midnight every night. I kept doing it to make sure I didn't play them for more than 7 days, but now I'm just going to leave it.


Narrator MD said...

Aw, the kids are so cute with the pets! I love when toddlers autonomously go over and squeeze them.

I was wondering, how did you format your main page? The layout with the links to each entry is great, really nice and clear. I'd love to set-up something similar for myself, but don't know how to.

Rachel said...

Isn't Chandler sort of a feminine name? Works on you.

Chanldler's a girl! Chanldler's a girl!

ciyrose said...

Awww....Chandler is cute. Sparkle sure has been a good dog through it all. It's no wonder she's getting old though, putting up with all those little ones. :)