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Martin 3: Round 10

Note: For some unknown reason, the first few pictures from this lot got lost in computer limbo. I must have dragged them into the wrong place after taking them in Skitch, but I can't for the life of me figure out where I dragged them to. (This is what I get for taking 6+ months to play a lot.) We now join the Martin family already in progress...

Last round, Ash and Harmonica moved in together after completing college. Soon, Harmonica was pregnant with the couple's first child, Sloth. By the end of the week, she was also pregnant with one more. 

Hi, Harmonica!

Harmonica: Oh, there you are!

I know, I know...hey, weren't you pregnant when I saw you last?

Harmonica: As a matter of fact, I was...don't you remember me having Loris?


Harmonica: Yes, our daughter!

Oh,'s cute. Sorry I didn't get a picture of the birth.

How's the new big brother doing?

Ash: He's doing ok. Say, where have you been, anyway?

Um...I've been on important mysterious voice business.

Ash: Mysterious voice business, huh?


Ash: You know...I got a pen pal the other day.

...You did?

Ash: Yeah...apparently some people in other places have mysterious voices too. Ones that move from house to house and provide annoying narration while contributing nothing...

Well I wouldn't say I contribute nothing...

Ash: So it is you! You're cheating on us!

No, it's not like that, I promise. Mysterious neighborhood narrators have multiple towns all the time...say, who's this pen pal of yours, anyway?

Ash: Eh, seems like a young kid. Named after some kind of fish...go figure. He's still hung up on the fact that my skin is orange-it's like they've never seen orange skin before.

So speaking of odd skin green babies yet, huh?

Harmonica: No, but I'm actually ok with that. I don't want them to get made fun of like me...

Hmm...this seems familiar...

Harmonica: What?

Nothing, nothing...wait...what's that noise?

Oh, my...I must have missed the birthday pop-up. Sorry, Sloth-I seem to be missing everything this week.

Let's do this quick before I miss this one too.  Happy birthday, dear Loris...

And she seems to have gotten the Lancaster half of the DNA...

Harmonica: Sorry we didn't have a cake for you, Sloth...

Sloth: It's ok, Mommy.

Sloth: No,'re not supposed to eat them...

Aww...Sloth is such a good big brother.

Ash: Come on, can do it!

Sloth: Nice kitty...where did you come from? Do you think Mom will let me keep it?

Well, there's only one way to find out...

Nice job, Harmonica.

Harmonica: Thanks...

Sloth: Mom! Mom!

Sloth: Mom, can we get a cat?

Harmonica: Huh?

Sloth: There was this kitty in the yard when I got off the bus today. Can we keep it?

Harmonica: Um...ask your father.

Sloth: Dad, can I keep the kitty?

Ash: Well, maybe we can get a pet after Loris gets a little older. Toddlers and animals can be a tricky mix.

Harmonica: Can you believe Loris is almost ready for school?

I know, time's going by so fast.

Ash: Well, maybe it wouldn't be going by so fast for you if you popped by once in awhile.

You guys aren't going to let this go, are you?

Harmonica: Nope.

Oh, man...let's go with airports...

Phew! I've gotten too used to chance cards having little to no effect...

Um, nanny? What are you doing?

Nanny: Cleaning up. This place is a mess.

That would be the maid's job. Your job is to pick up the sleeping toddler.

Not a moment too soon...I don't know how much longer she would have survived with that nanny. Happy birthday, dear Loris...

Well, you're growing into your features nicely.

Loris: Um...thanks?

And now sadly it's time for me to be on my way. I'll see you guys next round...

 A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Yes, after a much too long hiatus we finally have another post in Tranquility Bay. I figured now that I'm almost to round 10 in Tranquility Creek I should come back and show these guys a little love. And I know I didn't end up doing a holiday post for this year, but honestly not much has changed since last year to show off in a group picture. I did want to post on New Years Eve, though, as I always consider New Year's to be the unofficial anniversary of this blog. 8 years and counting!

Saturday, August 8, 2015


The Backstory
Long, long ago in a neighborhood far, far away, a disembodied mysterious voice set out to create a truly prosperous town. That town was Tranquility Acres, and the mysterious voice was able to help it grow from six houses to a full fledged suburban paradise. Then, just as the town was reaching its peak, it was attacked in the night by a monster known only as the File Limit. The mysterious voice tried to pick up the pieces, but it was no use. Tranquility Acres was gone.

Though greatly saddened by the loss of her town, the mysterious voice decided the best thing to do was to move on. So, she packed up her mysterious voice notebook and left the scene, turning her attention to an empty area just to the east. In honor of the town she lost, she named her new city "Tranquility Bay".

To both preserve the memory of her old town and to make her life easier, the mysterious voice simply picked up the now vacant houses (because all disembodied voices have the ability to do that) and moved them to the new town. She gutted the houses to make them affordable to a new group of six families, who moved in and started to populate the new town.

