Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mendoza 1: Round 9


 Last round, the Mendoza family was hit hard by the onset of the "roach flu". Middle twins Fiyero and Sarima grew to teens and left for college, while the youngest twins Melena and Boq grew from toddlers to children. The family also welcomed a cat named Fini.

 Melena: Sorry, Fini! I forgot to fill your bowl.

 Don't feel too bad, Melena. Fini's a pretty easy-going cat, unlike some other cats in this town.

Wait a can't be time for this already...

I guess it is. Happy birthday, dear Joey and Trinity...

 Unbelievable. You can't be an elder already.

 And I never thought I'd see you as an elder ever...

Trinity: Why not?
Um...never mind.


Hey, you guys remodeled!

Joey: Yeah, with the kids almost grown up now we didn't need the nursery on the first floor anymore. So we converted it into a game room.
Trinity: Until we've got grandkids around, that is.

You guys are lucky, though. I think you'll have more than enough space.

 I guess they weren't kidding about the kids being almost grown up. Happy birthday, dear Melena...

 And Boq...


Wow, you look exactly like your sisters...any thoughts on an aspiration? 

 Melena: I want to be rich!

Oh, a fortune Sim! We don't have too many of those.

And Boq looks so much like his father that I've accidentally labled him as Joey...sorry about that.

Boq: That's ok.

Any thoughts about an aspiration for you?

Boq: I want a lot of friends.

Ok, I'll take it. It's still better than romance.

 And Melena has the same lifetime want as her father did. How cute.

 This is significantly less cute, though. Really, Boq? Really?

Spending your snow day making toys?

Melena: It's a quick way to earn some money by selling them off.

I see.

I thought you were selling all of them off.

Melena: This one is kind of cute.


 Why do I always mislabel these guys? Sorry, Boq.

Boq: That's ok. 

Let's see how the gypsy does...

 Ok, he really looks like his's not my fault...

 At least the gypsy did something right for once. Angela could work out well...


 Now let's see how Melena does...

Wow, the gypsy's two for two! I'm impressed.

Um...let's make them legal.


Another remodel?

Boq: Yup. We split the workroom in half and made a bar. 

Which is so appropriate for you to be using as a teenager...


 Nice going, Trinity!

Trinity: Thanks. Say, are there any of those drinks left?

Um, I think so...

 Melena: So Mom and Dad's anniversary is coming up...

You two planning the party?

Boq: Well, Mom's in charge of doing the invitations, but we're handling everything else. Say, I bet my drinks will be a big hit!

That's it, I'm locking that door...


 Trinity: Yup, we're having a lunch party. Come on over about 11. Well, I work at night now, so we have to do it early.

 And with that, Trinity has achieved her lifetime want of reaching her golden anniversary!

So can I assume that the guest list pretty much includes the other 4 kids?

Trinity: Yup.


 Glinda: So how are things over at your house?

Sarima: Oh, fine. Penny's almost old enough to start school.

Trinity: I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday you were starting school.

For you and me both, Trinity.

Oh, good. The cat's still here. I was beginning to get worried.

Melena: Fini, how did you get in here? 

Maybe she's obsessed with the bar too...

 Wow, it's been a good week for you, Trinity.

 Trinity: I know.

Huh? Didn't you get your lifetime want already?

Joey: Yup. My first one was becoming The Law. But my second one was earning $100,000...and I just did that.

Wow, I think you're the first one to get two Lifetime Wants.


 Melena: Um, what are you doing exactly?

Boq: Being a pirate. 

Melena: Well, that's great but could you be a pirate in you own bathroom?

Looks like Boq and Angela are a done deal! 

Oh, come on...

 You guys didn't have an alarm, did you?

Melena: No! He took our TV.

Don't worry, your dad hit $100,000 this week. You can afford another one.

Trinity: One more level to go!

Great! I guess with the golden anniversary off your mind you can really focus now, huh?

Boq: Hey there, what's your name?

That's right, make friends with all the strays you can, Boq. Because I can tell you right now, you're not owning 20 animals to be best friends with.

Um...where are you going?

Melena: On a date.

What? Like, somewhere other than your yard? Can that happen?

Melena: Yeah, we're going to the roller rink.

Oh, right...the roller rink that nobody in this town has ever been to.


 And it looks like roller skating together did the trick!

And now it's almost time for me to be on my way, but before I go let's do the scholarships for Boq and Melena. Looks like Melena did a good job...

 ...Except for breaking the computer and making me buy a new one. Boq did a pretty good job as well. I'll see both of you at graduation and everybody else next round!


 A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I know, I know. Last round I kept calling Melena Sarima, this round I keep calling Boq Joey. But these guys really do look alike, and the fact that Boq and Joey had the same hairstyle didn't help. And also, I learned this round why I never put a bar in my Sims' houses. I literally had to lock them out of the room in the middle of the week-it got that bad.


Anonymous said...

I am COMPLETELY in LOVE with Boq and those baby blues! :D

Paige said...

They never stop with the bar! Haha.