Friday, July 11, 2014

Beesly 8: Round 10

Last round, the 8th branch of the Beesly family had settled into a comfortable, if uneventful, lifestyle. Youngest daughter Dell had moved back from college with her fiancé Oregano. The two were married and soon gave birth to a daughter, Toshiba. Dell also quickly rose through the ranks of the law enforcement career, becoming the antidote to her mothers' criminal mastermind as Captain Hero. Oregano opted for the less stressful slacker career.

Well, everybody seems happy in this house.

Oregano: Hi, mysterious voice. 

Any reason you're throwing a dance party at 2AM?

Oregano: I'm trying to be a professional party guest. I have to sharpen my skills.

Yes, but your father in law is a CEO who has to be at work at 9...

Aww, I think Toshiba wants to join the party too...

Dell: I think that sounds like a great idea!

What sounds like a great idea?

Monica: Well, once Toyota went to bed we got to talking. Toshiba isn't going to be a baby for much longer, and the four of us are going to need something else to do around here. And we don't really use our garage much-right now it's just holding Toyota's reward putting green and a drum set.

Dell: So we decided that we're going to start a business out of the garage.

Uh-huh...may I remind you that all four of you have jobs? High-level, demanding jobs?

Monica: Well, once Oregano gets his last promotion he'll only be working on weekend nights. And I only work nights too. There's always somebody home. And Toyota and I are nearing retirement age, anyway.

I wonder if anybody told Toyota about this plan-I don't think he's planning on retiring anytime soon. Lets trust... least these guys have the cash to support this business venture.

Congratulations, Toyota!

Toyota: Thanks.

So have you heard about this garage business?

Toyota: Oh, yes. I think they decided to start a bakery.

Aren't you going to go through a ton of food? And need I remind you, Tangerine Scott already has a bakery in town.

Monica: I'm way ahead of you...

You're starting a garden too?

Monica: I'm going to grow my own ingredients! That's how I can stand out from the other bakeries in town, too. Homemade pies with homegrown ingredients. It will take a bit longer to start up, though.

Too bad you can't get a cow to get your own milk...

Happy birthday, dear Toshiba...

Not bad...though in this family is that really a surprise?

I'm surprised she's not out back pulling weeds already.

Dell: No, no...that's a project for us grown ups. She can help if she wants to as she gets older, but we're not going to make her.

Well that's a refreshing change...

Toshiba: Um...Grandma? What are you and Daddy doing?

Monica: Your dad's going to play the piano for us...

Toshiba: You do know there's a piano downstairs? In a room I don't have to sleep in?

Congratulations, Oregano!

Oregano: Thanks!

Shouldn't you be working on your homework?

Toshiba: I will in a little while. School was really, really boring.

How's the garden coming along?

Dell: Oh, just great...

Toshiba: Mom, will I be able to help make stuff for the bakery too?

Dell: Oh, I'm sure we'll find a way for you to help. But we're all just figuring out this baking thing ourselves.

Yeah, I hear a big part of opening up a bakery is knowing how know...bake.

Let's buy trucks...

Well, that'll buy a lot of strawberry seeds.

Toshiba: Mom! I got an A+ and I brought home a friend!

Dell: That's great, honey. Why don't the two of you go and fish in the pond for awhile?

Milli: I think I broke the string...

I can't even see any string.

Another new friend?

Toshiba: This is Sears. two are quite cute together...

Sears: Ow! Hey!

Nanny: What are you two doing?

Toshiba: Nothing....hey, why are you still here? My mom and dad are both home. So are my grandparents. You can go home...

Nanny: I go home when I want to go home.

Hey, looks like the bakery is finally up and running. And Monica's selling pies in her super villain costume...

Monica: It was Dell's idea. She's going to wear her outfit when she's working here too. It's kind of gimmicky but hey, it seems to be working.

Actually, I think Oregano's party skills seem to be working better. The customers keep drifting into the house to hang out rather than shopping.


Oh, no...

Sorry, Oregano.

Oregano: It's's not like we need the money. I'll get back in the game once the track comes up again.

Yeah, I hear the slackers are really forgiving when it comes to re-hiring.

What are you doing?

Toshiba: I'm helping with the bakery.

Are you making signs?

Toshiba: No. I'm painting pictures we can sell.

So it's a combination bakery/art gallery.

Dell: Hi, how can I help you?

Things going better today?

Dell: Yeah, once we locked the doors to the house. I can't believe we forgot to do that yesterday.

I guess running a home business comes with a steep learning curve.

Oregano: There! That's all the strawberries.

Slacker track hasn't come back up?

Oregano: No, not yet.

Well, I'm sure it will. But now it's time for me to be on my way. I'll see all of you next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I was actually concerned that I was going to have enough to do in this house, since I remembered it being so uneventful last round. Setting up the bakery actually took the majority of the week between growing the food and baking.  Sears and Toshiba might become a thing later on; they're pretty cute together.


ciyrose said...

The bakery is looking good. I have not tried to run a bakery yet, but maybe someday I'll give it a try. :)