If you need some help keeping track of the family ties in Tranquility Bay, or if you want to see the family lines before you start reading, check out the Tranquility Bay Family Tree

Want to know where I got a hairstyle or outfit? Check out the Custom Content Link Page!

Round One:
Scott 1: Townies Are People Too
Beesly 1: Little Girls
Halpert 1: Independent Women
Schrute 1: You're Never Too Old...
Levinson 1: You Just Remind Me Of Someone...
Martin 1: Following in Whose Footsteps?
Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 1
Beesly 2: Generation 2 Arrives
Caligula 1: Have A Holly-Jolly Wedding
Round 1 Scorecard

Round Two
Scott 1: Unexpected Twists
Beesly 1: I Hate This Week!
Halpert 1: Fruity
Schrute 1: A Wild Ride
Levinson 1: That's It?
Martin 1:
Never Thought That Would Happen
Beesly 2: Calender Girls
Caligula 1: Feeling Strange
Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 2
Beesly 3: Excuses
Round 2 Scorecard

Round 3
Scott 1: Boy, What a Week
Beesly 1: It's About Time
Halpert 1: Just One More
Schrute 1: James Buys the Farm
Levinson 1: Something Special
Martin 1: Didn't This Happen Already?
Beesly 2: Is Three Enough?
Caligula 1: I Can Date A Rainbow...
Beesly 3: Who Are These People?
Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 3
Beesly 4: Money Troubles
Vega 1: Train Wreck?
und 3 Scorecard + Naming Themes

Round 4
Scott 1: Cutting Our Losses
Beesly 1: Chaos With a Capital "C"
Halpert 1: Don't Push Your Luck
Schrute 1: Finally!

Levinson 1: Little Manhattan

Martin 1: The Elder Years Are Getting To You... 
Beesly 2: Hi, Kitty...
Caligula 1: They're Growing Up So Fast
Beesly 3: One of These Names is Not Like The Others
Beesly 4: Things Are Looking Up
Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 4
Vega 1: Maybe This Can Work
Halpert 2: I Like the Way You Think
Halpert 3: That Makes Sense
Warner 1: How Can You Not Remember?
Beesly 5: You Clean Up Nice
Beesly 6: Little Birdies
Warner 2: Bad Fashion Runs in the Family
Round 4 Scorecard

Round 5
Scott 1: Smokey's Strange Habits 
Beesly 1: Micheal And Madison + 5 
Halpert 1: Sibling Rivelry 
Schrute 1: Little Princess 
Levinson 1: How Did You Get Here 
Martin 1: A-Camping We Will Go
Beesly 2: Happy Anniversary 
Caligula 1: I'm Batting 1,000 This Week 
Beesly 3: The Universal Answer 
Beesly 4: Just Can't Catch A Break 
Vega 1: Round 5 
Halpert 2: Round 5 
Halpert 3: Round 5 
Warner 1: Round 5 
Beesly 5: Round 5 
Beesly 6: Round 5 
Warner 2: Round 5
Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 5
Mendoza 1: Round 5
Beesly 7: Round 5
Beesly 8: Round 5
Levinson 2: Round 5
Vega 2: Round 5
Round 5 Scorecard

Round 6 
Scott 1: Round 6 
Beesly 1: Round 6
Halpert 1: Round 6 
Schrute 1: Round 6 
Levinson 1: Round 6

Martin 1: Round 6 

Beesly 2: Round 6 
Caligula 1: Round 6 
Beesly 3: Round 6 
Beesly 4: Round 6 
Vega 1: Round 6
Halpert 2: Round 6 
Halpert 3: Round 6 
Warner 1: Round 6 
Beesly 5: Round 6 
Beesly 6: Round 6 
Warner 2: Round 6 
Mendoza 1: Round 6 
Beesly 7: Round 6 
Beesly 8: Round 6 
Levinson 2: Round 6 
 Vega 2: Round 6 
Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 6 
Martin 2: Round 6 
Levinson 3: Round 6 
Halpert 4: Round 6 
Halpert 5: Round 6 
Beesly 9: Round 6 
Warner 3: Round 6 
Warner 4: Round 6 
Round 6 Scorecard 

