Sunday, August 24, 2014

Warner 4: Round 10

Last round, the Warner family had hit a bit of a rough patch. After adopting a dog named Spring, Angelica had a mishap with a chance card that cost the family all of their savings. This didn't sit well with the nanny, who refused to return to the house. Meanwhile, Island grew up to a teenager while Valley grew up to a child. 

Oh, comes Abbey number 3. Do these guys think I'm not going to let them get animals if they buy them while I'm with them?

Oh, wow...a pet that isn't named Abbey. 

Valley, what's wrong?

Valley: The kids at school are saying that my dad isn't my real dad.

...Why would they be saying that?

Valley: Because Elmyra and I look so much alike. And someone saw her dad out with another women.

Um, Angelica? I think you may want to get up and deal with this...

Angelica: Deal with what?

Your crying daughter.

Angelica: ...Is she bleeding?

No, but...

Angelica: I can deal with it later. I'm going back to bed.

Well now that you're up...I'm surprised you took in the cat.

Angelica: What? I love animals.

You didn't seem so thrilled last week when Spring showed up.

Angelica: What are you crying about now?

Valley: Mom, is Dad my real Dad?

Angelica: What a stupid question. Who else would be your real dad?

Valley: Well, the kids were saying that Elmyra's dad...

Angelica: That's ridiculous. Now come on, let's do this cake thing...

Cake thing?

Oh, boy...looks like we've got some birthdays around here. Happy birthday, dear Angelica...

So how does it feel to be an elder?

Angelica: Well, it's nice to know there won't be any more little surprises...

Wait, isn't it your birthday too?

Andre: No, I moved in a few days after Angelica. I'm a little behind.

That's right...

But it looks like it's Valley's birthday, too. Happy birthday, dear Valley...

Not bad, but you'll need a new outfit.

Valley: I know.

How about an aspiration?

Valley: I want a lot of money. I don't want what happened to us last week to ever happen again.

Ok, that's very do-able.

What are you doing?

Valley: Getting a job.

...Oh, that's right. I forgot the teenagers can have jobs. Which one did you pick?

Valley: Politics.

Andre: Ahh! Who are you?

Avery: I'm Avery.

Andre: And why are you in my house?

Avery: I came home with Valley...

Andre: But she went to work hours ago.

Let's see...what would be less annoying...let's do the song and dance.

Oops...oh, well. At least it's nothing like her mother's $35,000 loss last week.

And it doesn't seem to have affected you.

Valley: Thanks. Now I have to get to work.

...But you just got home.

Oh, I see. Why do I have a feeling your mother was involved here?

Valley: She expects a lot more from me now that I'm older.

Valley: Can we do this quick, before my mom gets home?

Don't tell me she won't let you date.

Valley: Well, she won't let me pay for them. I know that.

Ugh, gypsy! Valley, do you want to try again?

Valley: No, there's no time. We'll just be friends.

Angelica:'s great now that there's only one and she's in school. And then she goes to work right after. It's almost like she isn't here at all. 

Something tells me Angelica's not too anxious for grandchildren.

Taking up a new hobby?

Andre: We haven't completely recovered from our financial troubles last week. Any extra money that can come in really helps.

Nice job, Valley.

Valley: Thanks.

Valley: Come on, come on...

Wow, you're very dedicated to your chores.

Valley: Apparently it wasn't clean enough last night...

Man, I really feel bad that you're the heiress to this house.

Ah, here we go. Happy birthday dear Andre...

Not bad...

Andre: Thanks.

Still upset about not being married?

Andre: A little. But I still have a family, even if it's a bit non traditional.

Yeah, that's a good way to describe it.

At least Valley lucked out in the lifetime want department.

(yawn) Bixby Rabbit...

What? When is that not right? What's next, you're going to tell me that the giant robot isn't right for Captain Hero?

Giving it one more shot?

Valley: Yeah...

Ugh! This gypsy just can't get it right this round.

Gypsy: I don't exactly have that much to work with.

I guess that demotion didn't set you back too much, huh?

Andre: No, a minor setback.

Wow, impressive array of scholarships considering how busy you were this week.

Valley: I wish I could have found a boyfriend, though.

Don't worry, I'll find someone good for you. I'll see you at graduation.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: This family is always a lot of fun. I really felt bad for Valley being the heiress of this house; if there's any of Angelica's children that really needs to get out of the house, it's Valley. (And yes, Valley was crying at the beginning because her mom and Andre were in the same bed; somehow, without ever having met Holland, she knows he's her father.) And this is the first time I've seen the education minister chance card not be Bixby Rabbit. These guys just can't luck out with the chance cards.


ciyrose said...

I'm still working on catching up to where you were, even if you don't play anymore...or even if you do. :) Poor Valley, it can be difficult for sim kids. Hopefully, she'll do well in college and come back with more confidence in herself.