Sunday, October 31, 2010

Levinson 2: Round 9


Last round brought a surprise for the Levinson family when Brooklyn became pregnant unexpectedly. After giving birth to another set of twins named Rosemary and Parsely, it became a struggle to keep up with them and their older twins, Nutmeg and Ginger, who grew to teenagers at the end of the week. Oh, that's right. Trumpet ended up buying one of the dogs from the Vega house.

Looks like we get to start off the week with another birthday. Happy birthday, dear Brooklyn...

 The outfit could be better, but otherwise...not bad.

Happy birthday, dear Trumpet...


 Not bad, Trumpet. I can't believe you two are elders already, though.

 Trumpet: Having two toddlers around keeps you pretty young, though.

I would think so.

 Trumpet: How long before they start school?

Brooklyn: Not much longer. We're almost done.

That's what you said last week too.

 Happy birthday, dear Rosemary...

 ...and Parsley...

One more beautiful Levinson girl...


 Two more beautiful Levinson girls. I think you're going to need a new hairstyle, though.

That's better.

Parsley: I like it!

 Hey, look who happened to wander by! It's Alan Scott, the boy the gypsy hasn't seen fit to introduce to anybody.

 Glad to see that he's getting along with Ginger.

Alan: I think my mom will like her too. 

Which would be important if you were

Rosemary: I got an A+!

Great job! What about Parsely?

Rosemary: Nope, just me!

Hmm, I think Italy has replaced Granite as the town social butterfly.


Rosemary: Good're such a pretty doggy!

That blue fur is really nice.

Ginger: Um...Nutmeg? What are you doing?

I have to second her on that.

Nutmeg: I'm just checking myself out.

Parsely: I got an A+!

Great job! I knew you'd do it!

Just as a refresher, these two are still matter what that gypsy says.

Nutmeg: What does the gypsy have to do with anything?

Never mind.

Parsley: Hi, I'm Parsely.

Elmyra: I'm Elmyra. Wanna play tag?

Um, you might want to play something else...that you don't have to play outside in the rain.

Man, the weathermen in Tranquility Bay are just as careful about their job as they are here...


Brooklyn: Ok, one at a time...

Those two still keeping you young?

Brooklyn: Oh, yes.

Looks like these two are a done deal, too. And that means there's only one thing left to do. It's scholarship time!

Nice job, Ginger!

Equally nice job, Nutmeg!

Ok, I guess there's one more chance card before I head out. Let's sing...

Nice! And now I really have to be on my way. Nutmeg and Ginger, I'll see you at graduation. Everybody else, I'll see you next round.


 A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Nothing too eventful with these guys. I can't believe that Brooklyn and Trumpet are elders. Time is really flying around here.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beesly 8: Round 9


 Last round, Toyota Beesly was a bit out of sorts after the death of his grandparents. When holiday decorations didn't do the trick to cheer him up, the family adopted a bird named Flappy who set a new record for the fastest dying bird. Meanwhile, Dell aged from a child to a teen and Monica continued to try and find things to do during the day while working as a criminal mastermind at night.

Wow, at least you two got horrible outfits together.

Oregano: Yeah, at least there's that.
Dell: We have better stuff in storage upstairs.

 Yeah, it looks like your parent's won't be needing their adult clothes anymore. Happy birthday, dear Toyota...

...and Monica...


 Ok, I've seen worse...

Again, I've seen worse elder outfits.

 Oh, come on! Ok, that's it...we're done with the birds.

 And Dell is one step closer to achieving her lifetime want...or nine steps closer, really.

Unfortunately, Oregano's desired career of being a slacker isn't available.


 So, we have new outfits and new jobs. Next step is the wedding, right?

Oregano: That's coming tomorrow night.

Dell: My parents are having an anniversary party, so we're going to have the wedding during that. 

 Looks like you two decided to jump ahead a step though, huh?

Dell: I don't know...what you're...talking about.


Hey, we haven't seen Mumble in awhile! Welcome back, random winter friend! 

 Nice job, Toyota.

 Toyota: Thanks.

And I guess this comes from throwing the anniversary party?

Toyota: Yup. I have to go get things set up now.


 Looks like Air made it back home for the party.

Monica: You need to visit more often. It's been so long since I've seen you. 

 And it looks like Dell's aunt Lexus came by too. You know, you guys look much more similar than I thought.

Dell: Well, we are related.

 Looks like it's wedding time! And at least their formal outfits aren't as bad as their normal outfits were.

And it looks like Oregano's finally in his desired career.

 And you standing like that can only mean one thing...

Yup, just as I thought. Baby's on the way!


 You guys are such a social family. Lots of quality time happening in this house.

Toyota: Well it's not like we have anything else to do around here until the baby's born.

Well, it looks like things won't be boring for much longer!

Just one this time...


Dell: It's a girl!
Great! What's her name?

 Dell: We're calling her Toshiba.


Yup, I can see some Vega in her already. 

 So how's fatherhood treating you, Oregano?

Oregano: Oh, fine. I'm hoping that when she grows up she can help make the last few friends I need for my promotion.

Yes, truly that is the best reason to have a child.


Dell: She's probably going to be our only child. I want to make the most of the time she's a baby.

Only child? Really?

Dell: Well, neither Oregano or I are family Sims. We don't need to have a whole bunch of kids.


 You're such a good husband, Oregano.

Dell: You're a little late, dear. I'm not pregnant anymore. But it's nice just the same.

Let's blow the whistle...


One more lifetime want down! Three down, one to go.

Dell: I thought that would take longer.

Dell: Hello...oh, hi! Yeah, you should come by and see the baby. She's adorable. 

 Looks like Aunt Air came by to meet her niece.

Air: I can't wait to see what she looks like when she gets bigger.

 Well it looks like Air won't have to wait much longer. Happy birthday, dear Toshiba...

 And it looks like Toshiba got the Vega nose and chin, but the Beesly mouth and eyes. An interesting combo.

And let the teaching begin!

Oregano: How did I get this job?

So I see that Toshiba is keeping you guys occupied now. 

Dell: She's certainly the most interesting thing in this house.


 Dell: Goodnight, Toshi...

Dell: Come on, Toshiba. You can do it!
Looks like Dell got the better of the toddler-teaching assignments.

Ok, can I just ask something?

Toyota: Sure...

You're the 5th or 6th person I've seen thinking or talking about someone being adopted. Nobody in this town has adopted a child, ever. Why is this even a topic of conversation?

Toyota: I don't know....wait, how are you seeing what I'm thinking?

Ugh, never mind.

 I forgot to take a snapshot of the chance card, but it all worked out for the best, I suppose.

And I see Grandpa's in charge of teaching her to talk.

Toyota: I had to fight it out with Monica over that.

Toshiba: Chair!

Toyota: Good job, Toshi!


Man, this kid is so spoiled...but I guess such is the life of an only child. Anyway, it's time for me to make my exit now. I'll see everybody next round! 

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Nothing too eventful. I did end up focusing on Toshiba for the later half of the week, because with 3 out of the 4 adults with lifetime wants accomplished the rest of the family was so boring. Toshiba is going to be an only child, though. They have an heiress-there's no need to have another kid. There's going to be a lot of only children popping up now, just as a warning. This town needs some population control.