Monday, September 1, 2014

Vega 4: Round 10

Last round, Venice Vega continued to chase her very bizarre lifetime want of graduating 3 children from college with the birth of her third child, Gatorade. Meanwhile, her older daughters Snapple and Aquafina grew to a teenager and child, respectively. By the end of the week, Venice was pregnant with her 4th child.

Hi, guys! Love the new outfit, Venice.

Venice: Thank you. It's much more comfortable than what I was wearing before.

What are you looking at?

Venice: Stuff. Say, I just remembered...last time you were here I kept trying to ask you about something...

...Do you remember what that was?

Venice: No, but I'm sure I'll remember...

Crimson: Why do we have two?

Venice: We have three, dear.

Crimson: No, not kids. Potties. Why are there two right next to each other?

Venice: Look, I really don't want to have two in diapers at the same time. I'm putting them everywhere.

Well, you'd better hurry up with that potty training. It's baby time!

I see purple!

Venice: It's a girl! We're naming her Sprite.


And Crimson really won the genetic war with this one.

Aquafina: Do you want to see my new baby sister?

Sears: Nah, I want to keep playing darts. Mom won't let me throw pointy stuff at home.

That's probably a good rule...

Gatorade, why aren't you playing in your own room?

Gatorade: Dance!

Great, now we have to put a stereo in the toddler's room.

So how's Aquafina taking having a roommate again?

Venice: Well, she's never really been without one.

That's true.

Man, that was fast. Happy birthday, dear Sprite...

Ok, now I can see some Holiday in there.

Looks like it's a double birthday. Happy birthday, dear Gatorade...

Not bad...

Gatorade: Thanks.

Why do you look so angry?

Aquafina: Sprite flooded the bathroom and Mom made me clean it up. I wish there were no such thing as toddlers!

Be careful what you wish for, Aquafina...

Crimson: You can do it!

Venice: Good girl, Sprite!

I guess teaching her to walk is a family project?

Venice: Well, she's most likely going to be our last one.

Happy birthday, dear Aquafina...

Hmm...the outfit's not as bad as some kids have gotten. Any thoughts on an aspiration?

Aquafina: I want a lot of friends!

Ok, popularity it is.

Aquafina: Who's this?

Aquafina, meet Dallas Levinson.

Aquafina: Isn't that gypsy lady supposed to do this?

Yes, but she seems to be really dropping the ball this round. You two just get to chatting. I think I hear your mom's carpool...

Nice job, Venice.

Venice: Thanks. Hey, I think I remembered what I wanted to ask you about...

You know, I think I should go check on the lovebirds...

Alright, we finally have another couple. 

Aquafina: So what do you want to do when you graduate?

Dallas: I don't know...stuff.

That reminds me...Aquafina, have you chosen a lifetime want yet?

Oh, thank heavens...that one's easy and it comes with an awesome career reward...

Hey, look who dropped by.

Snapple: I wanted to meet my new sister.

And just in time, too. Happy birthday, dear Sprite...

Not bad...

Sprite: Thanks, mysterious voice...

Oh,'s time for the parents' birthdays too. Happy birthday dear Venice...

...and Crimson...

And Venice gets to keep her trademark red hair.

Wish I could say the same for Crimson...

Crimson: I didn't have red hair...

You know what I mean.

Ok, before I head out of there, let's take a look at Aquafina's scholarships. Not bad. Now if you'll excuse me...

Aquafina: Did my mom ever get to ask you...

No time for that now. I'll see you at graduation and everybody else next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Well, Tranquility Bay has outlasted TS3! If you had told me back in December of 2007 that I would still be playing this challenge on the eve of The Sims 4's release, I would have told you you were nuts. Anyway, nothing too eventful on this lot. I'm really glad I remembered to go back into CAS and re-roll the genetics before Sprite was born. The other kids are cute, but it's nice to have some variety. And I've pretty much decided that I'm giving up on the gypsy for the rest of the round.