Monday, October 11, 2010

Warner 2: Round 9


Last round, Rome and Abigail both grew to elders. Stream joined her brother Ocean in the teenage years, and twins Bay and Sea grew to children. Abigail continued to research her family's disappearance.

Ok, Rome, if this is going to work you are going to have to put on clothes.

Rome: These are my work clothes!

Yes, but it's currently Friday morning and you don't work until Wednesday.


Sea: Mommy, can you read me a story?

Abigail: Sure, honey.

How's the studying going?

Bay: Ok, I guess.


What story are you reading?

Sea: It's about a llama.

Why am I not surprised.

Looks like Italy's becoming very popular...could we have a new social butterfly on our hands?

Happy birthday, dear Bay...

Well, a hair and outfit change is in order but otherwise very nice...


Happy birthday, dear Sea...

Oh, I guess we have to choose Bay's aspiration first. What'll it be, Bay?

Bay: I want a life of pleasure!

Ok, I can live with that.

And I'm glad to see that Sea's hair remained intact. What about your aspiration, Sea?

Sea: I want a life of romance.

(Sigh) Ok, fine. But I hope you realize that you're getting married no matter what.


At least Bay's lifetime want is easy enough.

And having 20 lovers at once is...somewhat easier than WooHoo-ing 20 Sims. I see a lot of gardening in Sea's future...

Ok, we've got two teenagers in the house. Let the dating begin!

Bay: Oh, boy. I wonder who I'm going to get!

Ugh, not you again!

Elmer: Gee, thanks.

I didn't mean it like that...but I already let in one pesky vacation local this round. You'll have to wait for round 10.

Maybe Sea will fare better...

(slaps forehead) Gypsy, he's already matched up with Strawberry Halpert. Their names are both associated with food-can't you remember that?

Gypsy: They're not married-he's still up for grabs.

Of course they're not married. They're still in high school.


Sea: But what did she mean when she said I'd have to get married no matter what?

Abigail: Because my lifetime want is to marry off 6 children. And you are my 6th child.

Technically, she's your 5th child...

Abigail: You know what I mean. And I'm too old to have any more.

No pressure there, Sea.

Ok, with that in mind, let's try this dating thing again.


Brian Beesly. Ok, now this is what I'm talking about.

Sea: Wait, you actually like one of my dates?

Shocking, I know. But I actually approve of this relationship.

Ok, now let's try Bay again...


Bay: I thought you wanted guys coming in from...wherever it is they come from.

Yes, but Ricky here is a romance Sim. And we've already got enough of those around here, thank you very much.


Looks like Brian and Sea are a good match, though. One twin down!

Dude, you're going to be moving in with her at the end of the round. Just keep the hot tub.

Ok, gypsy. I'm only doing this one more time...

Brendon Lancaster...this has possibilities.

Glad to see they're getting along.

Yup, we have two matched-up twins! And it only cost the family...let's see, 3 dates for Bay, 2 for Sea at $5,000 a pop...$25,000! Good thing Rome got that huge bonus for becoming an ecological guru.

Bay: Dad, when Brendon and I move back in please promise me you won't wear outfit around anymore.

Rome: What? He'll be part of the family then.

Congratulations, Abigail. I didn't realize you weren't at the top level yet.

Abigail: Well, with the girls almost grown up now I finally had time to get those last few skill points.

Abigail: Oh, hi Destiny. How are things over there? No, what did Holland do? He what? How's Elmyra? That's  terrible, I can't believe that. tell the truth I haven't exactly looked into it anymore. I still can't get past that blocker on the website.  I don't know what else I can do, I'm not a computer hacker.


Yes, because going Downtown with your friend's mother is the definition of a good time. Never mind the fact that this place doesn't even have a downtown.

Um...let's vaporize.

Well, that more than covers the $25,000 spent on the dates...


Bay: Hey mom, do you realize that you never taught either of us to study?

Abigail: I didn't? We'd better do that soon, then, huh?

No time like the kid's second-to-last day of high school to help them with their homework...

And with that it's time for me to make my exit, but first...the scholarship rundown! Looks like Bay did a respectable job...

As did Sea! I'll see both of you girls at graduation, and everybody else next round!


A Message From the Mysterious Voice: This lot wasn't really that thrilling. Once the girls were matched up with boyfriends, there wasn't a whole lot more to do. I'm excited to have another Lancaster coming into the story, though. 


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I couldn't stop laughing at the first picture of Rome. He;s definetly one of these guys that I have soft spot for, along with Harmonica, Jasmine, Allegra, and Pao.