Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Levinson 3: Round 10

Last round, both Dawn and Edward Levinson moved in after college and after some brief detours found work in their chosen fields, athletics for Edward and music for Dawn. In true Tranquility Bay tradition, Dawn became pregnant almost immediately following the wedding and gave birth to a son, Dusk. By the end of the week, he had been joined by a sister, Twilight.

That's right, I left these guys right after the birth. How's it going, Dawn?

Dawn: Ok, I guess.

Ok, after how much trouble I got into at the Martin's I'm not missing this again. Happy birthday, dear Manhattan...

...and Rainn...

And at least you got to keep your blonde hair.

Sorry Rainn, looks like you weren't so lucky.

Rainn: That's ok...

Dusk: Puppy!

Not so hard, Dusk...the puppy still needs to breathe.

Nice going, Dawn.

Dawn: Thanks.

Dusk: Daddy!

Edward: Daddy has to take care of baby Twilight right now, Dusk...

Well, seeing as how you put her down on the floor directly in front of her crib you're doing a bang up job of that so far.

Glad to see somebody around here knows what they're doing with the baby.

Dusk: Bottle!

Man, Dusk is a needy little guy...

Let's hope Twilight doesn't take after her brother. Happy birthday, dear Twilight...

Not bad...

And it looks like we'll only have two toddlers for a few minutes. Happy birthday, dear Dusk...

Yup, he's a Levinson all right.

Twilight: Puppy!

The look on Abbey's face says it all...

Rainn: There you that hair's out of your eyes. Now let's go pick you out a new outfit.

Wow, you're really a hands-on grandpa, huh?

Looks like that goes for both of you.

Manhattan: Dawn and Edward both have skills to learn for work. Rainn and I are both at the tops of our careers; we don't have much else to work on anymore.

Twilight: Grandpa!

Rainn: Hey, when did you learn to talk?

Amazed she learned anything from someone other than you?

Rainn: Yeah, kind of.

Rainn: Come on, Abbey...just stay in the tub.

What's harder, bathing the toddler or the dog?

Rainn: Six of one, really

Hey, Mumble's back. Hi Mumble!

Dawn: We have a security system, right?

Edward: Yeah, I think so.

Dawn: Ok, because Isabella told me that her house was robbed not too long ago. If we don't have one, we should get one.

Dusk: Dad, check it out! An A+!

Edward: Great job, son!

Dusk is one of the lucky few to have a parent home when he gets his first A+.

Let's do fortissimo...

Oops. Well, these guys can afford the fine.

Man, Twilight's growing like a weed. Happy birthday, dear Twilight...

Aww, you and your brother have the same pajamas.

Looks like that bad chance card didn't have too much of an impact.

Dawn: No, not really.

Twilight: Dance with me, grandpa!

Looks like Twilight and Rainn are still close. For some reason Romance Sims make really good grandparents.

Um, let's take the pills.

Phew. These guys are getting a lot of chance cards this week.

Twilight: Hey, you're cheating!

Dusk: No I'm not!

And I'm glad to see Dusk has gotten better with animals since his toddler years.

Congratulations, Edward.

Edward: Thanks.

Another one? Um, let's do the solo....

Oh, no...

Sorry, Dawn...

Dawn: (Sigh) That's ok. I still achieved my lifetime want. I was actually thinking of making a career change anyway.

Man, what is with this week? Ok, let's streak...

Well, at least Rainn still has a job.

So do you know what you'll be doing next?

Dawn: No, not really. But maybe staying home for awhile won't be so bad.

Well, as much as I'd like to stick around and see how this all plays out, it's time for me to be on my way. See you all next round!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Man, the chance cards wouldn't cut these guys a break this week. I was actually considering having Dawn switch into education so she could earn the reward bookcase for the kids before her chance card came up. Education wasn't available yet, but I still might do that next round. These guys aren't exactly hurting for money with three other incomes, though.


ciyrose said...

The kids here are so cute. Tough break with all those chance cards, but at least like it works out in the end.