Thursday, August 14, 2014

Beesly 9: Round 10

Last round, Allegra Beesly grew from a child to a teenager and promptly started dating. Her parents, Easter and Zachary, insisted on playing pranks on every possible suitor (and friend)  that came along. Eventually she did begin a relationship with Flint Vega and prepared for college.

Welcome back, guys. Um, I can't help but notice you have two dogs now.

Allegra: Yeah, we got them from one of the other families in town.

They're not named Abbey, are they?

Allegra: No, the big one is Sizzle and the little one is Nuzzle.

Nice new outfit, Allegra, but are you OK?

Allegra: Flint has some sort of bug, and he gave it to me. I think he brought it from his old house.

That flu is following me now...

So shouldn't you guys be getting jobs? Or planning a wedding? 

Allegra: Education and Medicine aren't coming up. And we're working on the wedding thing.

Should I give you guys some alone time?

Flint: Um...

I guess so...

Wow, that was quick. Happy birthday, Nuzzle!

Glad you got over your flu before the party.

Allegra: Me too.

Although Flint's brothers might bring it back into the house again. Where are the other ones?

Bronx: We left the younger guys at home. This house isn't that big.

Oh, boy... with the wedding excitement I completely forgot. Happy birthday, dear Zachary...

...and Easter.

Ok, now let's get on with the wedding.

I really wish Flint would have taken off that hat...

Don't people usually cut the wedding cake in front of the guests?

Allegra: I'm really hungry.

You know, the usual solution to that problem is for you to eat the food...

Looks like Allegra's chosen career has finally come up.

Zachary: When are you going to get a job? You didn't just marry my daughter to loaf off her.

I see Zachary has progressed from pranks to general berating...

Flint: Come on, Sizzle...good doggy....

Medicine still not coming up, huh?

Flint: No. I could take a job in science, but then I'd meet all the people and to just have to leave's better if I wait for medicine to come up.

Well, I hope you had a good first day because it looks like you won't be going back for awhile.

Allegra: Did you play that game all day while I was at work? My dad already thinks you're a slacker.

Flint: But it pays money...

Flint: Good morning! I made breakfast!

Zachary: Do you sleep in that hat or what?

Flint: Um...yes.

Allegra: I'm sure he will lighten up after the baby comes.

Flint: I hope so. And is it really that weird that I sleep in my hat?

Allegra: Well, sort of...but it's good weird.

Flint: Hey's snowing.

Allegra: That's nice, dear.

Flint: I think there's enough on the ground for a snowball fight.

Allegra: I'm about to have a baby, Flint.

Flint: Come on...I'll let you wear my hat afterward to warm up.

You know, may have at least wanted to put on some pants. (At least nobody will know if her skin turns blue.)

Looks like that chill was exactly what she needed. It's baby time!

It's a girl!

Allegra: Yup. Meet baby Claritin.

Keeping the allergy theme going, I see.

Allegra: Hmm...


Allegra: I could have sworn her eyebrows are reddish...but nobody in my family or Flint's family has red hair that I know of.

Maybe they're just light brown.

Allegra: Yeah, you must be right.

Still no medical track?

Flint: No....

Hang in there, Flint. It will come up eventually.

Sorry you have the flu again, but congrats on the promotion.

Allegra: Thanks!

Happy birthday, dear Claritin...

Whoa! I guess Allegra wasn't seeing that red hair wrong.

Flint: Where did that come from?

I'm not sure...let me see. Ah, here we go. It seems that your great-grandfather Christopher had red hair. As for why it's showing up...I have no idea. There is nothing but brown and black hair on Allegra's side of the family, aside from Zachary, as far back as the family tree goes.

Well, it seems like she's inherited the Halpert toddlers' love of animals.

Zachary: Come on, can do it...

So how are you and Flint getting along?

Zachary: Huh? Oh, he's ok I guess.

I guess Allegra was right.

Nice new hairstyle.

Allegra: We had to do something with it. Now that she's walking having those curls in her face was kind of dangerous.

And on the last night of the week! I told you it would come up.

Allegra: See, Dad? I told he he'd get a job.

Zachary: Ah, maybe you're not so bad after all. But could you please take off that hat?

You know, I think this is a good time for me to make my exit. I'll see you all next round.

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: This lot reminded me how much I love TS2 genetics. Claritin's red hair was a complete surprise; usually I zoom in to get a picture of the baby right after they're born but for some reason I didn't do that here, so I never noticed her red eyebrows. I'm still not sure how Claritin ended up with red hair; in order for a Sim to end up blonde or a redhead, there needs to be either blonde or red hair on both sides of the family tree so they can be passed down and not cancelled out by brown or black (or custom). Flint has both blonde and red hair in his great-grandparents, but Allegra comes from a long line of brown and black haired families, except for Zachary who had custom hair. 


Geostria said...

Hey Mary,
Great update! Zachary most likely has blonde hair as a recessive since his brother Bryan is a blonde. So Zachery most likely passed his recessive to Allegra as a recessive and she passed it on to Claratin allowing her to be a red head. I just love Sim genetics! :-D

ciyrose said...

SO much fun to see the genetics which can totally take you off guard. It's one of the things I love about TS2! Fun update.