Saturday, April 4, 2015

Halpert 7: Round 10

Last round, Strawberry Halpert and Nutmeg Levinson moved in together after completing college. While Nutmeg's romance aspiration meant that marriage wasn't in the cards, that didn't stop Strawberry from becoming pregnant and giving birth to a girl, Latte. 

Hi, guys!

Nutmeg: Oh, hi mysterious voice. Long time no see.

I know, I know.

Latte: Mama!

Strawberry: Good job, honey!

Aww, I forgot how much I missed having toddlers around...

Strawberry: What are you talking about? Pretty much every house in town has one.


Strawberry: So what is this, now? Date number 20?

Nutmeg: I don't know. I lost count.

Um, I hate to point this out, but Nutmeg's lifetime want is to have 50 first ...

Nutmeg: Um...mysterious voice? Can you go check on Latte for a second? I think I heard her in the kitchen. Wouldn't want her to get hurt...

It's ok, I guess Alice here beat me to it. What are you doing over here?

Alice: Oh, just thought I'd drop by.

So...does Strawberry not know that your lifetime want is to have 50 first dates, not 50 dream dates?

Nutmeg: I just told her I wanted to have 50 dates and let her fill in the rest.

You know you're going to have to tell her eventually, right? I mean, what happens when you two hit 50 dream dates?

Nutmeg: Has anyone in this town done that yet?


Nutmeg: My point exactly. It's going to go unfulfilled anyway; why should I stress her out?

Wow, suddenly I feel almost sorry for you.

Strawberry: Can you believe how fast Latte's growing up?

Any thoughts on having another?

Nutmeg: No! I mean...not really.

Strawberry: I think one is enough for us. We have an heiress to take the house.

Real subtle there, Nutmeg.

Let's sue...


Congratulations, Strawberry!

Strawberry: Thanks! Now I can focus on helping Nutmeg get his...

Yeah...about that...I wouldn't set my expectations too high if I were you...

Strawberry: Oh, I know it will be hard, especially while Latte's still little.

So she sleeps in that hat?

Strawberry: Yes. I thought it would be uncomfortable too but she seems to like it.

Hey, it's Mumble! Haven't seen you in awhile! 

Um, Nutmeg? Maybe you should turn your attention to the stove?

Man, I never thought I'd be so happy to see a firefighter...

Happy birthday, dear Latte...

Aww, I guess you outgrew your hat...still pretty cute, thought.

Latte: Um...thanks?

Seriously? You tried the lobster again...

Nutmeg: It wasn't the lobster! It was pancakes!

Um...ok...quick, go get in the shower!

Nutmeg: Huh? What will that do?

Wait, you're right...that won't work here...and there's nobody else here to put him out...

Whew! That was a close one. Although I am questioning whether you should really be a chef.

Nutmeg: This kind of thing never happens at work.

Latte: Mom, could Dad have died in the fire today?

Strawberry: Well, if we didn't have a smoke alarm, then yes. But that's why we put the alarms in.

Latte: Oh, good. But Mom? Does Dad's work have those alarms too?

Given his track record, I sure hope so.

Only here could someone light themselves on fire making pancakes in the morning and be promoted to a celebrity chef the same night. Congratulations, Nutmeg...

Nutmeg: Um...thanks, I think.

Latte: Dad, now that you're at the top of the career can you pick another one?

Nutmeg: Why?

Latte: Well, maybe you should pick a job where you can't catch on fire.

Nutmeg: Honey, that fire was just an accident. It's not going to happen while I'm at work.

Latte: Ok, if you say so...

Latte: I got an A+!

Great! I think your dad is inside, go let him know!

Latte: Dad! Wake up! I got an A+!

Nutmeg: Huh...oh, that's great, honey....

Latte: Do I get my puppy now?


Latte: Dad said that if I got an A+ in school we could get a puppy!

Do you remember saying that, Nutmeg?

Nutmeg: Not really, but I can't disappoint her now. Meet Dunkin.

Appropriate name for this house...

Nutmeg: See? I told you I can cook without starting a fire.

I stand corrected. But I would like to point out that you are still 1 for 2...

So does Dunkin sleep outside?

Latte: Yeah, until he's housebroken. Then he can sleep in the house.

What the...

Man, what is with the wolf fights around here lately?

Nutmeg: Good boy, Dunkin! 

How's the housebreaking going?

Nutmeg: Good. Pretty soon we're going to have to put a dog bed in the house.

It's a good thing you adopted him in the spring.

Nutmeg: So the candies come down this belt, and you just grab them and put them in the boxes.

Latte: And you're sure it can't catch on fire?

Nutmeg: Yup, I'm sure. See? Cooking isn't scary, Latte. Do you want to try?

Latte: Maybe I'll just watch for awhile...

Well, this looks like a good time to be on my way. I'll see you guys next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Man, jumping back and forth from TS2 to TS4 is confusing! I've been in TS4 so much that when Nutmeg caught on fire while he was home alone, my first instinct was to send him to extinguish himself in the shower...of course that doesn't work in TS2. While I do miss the firefighters in TS4, I have to admit that being able to actively send a Sim to extinguish themselves does feel better than passively waiting for a firefighter and hoping they get there on time. And I do love the irony that the same day Nutmeg was promoted to celebrity chef. Only in The Sims, right?