Round 7
Scott 1: Round 7 
Beesly 1: Round 7 
Halpert 1: Round 7 
Schrute 1: Round 7 
Levinson 1: Round 7 
Martin 1: Round 7 
Beesly 2: Round 7 
Caligula 1: Round 7 
Beesly 3: Round 7 
Beesly 4: Round 7 
Vega 1: Round 7 
Halpert 2: Round 7 
Halpert 3: Round 7 
Warner 1: Round 7 
Beesly 5: Round 7 
Tranquility Bay Holiday Special 
Beesly 6: Round 7 
Warner 2: Round 7 
Mendoza 1: Round 7 
Beesly 7: Round 7 
Beesly 8: Round 7
 Levinson 2: Round 7
Halpert 4: Round 7
Halpert 5: Round 7 
Beesly 9: Round 7 
Warner 3: Round 7 
Warner 4: Round 7 
Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 7 
Vega 3: Round 7 
Beesly 10: Round 7 
Beesly 11: Round 7 
Vega 4: Round 7 
Mendoza 2: Round 7 
Round 7 Scorecard 

Round 8
Scott 1: Round 8 
Beesly 1: Round 8 
Halpert 1: Round 8 
Schrute 1: Round 8 
Levinson 1: Round 8 
Martin 1: Round 8 
Beesly 2: Round 8 
Caligula 1: Round 8 
Beesly 3: Round 8 
Beesly 4: Round 8 
Halpert 2: Round 8 
Halpert 3: Round 8 
Warner 1: Round 8 
Beesly 5: Round 8 
Beesly 6: Round 8 
Warner 2: Round 8 
Mendoza 1: Round 8 
Beesly 7: Round 8 
Beesly 8: Round 8 
Holiday Special 2009 
Levinson 2: Round 8 
Vega 2: Round 8 
Martin 2: Round 8 
Levinson 3: Round 8 
Halpert 4: Round 8 
Halpert 5: Round 8
Beesly 9: Round 8 

Warner 3: Round 8 
Warner 4: Round 8 
Vega 3: Round 8 
Beesly 10: Round 8 
Vega 4: Round 8 
Beesly 11: Round 8 
Mendoza 2: Round 8 
Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 8 
Scott 2: Round 8 
Warner 5: Round 8 
Mendoza 3: Round 8 
Rosada 1: Round 8 
Rosada 2: Round 8 
Round 8 Scorecard 

Round 9
Scott 1: Round 9 
Beesly 1: Round 9 
Halpert 1: Round 9 
Schrute 1: Round 9 
Levinson 1: Round 9 
Martin 1: Round 9 
Beesly 2: Round 9 
Caligula 1: Round 9 
Beesly 3: Round 9 
Beesly 4: Round 9 
Vega 1: Round 9 
Halpert 2: Round 9 
Halpert 3: Round 9 
Warner 1: Round 9 
Beesly 5: Round 9 
Beesly 6: Round 9 
Warner 2: Round 9 
Mendoza 1: Round 9 
Beesly 7: Round 9 
Beesly 8: Round 9 
Levinson 2: Round 9 
Vega 2: Round 9 
Martin 2: Round 9 
Levinson 3: Round 9 
Halpert 4: Round 9 
Halpert 5: Round 9 
Holiday Special 2010 
Beesly 9: Round 9 
Warner 3: Round 9 
Warner 4: Round 9 
Vega 3: Round 9 
Beesly 10: Round 9 
Vega 4: Round 9 
Beesly 11: Round 9 
Mendoza 2: Round 9 
Scott 2: Round 9 
Warner 5: Round 9 
Mendoza 3: Round 9 
Halpert 6: Round 9 
Tranquility Bay FAQ's 
Rosada 1: Round 9
Rosada 2: Why Is She Glowing?
Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 9
Levinson 4: It Costs How Much?
Schrute 2: Don't Bother the Elderly
Halpert 7: Enough With the Job Hopping!
Tranquility Bay Holiday Greeting 2011
Beesly 12: That Theory's Not Panning Out
Martin 3: What Did I Tell You?
Martin 4: Stop Attacking the Precipitation
Beesly 13: Stealing is Never the Right Answer
Vega 5: Agua-Something?
Warner 6: What's the Rush? 
Beesly 14: What's More Stable than Show Business?
Warner 7: You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!
Beesly 15: Finally!
Mendoza 4: Multi-Tasking?
Mendoza 5: One Big Promotion Fest
Round 9 Scorecard

