Monday, August 25, 2014

Vega 3: Round 10

Last round, Temple Vega continued to chase her dream of marrying off six children. Eldest child Meter grew to a teenager and prepared for college while second in line Centi grew to a child. By the end of the week, numbers three and four Milli and Inch had joined the family as well.

Ok, and apparently at some point they adopted a cat. Hm, looks like a Bengal...

When did you get a cat?

Temple: Oh, awhile back. I'm not sure, exactly.

You know, I will let you guys get pets while I'm here. You don't need to sneak them in.

Uh-oh, could number 5 be on the way?

Temple: I hope so. I'd hate to think this is just the stomach flu.

Temple: You're such a pretty cat!

Say, where's River?

Temple: He's in the office. We just put in a treadmill...

I see. I didn't think you needed body skill anymore.

River: Oh, it's not for the skill points. I've just been putting on some weight lately.

It's always interesting to see who shows up at this house, since Milli lives here. 

Congratulations, Temple.

Temple: Thanks. 

Centi: Come on, Mom! It's almost time!

Time for what?

Oh, I see. Happy birthday, dear Centi...

...and Inch...

Hmm, not bad, though I'm not wild about the jeans.

And Inch looks just like Meter.

Now, about an aspiration for Centi...

Centi: I want a lot of money.

Ok, do-able. 

River: Come on, can do it...

So how's the morning sickness?

Temple: Ugh, it's still happening.

Still? But it's been at least a day and a half.

Temple: I know. Things should be moving along faster than this.

Temple: I think I might be having another baby. 

River: Might be?

Temple: Well, I'm getting sick every morning, and I have to use the bathroom every hour. But I'm not getting any bigger. I don't know what's going on.

River: Maybe you should go see a doctor.

Temple: River, you are a doctor.

River: Oh, right...

Milli: I got an A+!

Great job! Why don't you go tell your mom.

Milli: Mommy...are you ok?

Man, Temple's really not doing well.

Um, let's chill the school...


Wait, so you are pregnant.

Temple: River asked around at work, and they gave me a few tests. I definitely am pregnant. They're still not sure why I'm not progressing, though.

Hmm...maybe you need a little emergency intervention.

Temple: What do you mean?

Just do me a favor and have everybody pack up one room of furniture. I'll take care of the rest.

Yup, just as I thought...

Care to introduce me to your new sister?

Centi: This is Giga.

Cute. And where's the other twin?

Centi: Dad's got her.

Ah, two girls. And who's this?

River: Meet Tera.

Wow, that's almost a normal name.

Centi: I still don't see how re-building our house helped your pregnancy.

Temple: I don't either, but I'm just so happy our girls were born safely.

And it looks like Centi wants to follow in her dad's medical footsteps.

So she takes a job in the business field...that makes sense.

I guess your performance improved once your health was better.

Temple: It sure did.

Time for the first birthday in the new house! Happy birthday, dear Inch...

Again, he looks just like Meter.

Ok, I've learned now. Let's meet the intern.

Phew. Not a huge bonus but still better than the alternative.

Let's go with the cappuccino...


Doesn't seem to have affected you that much, though.

Centi: No.

Man, that flew by. Happy birthday, dear Giga...

...and Tera...

And it looks like Giga will be Centi number two...

And someone finally got River's brown hair!

Nice job!

Centi: Thanks.

Milli: Hi, Tera!

Good to see you bonding with your siblings.

Oh, good. The cat's still here. We haven't seen too much of her.

Inch: I got an A+!

Great job!


Temple: Thanks.

So everything's ok now?

Temple: Yes, it is. I've got my six kids, I can relax now.

That's good, because it looks like elderhood is right around the corner. Happy birthday, dear River...

...and Milli...

Not bad...

And just like Centi you've grown into your cheekbones nicely. How about your aspiration?

Milli: I want a lot of friends.

Um...ok, done. You've already gotten off the school bus with every child in town.

I guess we're going to have to wait to see Milli's lifetime want, though. Nice job with the scholarships, Centi.

Centi: Thanks.

I'll see you at graduation, everyone else I'll see next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Man, this lot was frustrating. First of all, you may have noticed that I mistakingly labeled Temple as Venice for the first few pictures. In my defense, Venice lives next door to these guys. Then Temple's pregnancy got glitchy and wouldn't progress. (Ironically,  this same glitch happened to River's mom Abigail when she was pregnant with her twins Bay and Sea, also in an attempt to marry off six kids. Maybe this glitch is genetic...). When I went to move them back onto the new lot, the game loaded Temple as holding Inch. The game doesn't really know what to do when a Sim holding a toddler instantly goes into labor with twins, so one of the twins kept disappearing right after the birth. Thankfully, reloading the lot fixed that. Needless to say, I was relieved to be able to finish the lot.


ciyrose said...

Wow, I've never seen that glitch with the twins, but nice job in getting it working again. The twins are cute, certainly a bit of both parents. Overall a good round.