Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rosada 2: Round 10

Last round, Ariana and Mountain Rosada began to grow concerned after their daughter Venus grew from a toddler to a child. The smart milk they gave her as a toddler never seemed to wear off, and before long she was surpassing her parents in several skills. Luckily, Ariana's progress in the education career gave her a career reward bookshelf to keep Venus occupied. Meanwhile, Mountain reached the top level of the athletic career.

Hi, Venus!

Venus: Hello, mysterious voice.

Where'd you get the punching bag?

Venus: It's from Dad's job. He said I could practice on it since I've already mastered chess. 

Ariana: Do we really want her learning out to punch things?

Mountain: I just don't know what else to do. She's running out of things that keep her attention.

Ariana: I know. It's wonderful that she's so smart, but she's also so young. I'm worried that she's going to get herself into something she's not ready for yet.

You maxed another skill?

Venus: It's quite easy with Mom's bookshelf.

You hadn't gotten an A+ yet?

Venus: Yes, it surprised me too. 

Congrats, Ariana.

Ariana: Thanks. But I'm actually more excited that Ariana brought home a friend today. It's not often that other kids come home with her.

Cyan: So wait, how do I play this again?

Venus: It's quite simple, really...

I can't imagine why Venus has a hard time making friends.

Um, let's make a speech...


Sorry about that, Mountain.

Mountain: No big deal. There's another opening just a few levels below.

Ah, so there is. Man, Sim employers are really forgiving to re-hire someone they just fired.

Happy birthday, dear Venus...

Hmm...interesting outfit.

Venus: I like it. Blue is an analogous color to my skin tone, so it sets if off nicely.

Uh-huh...have you chosen an aspiration yet?

Venus: I believe I'll be most successful with the knowledge aspiration.

Why did I even feel the need to ask?

So, Venus...I can't help but notice that you've already almost maxed out your skills. What are you going to do with your time now?

Venus: Oh, I've got some ideas.

Well, hopefully one of those ideas is dating...

Venus, meet Obsidian.

Venus: Yes, I've met him at school.

Obsidian: Aren't you the girl that corrected the teacher in math class yesterday?

Again, I could have guessed that.

Well, it looks like these two are getting along.

Let's do pro-control...

Man, these guys aren't having a good work week.

Ariana, what are you doing?

Ariana: I was trying to dig something up to make some extra money and I hit a water line...

Venus: I beat you again, Dad.

Mountain: Yeah, you did. 

Back at the top, huh Mountain?

Mountain: Yup. Told you it wouldn't take long.

And Ariana earned her position back as well.

What are you up to now?

Venus: Researching alternate demensions. 

Typical teenage pastime, I'm sure. Finding anything?

Venus: Actually, yes. I've discovered several theories of dimensions existing alongside our own. Some of them are quite fascinating. One even suggests a way we could contact them, but none of the experiments have worked. Maybe if I study it closely I can find their mistake...

Ok, well, good luck with that. I'm going to go check on your parents.

Making flower arrangements?

Ariana: Just a hobby I've taken up. 

Mountain, any reason you're reading in your daughter's room?

Mountain: I'm just checking out these books she brought home. Something about dimensional planes.

Does it make any sense to you?

Mountain: None whatsoever. Maybe it's all some kind of teenage code for something.

Venus: I got it!

Congratulations, Venus!

Venus: Huh? Oh, thank you but that wasn't what I was referring to. I meant that I figured out the error in the dimensional study. If my calculations are correct, I can execute an experiment and contact a parallel dimension to our own.

Um, do I need to be involved in this?

Venus: Hmm...perhaps it would be a good idea. After all, the inhabitants might react better to you than to us directly. But it will take a few days for me to execute the experiment.

Ok, just keep me posted. (Man, Obsidian's going to have his work cut out for him here...)

Whoa, what's going on out here?

Oh, a wolf fight.

Venus: It's don't appear to be too badly injured. Do you want to come inside?

Venus, you're not adopting a wolf. Besides, weren't you supposed to be linking dimensions?

Venus: Oh, yes. That should be just about ready. Would you like to try contacting them now?

Tell you what, how about you go hop on the scholarship site for college first. Then we'll try. 

Venus: Alright.


Venus: Yes, the extra funds should come in handy. Now, should we try linking the portal?

What portal? I still don't understand exactly what you're doing.

Venus: Just watch the screen...see? Right there. This is quite amazing. I simply have to send the directions to other people in town so they can see it too.

Ah...I see. So I'll be able to get to this portal from other houses?

Venus: Yes.

Well, I guess I could pop by there before I head over to the next lot. I'll see you at graduation.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Well, TS4 is out for Macs, and for me at least it's running wonderfully. Which means it's time to branch out and start up a Sims 4 prosperity challenge. Don't worry, though. I still plan to keep playing Tranquility Bay as well. As for this lot, it was pretty uneventful. While a child genius makes for a pretty good storyline, it makes for pretty uninteresting gameplay.