Thursday, November 24, 2011

Halpert 7: Round 9


We've reached yet another new house in Tranquility Bay. This one belongs to Strawberry Halpert and Nutmeg Levinson. Strawberry's the oldest daughter of Robin and Mango Halpert, while Nutmeg the third child of Brooklyn and Trumpet Levinson.

Hi there, Strawberry.

Strawberry: Oh, hi mysterious voice.

Enjoying the new digs?

Strawberry: Oh, the house is great.


Well, this makes sense in a bizarre way. I guess someone who grew up in a family that named all the children after spices would want to work around food.



Ok, enough with the misleading of the mysterious voice when picking your jobs, please.


Strawberry: So, I know the marriage thing probably isn't going to happen, and I'm ok with that. But we never talked about having kids...

Shouldn't that have been discussed before moving in together?

Nutmeg: Yeah, sure. One kid might be ok, I guess. I mean, we've got to leave the house to someone, right?


What are you doing?

Nutmeg: Well, if we're going to have a kid I've got to start bringing some more money in.

Yes, I'm sure the revenue from selling candies off your front lawn will more than support a child.


Good thing you had that chat with Nutmeg, huh?

Strawberry: I had a hunch...

Again? Enough with the job-hopping, Strawberry!


I guess the new job doesn't make too much difference to you right now, does it?

Strawberry: No, not really.


Nutmeg: Here, hon. Let me get that for you...

Wow, for a romance Sim Nutmeg is handling the pregnancy thing really well.


I guess all that time selling candy had another benefit, huh?

Nutmeg: Yeah.

Nutmeg: So how does this thing get us money again?

Strawberry: I'm not sure exactly. But your candy scheme gave me the idea.

Baby time!


Looks like Nutmeg's twin genes haven't kicked in yet...

It's a girl!

Strawberry: Yup! We're naming her Latte.

More food names....great...


And she is Nutmeg's child in every sense of the word...

You don't look happy about the promotion, Strawberry.

Strawberry: Oh, I'm plenty happy about that. I'm not happy about the garbage all over my front lawn.

Oh, I wouldn't be happy about that either.

Happy Birthday dear Latte...

She's still mostly Levinson...but I can see a little bit of Halpert in there.

Ok, that is adorable.

Strawberry: Isn't it? 


Ok, well it's about time I went on my way.

Strawberry: Ok. Hopefully Latte will be walking by the time you get back.

I'll be looking forward to it. See you guys next round!


A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I played this lot before the previous one; I got confused and accidentally skipped a lot. It's been awhile since I actually played it. I did make Latte's hat-it's my first hair recolor.