Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beesly 6: Round 9


Last round, Sparrow and Mexico struggled to find buyers for their now adult puppies, Summer, Spring, and Winter. Winter went home with June's sister May, but the family didn't find any takers for Summer or Spring. Meanwhile, little Canary grew from a toddler to a child.

Hi, Canary.

Canary: Hi, mysterious voice.

How goes the doggy sale?

Canary: Nobody seems to want to buy Spring or Summer.

I know, this is a very cat-heavy town.

Mexico: Hey, Pao. How's Winter doing?

Pao: Oh, just fine.

Mexico: Would you guys like to take...

Pao: No, no. One dog is enough for us.

Mexico: Say, would you like to take one of our dogs?

Angelica: Sure, why not? It should keep those kids occupied...

I hope she's a better pet owner than parent.

Well, that's one less dog around here...

Happy Birthday, dear Canary...

Very nice. Any thoughts on an aspiration?

Canary: I want to know everything!!!

Ok, knowledge it is!

So you're one dog down, huh?

Mexico: Yeah, but it doesn't seem to help the smell around here.

Any takers for Summer?

Mexico: No, we decided not to give Summer up. Damion is her master now, and she can't have more than one. Plus, Izzi's going to get old eventually and we have to keep this puppy factory going if Sparrow's ever going to get her lifetime want.

Uh-oh, doggy woo-hoo! That can only mean one thing...

I guess the dogs aren't the only ones making a love connection.

Amy: I forsee you two will be perfect for each other...


Conner: Hi, I'm Conner...

Ugh, not you again. Look, you really want to be in the story, don't you?

Conner: How could you tell?

Because you've been the first date of at least 10 teenage girls...Ok, tell you what. Get in the kitchen, Canary will give you a makeover.

Conner: Really?

Hmm, I guess with a better hairstyle he is kind of cute.

Canary: Can I ask why the vanity is in the kitchen?

Because the rest of the house is taken up with the dogs and karaoke machines.

Aww, Canary has the same lifetime want as her dad.

These dogs are so friendly! They swarm the poor mailman every morning.

Jacob: Hey! What do you think you're doing, spying on me?

Canary: What do you think you're doing barging into my bathroom?

Both good questions.

Two more!

One boy and one girl! Meet Sizzle and Nuzzle. Bonus points to anyone who knows where those names came from...


Again, I don't understand why they are making the dog make this choice...let's take the job.



Let's capture...

Much better.

Izzi is such a good mama dog...

Sparrow: Just don't look...just don't look...

Glad to see the elders are still alive, though. This is the first we've seen of them this round.


Glad to see you take a break from the studying, but it's time to see how you did with your scholarships.

Not bad at all. So are you and Conner an item now?

Canary: Yup. I called him over today to seal the deal but he hasn't shown up yet.

Well, that's because he lives far away-it takes him a day to come over. But that's ok, you'll see each other at college. Everybody else, I'll see you next round!

 A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I know, pretty uneventful. I figured since I need more outside boys this round it may be a good chance to get Conner out of the dating pool, since the gypsy seems to think he's the perfect match for almost every girl. Their lifetime relationship is over 50, but they haven't interacted with each other to get the "best friends" memory. Conner being from a vacation destination didn't help matters. And also, I hate the raise 20 puppies or kittens lifetime want.


Anonymous said...

The pet names are from that old kid's show "The Puzzle Place." My sister used to walk around with the nose of a stuffed Nuzzle in her mouth.

So where's my prize?