Friday, October 22, 2010

Beesly 7: Round 9


 Last round, battle lines were drawn in the Beesly household as Taurus and Capricorn forced Virgo to choose a side-either along gender lines or with his own twin, Gemini. This rivalry continued even after Capricorn and Taurus became teenagers. When Taurus chose the lifetime want of having 20 pet best friends, the family adopted a dog named Rusty to give him an early start. At the end of the week, Gemini and Virgo grew into teens as well.

So how are things going here?

Gemini: It could be better. 


Virgo: Don't you remember our fight?

Fight? What fight?

Virgo: Gemini and I got into a fight. I won.

When was this? When were you two even on the same lot?

 I guess I'll have to figure out that mystery later. We've got a birthday to attend to. Happy birthday, dear Rachel...

And another generation two Sim reaches elderhood...glad to see you're still wearing blue.

Rachel: Is it really still important? I haven't lived with my sister in years. Plus, we're not even identical.

Not really, but it just helps remind me of your childhood.


 And I guess Gaston decided to grow up wearing his swimsuit...

 Such an attractive sight, that.

Gaston: Oh, you're just jealous of my awesome new swim trunks.

Yeah...that's it.


 Let's revert to fewer companies...


 And we've got two teenagers in the house, so that can only mean one thing. Bring back the gypsy!

 Wow, the gypsy actually made a good choice. Virgo and Violin will work well together.

 Let's see if Gemini has as good luck...

Ugh, not you again.

Elmer: Gee, thanks.

I told you on the last lot-you're not getting in until at least next round.

Elmer: Can I at least stay and make friends with her?

I guess so.

Looks like Gemini knows how to spend her snow day...

 Well, that's certainly one way to warm her up, now isn't it? Looks like these two are a done deal.

I'm going with no...


 Wow, these guys have really been raking it in this week.

You're still here?

Elmer: You said I could stay!

Yes, for the duration of the one date, not for 3 days.

Elmer: But I'm from really far away. I have to stay for 3 days.

...Say, what aspiration are you again?
Elmer: Romance.

Hmm, just like Gemini. You know, you two do seem to be hitting it off...

 Ok, you cleaned up alright. I guess you can go with her to college.

Elmer: Wow, thanks.

Yeah, well, if she has to be a romance Sim it's better that her partner be one too, I guess.

Yup, looks like these two are a done deal as well...or, as done as Romance sims ever are.

Rachel: I just don't understand what happened between you and your sister. You two used to be best friends.

Trust me, Rachel, I'm just as confused about that one as you are.

Virgo: I'm not really that mad at her anymore, Mom. It was just a one time thing.


 You're...bringing him a fountain? You know, you could have just kept're moving in together after college. Well, I guess it will help Gemini get into the garden club later.

Glad to see somebody's remembering to bathe the dog.

Rachel: The smell was getting unbearable. 

I think Elmer now takes the prize for the most useless date gift. And by the way, I love that they use the full title of the object. They can't just say "I left you this statue".

 Um...what are you two doing?

Rachel: Playing in the puddles.

Not going to ask...

Ordinarily I would scold Rusty for growling at the neighbors, but when your neighbor is dressed like that, wouldn't you want your dog to growl?

 Ok, I guess it's scholarship time. Looks like Gemini did pretty well. Hey, I just realized I never checked your lifetime want.

Gemini: Oh, I want to have 20 loves at once.

Of course you do...
 What about you, Virgo?

Virgo: I want to have 20 pet best friends.

Man, I just can't win in this house.

Glad to see you two are back to being friends, though. Ok, now it's time for me to make my exit. I'll see both of you at graduation, and everybody else next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: So yeah, apparently Virgo and Gemini got into a fight on some other lot. I don't remember seeing it happen, and their relationship was a perfect 100/100 when I left them last so I'm not sure what got them to the point where they even could attack each other. All I know is that they got into a fight, and Virgo won. Once the furious state wore off they made up pretty quickly, though.


ciyrose said...

Wow....2 rough LTW for the twins here. I'm still working on the 20 Pet Best Friends...I HATE that LTW. At this moment I think it's my least favorite, but there are others I don't like just about as much.