Sunday, May 25, 2014

Warner 2: Round 10

Last round, Rome Warner was enjoying the freedom that came with being an ecological guru. Meanwhile, their two youngest daughters aged up from children to teenagers and prepared for college.

Oh, look, it's the happy couple back from college...whoa, who knocked over the garbage can?

Sea: Probably Abbey.


Sea: Our new dog.

Wait...ok, who bought a dog? And from whom?

I don't even recognize this dog. They didn't buy it from anybody in town.

Good to see you pitching in even though you just got here.

Brian: I don't see why Sea's family couldn't have gotten a cleaner dog...or a cat...

Looks like Brian's contributions go beyond cleaning up after Abbey.

Although it looks like the cleanup happened too late, anyway.

Do you guys even have the energy for...that? What with you both having the flu and all.

Brian: She's right...we should both be getting to bed...

Ok, I'm out of here...

Abigail: So, Sea...remember how we had that talk before you went to college?

Sea: Relax, Mom. I'm working on it, I promise.

And I see Rome's still doing...what Rome does. At least he's clothed this time.

Um, hottub?

Seas: It was a gift from one of my high school dates, remember?

Oh, right. Where's your mom?

Sea: Oh, she's working out back in the greenhouse.

You guys have a greenhouse?

I guess you do. Decided to take up gardening?

Abigail: Well, Sea decided to have us try out for the garden club.

Uh-oh...coming from a Romance Sim, I know what that means...

Sea: Yup, today's the day. The yard looks great, my mom did a great job.

Ahh, so that's why Abigail helped out with the landscaping.

Sea: Aww, Abbey wants to be in the wedding too!

Still at it?

Abigail: The garden inspector is coming over later.

Sea: Hi, nice to meet you.

Matthew: Am I interrupting something?

Sea: No, no...the guests left hours ago.

So what do you think?

Matthew: These guys certainly pulled out all the stops.

Yup, the wishing well. Just as I thought.

The flu again?

Sea: I don't think so...

Rome: Hey, congratulations! That's awesome! That's just...awesome.

Sea: Dad, I think you need to lay off the bubble blower.

Um, Sea? You're buying a park?

Sea: Well, of course. I can't exactly be wishing for love in the backyard, can I? I saw what happened to Kentucky...and to Holland...

Cinnimon, do yourself a favor. Just leave.

You guys are still keeping up this garden?

Rome: Oh, my yes. You know since we made the switch over to homegrown we've never felt better!

Well, it has been all of two days...

Sea: Honey, as long as you're going for a jog, do you mind taking Abbey for a walk? 

Brian: Sure, we might even go down by that pet park...

Sea: No! No, I heard on the news that there's some kind of...bacteria in the pond there. We don't want Abbey to get sick.

Extending the "homegrown" concept to fish, now?

Rome: Yup. I hope to be completely independent from the grocery store.

What about when winter happens and the pond freezes?

Rome: Well, that's why I have to catch all I can now.

Rome: Pretty doggy....whose doggy are you?

Rome, this is your dog. I think Sea is right, you need to lay off the bubble blower.

Glad to see it's not just your parents helping with the garden.

Sea: Yeah, this is a full family job...except for Brian, of course. 

I guess being a professional athlete wears you out too much to pull weeds.

Brian: Are you sure you don't want me to stay home? The baby should be here any day now...

Sea: No, no. Go ahead to work.

Oh, wow, Brian wasn't kidding! It's baby time!

Looks like Sea didn't pass on her twin genes...

Welcome home, Brian. Congrats on the promotion.

Brian: Thanks!

By the way, you have a new baby.

Brian: What?

Looks like it's a girl. Welcome, baby Lake...

Sea: Hello? Who is this? The City Council? Why should I care about the weeds and litter in the dog park? Oh, right...I guess I do own it.

Looks like Sea's secret love nest involved more responsibility than she thought.

Wow, being a dad has been really lucky for you at work, huh?

Brian: I know.

Happy birthday dear Lake...

Looks like she's got her mom's...interesting facial features, and her dad's hair. Sea grew into her face, I guess Lake will too.

The new hairstyle helps, too.

Looks like even Abbey is getting in on the potty training...`

Have you guys thought about hiring help?

Abigail: Well, we tried, but...

Oh, I see.

Sea: Oh, for the love of...

I think this is a good time to be on my way. Bye, Warners! See you guys next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I know, I know. I haven't updated in awhile. This lot was literally in progress for 5 months. A lot of real-life changes happened in the beginning of this year, but I think things have finally settled down enough for me to pick this blog back up. (My goal is to finish this challenge by the time The Sims 4 comes out...)