Saturday, August 28, 2010

Halpert 1: Round 9


 Last round, things had begun to settle down in the Halpert household. With the adults and elders all at the tops of their careers and Strawberry entering school, the only excitement in the house came from the family's three cats. Then Robin, in the midst of an internal crisis about her aspiration, became pregnant again and gave birth to not one but two more baby girls, Lemon and Lime.

Yup, I think the calmness is just about over in this house...

 Jessica: Bad kitty! Why were you fighting?

You know, I don't think the cat is going to be able to answer you, Jessica.

Trying your hand at toy-making?

Christopher: Yup. I've made a pet brick. 

You know, I'd make a comment about that being dangerous, but given the behavior of the cats recently I think the pet brick is actually safer.


 Mango: Wait...didn't I just feed this one?

Yes, you did. If you guys would stop playing musical cribs with the babies, then you wouldn't be so confused. 

Oh, and what a surprise. Granite has stopped by!

Strawberry: Granite's the most popular kid in our class.

I know.  

Enjoying your grandfather's...creation?

Strawberry: I'm teaching it to stay. 

That shouldn't be too hard.


Looks like it's birthday time! Happy birthday, dear Strawberry... 

 Hmm, we'll need a new outfit but otherwise I approve. Any thoughts on an aspiration yet?

Strawberry: I want to have lots of friends!

Popularity it is!


Oh, looks like it's a triple birthday. Happy birthday dear Lime... 

 Very cute.


Happy birthday, dear Lemon... 

Equally cute, and with a nice hairstyle to boot.

 Fortunately, there's more than enough grown-ups around to help out with the twins.

Wouldn't this be easier if you didn't do it in the cramped bathroom?

Robin: Hmm, probably.

I'm taking it this is Jessica's handiwork, not Christopher's. 

Mango: Yeah. Mom's made a bunch of these things. I'm not sure what we're going to do with them all.

Um...start a water park?

Robin: If only we had more space...

Hey, looked who dropped by! How's it going, Kumquat?

Kumquat: Oh, just fine. 

Christopher: Thanks for the pictures from your vacation. It looked like the kids had a great time.

Kumquat: They did. I just can't believe they're all out of college. Alice and Emmett have kids of their own already.

Christopher: Never thought I'd live to be a great-grandpa. 

Alright, now let me just go check on the twins for one minute...

Um, excuse me?


I think Christopher jinxed himself. Bye, Christopher! 

And now we have three grieving cats. That will help the noise level.

The grieving toddlers, however, I'm more concerned about.

 Kumquat: What's wrong, Lime? Did the cat scratch you?

No, the cats seem to save their violence for each other. I think she's just hungry.

Or maybe she just wanted to make herself dizzy. Who knows with these toddlers? 

Jessica: Here, I want you to have this.

Robin: What is it?

Jessica: Oh, just some things I've been holding onto.


 And Strawberry has an easy lifetime want!

Glad to see Lemon's doing alright. We've seen more of Lime this week. 

Looks like Lemon wants to play in the sprinkler too. I think you're a bit too little, Lemon.

 Uh-oh...Grandma's spending one-on-one time with the toddlers. I think I know what this means...

Glad to see you're bonding with them too, Strawberry.

Strawberry: Well, I'm moving out soon. I want to at least get to know them.


 Yup, I was right.

Ordinarily I'd be upset because she was only a teenager when she moved in, but given that someone who started as a toddler died last round I'm just thankful she lasted this long. Bye, Jessica!

 I find it strange that Tangerine got over $6,000 but Apple only got $300.

And of course there's no better way to move on than with a birthday party! Happy birthday, dear Lime...


 and Lemon...

 One more beautiful Halpert girl...

Two more beautiful Halpert girls.

 Glad you can finally play with the cats?

Lime: Uh-huh. Dad says that if we keep them busy with us, then they won't fight with each other. Why don't they like each other?

Because even though you guys have three food bowls and three beds, they all want to use the same one at the same time.

Got your first day of school outfits ready?

Lemon: Yup!

Um...let's accept the job.

 Oops. Sorry, Tiger.

Homework time already?

Mango: Yup. Robin's in the other room helping Lemon.

It's a good thing you both have such forgiving work hours. 

Robin: I know, especially now that Mango's parents have passed away.

Oh, great. And now the ghosts come out...

Christopher: Ooga Booga!

Why, Christopher? Why? It's you're little grandchild, for crying out loud.


 And now back to the soap opera of the cats...

Tiger: Hiss!

Oh, that's right. We have a teenager here too. Luckily there were some holdovers from round 8...

And despite the odd setting, I'd say these two have hit it off. What a flavorful combination.

 Seriously, under what circumstances would a cat have to make this decision? Um, let's sit it out.

Ok, whatever. These guys can afford a $350 fine.


 Study party?

Strawberry: I'm getting ready for college. I'm not sure what they're doing. 

Lime: I want to get ready for college too!

Not bad, Strawberry. I guess that studying paid off. And now it's time for me to be on my way. Strawberry, I'll see you at graduation. Everybody else, I'll see you next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice:  Ok, apparently I have just been oblivious for the past few rounds to the melodrama between the cats in this family. Out of nowhere, I decided to check the cats' memory panels and found that all of them are enemies with each other. Some of their relationships are at -100/-100! And none of them are mean cats-it's all from "challenging" each other over food bowls and beds. Had there been space in the house, I would have put a food bowl and bed in three separate rooms and locked them in to keep them from fighting with each other. Maybe now that Strawberry's out of the house and there's another bedroom free, I'll have to do that next round.