Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vega 2: Round 10

Last round, Violet and Orion continued raising their son, Orange, from a toddler to a child. Violet, meanwhile, became pregnant for a second time and gave birth to twins Ruby and Indigo.

Doing some remodeling?

Kia: You live in a house as long as we have and things get stale after awhile.

John: We're doing better money-wise now. No reason we shouldn't splurge a little.

Can't say I disagree, but I do wonder why you chose the hallway bathroom to splurge on.

Ruby, I don't think those dolls are edible...

Man, Sears is really getting around...he's shown up on almost every lot so far. 

Happy birthday, dear Indigo...

Not bad...

Happy birthday dear Ruby...

Also not bad, but I think you'll need a new outfit.

Well, at least this nanny cleans up after herself when she pees in the kitchen...I guess that's something. 

Back again, Sears?

Sears: Yesterday I came home with Orange. Today I came home with Ruby.

Seems like it would have been easier to make friends with all of them at once, but whatever...

Another day, another birthday. Happy birthday dear Orange...

Well, like your sister you'll need a new outfit. But otherwise, not bad. Have you given any thought to your aspiration?

Orange: I want lots of friends!

Great, popularity it is. Wait, what's that noise outside?

Ok, someone want to tell me why Glinda Mendoza's having a nervous breakdown on the lawn?

Ok, her niece Jade is here well past her bedtime, and sitting in the road. But I think the breakdown is a bit of an overreaction. 

Yes! A nice, easy lifetime want. Better get Orange working on that charisma skill.

Ruby: Look, Dad! I got an A+!

Orion: Mysterious voice, why aren't you clapping?

I'm waiting for the other twin...and how do you know I'm not clapping? You can't see me.

Indigo: I got an A+ too!

Great job Indigo. Sorry the 2nd one off the bus always gets less fanfare.

A bit late in the week, but let's give the gypsy a try.

Oh, come on, Gypsy....

Gypsy: What? She's single.

Yes, but as I said way back at the beginning of the round we are not adding any new girls. Also, she seems to be in the middle of her work day.

Amy: No I'm not.

So you just carry around a bag of newspapers all the time?

Amy: It's good exercise.

You know, I think Orange would have better luck waiting until some more girls grow up later in the round.

Orange: Can't I try one more time?

Relax, Orange. Your patience will be rewarded, I promise.

At least your scholarships turned out great.

Orange: Well, it's not like I had much to do besides work on my skills. Like, you know, date.

Don't worry, Orange. I know the right one for you will be aging up soon. And speaking of which, it's about time for me to be moving on. Orange, I'll see you at graduation and everybody else, I'll see you next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Not the most thrilling lot, I know. Glinda's breakdown really was the highlight of the week. I honestly have no idea why she went into aspiration failure when she arrived to collect her niece. My sims rarely, if ever, go into red aspiration at all, so Glinda must have had a huge fear realized to push her that low that quickly. Her grandmother Madison Beesly died earlier in the round, so maybe that's what did it, although I don't remember her being close enough with Madison to have a fear of her death.. We won't know until we get to her house, which isn't for some time yet. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Levinson 2: Round 10

Last round Brooklyn and Trumpet Levinson were busy keeping up with their surprise second set of twins, Parsley and Rosemary. Meanwhile, older twins Nutmeg and Ginger prepared for college.

Hi, girls!

Rosemary: Hi, mysterious voice. Ha! I finished another chapter.

Parsley: Ugh! Slow down! 

Getting some studying done?

Rosemary: We grow up tonight, so Mom wanted us to work on our skills.

Parsley: She said we'd be too distracted after.

Rosemary: Another one done!

Parsley: Stop it!

Aww, Forester's waiting for the girls to get home.

Happy birthday dear Parsley...

...and Rosemary...

Not bad....

Rosemary: Thannks.

You too, Parsely. Any thoughts on aspirations?

Rosemary: Can't I stay the way I am?

Um, no. You can't have the grow up aspiration after you've grown up.

Rosemary: Well, what's the closest thing to it?

Pleasure, I guess.

Rosemary: Ok, I want pleasure.

Parsley: I want pleasure too, just for a less stupid reason.

Trumpet: I wouldn't have thought you'd choose pleasure. Your skills are already so high, I was sure you'd go with knowledge.

Rosemary: I didn't want to choose anything. I don't see why it's important.

Nice choice for the new outfit.

Parsley: Thanks. I just wish Rosemary hadn't chosen the same thing.

She did?

Parsley: Well, her shirt is pink. But yeah. I told her we're too old to be dressing alike but she didn't listen.

Parsley: Don't you think it's time you ditch the pigtails? And maybe try some makeup...

Rosemary: I like my hair this way. And makeup takes too much time.

Let's make a speech...


Oh, boy. The gypsy's back!

Hmm, Ford Vega. This could work.

Parsley: Haven't I met him before?

Not directly, no. But your family did adopt one of his dogs' puppies.

Now it's Rosemary's turn. I'm kind of surprised Rosemary is interested, actually.

Ugh! Gypsy, he's already matched up with Lemon Halpert!

Rosemary: Oh, that's ok. We'll just be friends.

Brooklyn: Wow, Ford,'re sure hungry there.

Welcome to having teenage daughters, Brooklyn.

Brooklyn: I thought I would escape being eaten out of house and home. I never thought about their boyfriends.

At least Parsley has an easy lifetime want.

This, however, is odd given Rosemary's behavior so far.

So, you really want to have 50 first dates?

Rosemary: Sure! The date with Logan was so much fun. Why wouldn't I want to do that over and over? And the gypsy just picks people for me-I don't have to meet them myself.

I don't think Rosemary understands the concept of dating.

New bedspread?

Parsley: Yeah. I wish I could convince Rosemary to pick a new one too. Mom says we can't redecorate the whole room until we both agree on one theme. The stupid seahorses are so babyish.

Um, why are we making robots?

Brooklyn: Oh, just because.

Well, as long as nobody turns them on. I don't want another broken cleanbot spewing garbage everywhere.

Rosemary: Hi, gypsy! Can I have another date, please?

That stupid gypsy...

Trumpet: Why don't you go ask the gypsy for another date while she's still here.

Rosemary: But I haven't finished this one yet.

Trumpet: Ford is your sister's boyfriend.

Rosemary: Duh. I know that. But I'm just having a date with him.

Again, I don't think Rosemary quite gets the point...

Gypsy: Again?

Rosemary: Uh-huh...

Ok, now we're talking here. Plus this will be easy for me to remember. 

Volvo: I had a really fun time hanging out.

Rosemary: Me too.

Volvo: This may seem too fast but, do you want to be my girlfriend?

Rosemary: Oh! Um, ok, I guess.

So, you both have boyfriends now. 

Rosemary: Uh-huh.

Think you're about ready to head to college?

Rosemary: I guess so.

Alright, let's get those scholarships checked out.

She may be awkward, but she sure is smart...

And you didn't do too badly either, Parsley.

Parsley: Thanks.

And I'm glad you two can still have some fun with each other. But now it's time for me to be on my way. I'll see the two of you at graduation, and everybody else next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: This lot proved why waiting months between houses isn't a good idea. I had no idea what relationships, if any, had already been set up when I called the gypsy, so I was cautious on how far to push the relationships with the twins. (This is why you don't see any pictures of Parsley and Ford having any romantic interactions, though they did fall in love.) I need to get back to writing these things down.