Round 10
Scott 1: The Toddler Ate My Homework
Beesly 1: Who Invited You?
Halpert 1: The Feline Soap Opera Continues...
Schrute 1: Your Insurance Covered That?
Levinson 1: Stupid Robot...
Martin 1: A Bit Confused
Beesly 2: I'm Mislabeling Everybody This Week
Caligula 1: I'm Not That Old!
Beesly 3: Ghosts in the Daytime?
Beesly 4: Aren't You Psychic?
Vega 1: Unpredictable Animals
Tranquility Bay Holiday Special 2012
Halpert 2: Who Better Than Captain Hero?
Halpert 3: Flu Season
Warner 1: Denial Much?
Beesly 5: Will Someone Please Wash the Dog?
Beesly 6: Criminals on the Nice List?
Warner 2: Lay Off The Bubble Blower!
Mendoza 1: The Twin Tradition Continues
Beesly 7: Missing the Mountains
Beesly 8: Who Planned This, Anyway?
Levinson 2: I Think You're Missing the Point
Vega 2: An Overreaction?
Martin 2: Odd One Out
Levinson 3: Stupid Chance Card
Halpert 4: I Was Talking to the Dog
Halpert 5: Welcome to the Child Farm
Beesly 9: Weird, But Good Weird
Warner 3: Birthdays All Around
Warner 4: When Is That Not Right?
Vega 3: Emergency Intervention
Beesly 10: I Vote for the Womrat
Vega 4: Isn't That the Gypsy's Job?
Beesly 11: Glad that You Approve
Mendoza 2: Let the Babies Sleep!
Scott 2: Please No Singing!
Holiday Special 2014
Warner 5: Surprise!
Mendoza 3: One Big Family
Rosada 1: Can't Win Them All
Halpert 6: Risky WooHoo Strikes Again...
Rosada 2: How Smart is Too Smart?
Levinson 4: Let's Get You An Easel...
Schrute 2: Shouldn't You Go Inside for That?
Halpert 7: Are You Sure You Should Be a Chef?
Beesly 12: Isn't It a Bit Early For That?
Martin 3: It's Not Like That!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Beesly 12: Round 10

Last round, Mindy Beesly and Drum Martin moved in together after finishing college. Although their shared Romance aspiration discouraged them from marrying, it didn't prevent Mindy from becoming pregnant with the couple's first child, Sleet.

Hi there, Drum!

Drum: Oh...hi mysterious voice. I almost forgot about you.

Yeah, I know. I know.

Drum: Where have you been?

Um...shouldn't you be focusing on your workout? Or your son?

Drum: Oh, it's ok. The nanny's here-Sleet's upstairs with her.

Ok, I see Sleet...where's the nanny?

Yeah, taking a bath in your employer's house is totally appropriate...

Nanny: What? The kid threw up on me.

Oh, good. Mindy's home.

Mindy: Where's your babysitter?

Sleet: Bath!

Mindy: She gave you a bath?

Um...sure, let's go with that.

So still no wedding plans for you two?

Drum: Nah, what's the rush?

Well, you two already have a kid...

And by the looks of things, more may be on the way.

Already? Happy birthday, dear Sleet...

Not bad...

(clears throat)

Drum: What?

Maybe wait until he's in bed, at least?

Mindy: Whoa!

Sleet: What happened?

Looks like Sleet won't be an only child for too much longer...

Oh, hi there Latte.

Latte: Hi mysterious voice.

Hmm...they might make a cute couple...

Latte: What?

Nothing...just talking to myself.

Any minute now, huh?

Mindy: Yup.

Sleet: Dad?

Drum: Yes?

Sleet: Are there other towns?

Drum: Well...yes, I suppose there must be.

Sleet: Well...where are they? How do you know they're really there? 

Drum: Shouldn't you wait until like 2nd grade to start studying philosophy?

Oh boy, it's baby time!

Looks like Mindy's twin gene kicked in!

I see purple! We've got an heiress!

Mindy: Yup! We're calling her Rain.


Mindy: What?'s just that that name seems familiar.

Mindy: Well, my brother spells it differently.


Mindy: That's what you meant, right? My older brother is named Rainn.

Right...right. Yeah, that's what I meant.

And we've got another boy too!

Mindy: Meet Snow.

And of course...

Sleet: I got an A+!

You know, if I didn't know any better I'd swear the teachers just gave straight A's to kids with new siblings.

Well, Rain sure takes after Mindy...

And Snow takes after Drum.

Well, that was fast...Happy birthday, dear Rain...

Aw, yay! She has a nice hairstyle...although a bit involved for a two year old.

Happy birthday, dear Snow...

He's pretty cute too...

So how are you liking being a big brother, Sleet?

Sleet: It's ok, I guess. They're kind of annoying, though.

Don't worry, soon they'll grow up and start annoying each other.

And so the toddler teaching beings.

Drum: Good job, Rain! 

Sleet: Ugh...Sleet...get out of the way!

I guess not everybody is thrilled about that, though. But now it's time for me to be on my way. I'll see you guys next round.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I know, I know. It's been awhile. I actually have quite a few lots both here and in Tranquility Creek that I need to write up. Mindy and Drum are one of those Romance sim couples that don't really behave like romance Sims...I actually forgot at multiple points during their week that they were both romance aspirations. And jumping back and forth between TS2 and TS4 has made me very conflicted about Sim toddlers. I get used to having them in TS2, but then I get used to not having them in TS4. The "walk, talk, potty, ignore" grind does get a bit old after awhile. I hope if they do add the stage back in, that it gets an overhaul to be more than just a chore for older Sims.